Tuesday, June 07, 2011

"I spent much of today defending Congressman Weiner"

DUmmie MineralMan---You need to get yourself in front of a mirror and primal scream:


So just how DUmb is DUmmie MineralMan? So DUmb that he was actually believing in the veracity of A. Weiner right up to the moment when he apologized for LYING yesterday. Just how DUmb does one have to be to continue believing in Weiner after his shuck and jive press conference last week? Even a garden snail could discern that Weiner was LYING but not the DUmmies as you can see in the "I believe Weiner" THREAD. So now that the DUmmies know the truth that was completely obvious to 99% of the sane world, DUmmie MineralMan is acting all embarrassed over being "deceived" by A. Weiner as you can see in his THREAD, "I spent much of today defending Congressman Weiner." What you should really be embarrassed about DUmmie MineralMan is being so incredibly DUmb. So let us now watch DUmmie MineralMan and his fellow idiots whine about the Weiner "deception" in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering who will be be the first to song write "I Wish I were a New York Mayor Weiner," is in the [brackets]:

I spent much of today defending Congressman Weiner.

[Pouted the lobotomized DUmmie MineralMan.]

I took him at his word that he was not involved with any of this nonsense. If you don't believe me, the Search feature on DU will corroborate what I'm saying.

[Oh, I absolutely believe that the Search feature will corroborate your sheer stupidity.]

Now that he has 'fessed up to his sleazy behavior, I'm embarrassed about my defense of him. I like what he does in Congress. I like his positions. I like what he stands for. But, he lied to me and I stood up for him here on DU, where a number of people were questioning his veracity. They were correct, and I was incorrect in my assessment of the man.

[SNIFF! He LIED to me and made me look like the idiot that I am!]

I still like his positions. I no longer believe what he says. Some will say he's not my Congressman, and they're right. I don't vote for him. My representative is Betty McCollum. I know her personally. I've helped get her elected twice now. She's also a strong progressive and I support her positions. She is for single payer health care, marriage equality, and many other issues I believe in. She is also not a liar. There are no rumors about her sex life. She says what she thinks and behaves like an upstanding individual in every aspect of her life, as far as I know.

[Was she the recipient of a Weiner tweet?]

I no longer trust Congressman Weiner. I no longer believe what he says. He lied to me, and I stood behind him, based on his statements in this scandal. I don't care if he was dicking around on the Internet with women. That's a matter of no consequence to me. I care that he lied about it and caused me to defend him in his lies. That, in my opinion, is unethical behavior, and that I will not tolerate or support.

[I don't care that A. Weiner has voted to drive this country into bankruptcy. What really counts is that he made me look like the IDIOT that I am.]

In his lies, he has given credibility to an ugly pseudo-journalist and added to Breitbart's influence. That is a very negative consequence of this incident. A very negative consequence. His policies have made him the darling of some, and I like them as well. But...he has tarnished his office, tarnished his credibility, and tarnished the cause of progressivism. He no longer has my support and I would welcome his resignation, since he no longer has the clout he once had. There is, surely, another progressive candidate who can take his place. I hope that his replacement will be an honorable person - one who will either not engage in embarrassing personal behavior or who will, at least, take responsibility for it.

[He APOLOGIZED to Andrew Breitbart. OH, MY ACHING HEAD!!!]

For me, Weiner is a dick. He can not longer count on me to defend him. That may not matter to him, but it matters to me, and I suspect it matters to many others. He is a disappointment.

["Weiner is a dick." And with that profound observation out of the way let us now watch the other brain dead DUmmies...]

Although in truth, I don't think he lied, although he had something to hide that Intelligence entrapped him into, or went after him for doing.

[So you believe that A. Weiner lied when he said he lied?]

The Breitbart part pisses me off. He's given that scumbag legitimacy

[He APOLOGIZED to Andrew Breitbart. OH, MY ACHING HEAD!!!]

I think he is a weasel.

[A weasel who likes a li'l beaver.]

Why do guys do this? Randi Rhodes said it last night on her show:

Because by nature, men are wired to spread their seed (as the male of most species are). She said she actually celebrates that type of male behavior. (kinda weird...I know).

[Randi need not fear. Nobody is going to spread their seed in, on, or over her.]

power IS the ultimate aphrodisiac

[So that explains why Ben Burch shoved the Power Ranger up himself.]

You have a lot of company, MineralMan. GF is a major Marketeering type (clients include Arbitron, CBS, unnamed financial institutions, etc) and she almost fell out of her chair when I broke the 'news' to her about Weiner. To us, the most damning part is how he left his supporters (such as you) completely hung out on the line.

[Thank you, Congressman Weiner, for stretching this out so that the DUmmies revealed just how DUmb they really are.]

He and Bernie Sanders were my favorite politicians. And it is sad because he seemed a real straight shooter. So, it feels bad to not be able to feel that way about him. But, I understand what it feels like to be betrayed by a politician. I was a supporter of our mayor who did a couple kinda sleazy things that left a bad taste in my mouth.

[Let me guess. The sleazy things he did that left a bad taste in your mouth explains those kneepads you are wearing.]

you should not feel embarrassed. you trusted him. we all did. he betrayed our trust. period.

[you should not feel embarrassed because we are all as stupid as you are.]

Perhaps the person who replaces him will be a truthful person. I hope so.

[Say hello to Congressman Sharpton!]

The defense of this man around here was vitriolic to put it mildly. It was blind, stupid and sycophantic on the same level as freerepublic.

[Um...Just when did the Free Republic blindly follow an obvious liar like A. Weiner?]

Weiner lied. Lots of people here defended him. Now they feel betrayed and embarrassed.

[And stupid.]

The biggest problem resulting from this nonsense is the legitimization and perceived victim-hood of Andrew Breitbart. The fact that the media is now apologizing to him and making him out to be this misunderstood truth teller is a really bad thing. Anthony Weiner screwed us over and has given ammunition to forces which seek to squash progressive voices.

[He APOLOGIZED to Andrew Breitbart. OH, MY ACHING HEAD!!!]

To have given Briebart legitimacy really, really really really sucks.

[He APOLOGIZED to Andrew Breitbart. OH, MY ACHING HEAD!!!]

I just don't trust him any longer, and I'm very angry that he added credibility to Breitbart.

[He APOLOGIZED to Andrew Breitbart. OH, MY ACHING HEAD!!!]

You must be feeling pretty foolish by now. that's okay--we're all guilty of serious lapses of judgement from time to time.

[For DUmmies, make that ALL the time.]

No. I don't feel foolish. A bit embarrassed, but not foolish.

[How about a schmoe? Do you feel like a schmoe?]

I work with a majority of conservatives and i have heard nothing but trash all week about him and feel very let down that he lied.

[How much money did you bet on A. Weiner's innocence?]

Definitely very immature. Strikes me as something a trashy celebrity would do. And to think he did this on more than one occasion!? It's incredible how stupid he would be to tweet it that too.

[It's incredible how stupid you were to believe him.]

Yes. I lost all respect for his IQ and maturity level.

[How low of an IQ do you have to have in order to swallow his OBVIOUS lies?]

Now you can probably relate better to those of us who were Edwards supporters at one time, and willingly and enthusiastically donated to his presidential campaign.

[And also relate to those who got suckered by Bev Harris who was just $10 away from overturning the 2004 election results.]

I guess the lesson is, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me...

[Fool me thrice...I am DUmmie.]

I really hate when politicians do this kind of crap and we are left to defend them and feel stupid doing so.

[You feel stupid because you ARE stupid.]

i'm thinking of starting a web site where anyone can post their erections

[The big plans of one Ben Burch.]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

Reading this post will show anyone why I refer to the dregs at Democratic Underground as both Moonbats AND Troglaman Clones.

5:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weiner lied - illusions (of some) died.

6:22 PM  
Anonymous Anon 1:50 said...

But he will live on in the popular slang of today.

"Aw! Go Tweet yer Weiner, ya bum."

6:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't take this DU sad awakening too seriously. Weiner lied? Oh my, well so did Bill Clinton, Barney Frank, Charlie Rangel, Jesse Jackson, Jerry Studds and John Edwards. The DUmmies defended them all, going to the bitter end before admitting they were duped---only to be duped again by the next liar.

Memo to DUmmieland: wake the fuck up!

7:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it not horrifying how out of whack the DU's moral compass is? Infidelity . . . okay. Lying . . . worse thing in the world if you get caught. Sorry, but in my book, both are bad whether you get caught or not . . . really, really bad.

Those people over at DU are really messed up.

8:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it not horrifying how out of whack the DU's moral compass is?

The majority of DUmmies don't seem to have a moral compass, or at least one that works with any consistency.

It's all relative. Situational ethics. Malleable as taffy.

Fool me thrice...I am DUmmie.


8:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Randi need not fear. Nobody is going to spread their seed in, on, or over her."

Stevenumbers would hit it like the fist of an angry God.


8:34 AM  

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