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DUmmies Condemn Obama for Opposing Marijuana Legalization

Ol' PJ here is perfectly happy with his drug of choice...caffeine. I simply can't function without several cups of java in the morning. Therefore I never felt a need for marijuana. Plus I am like Woody Allen in that scene from "Annie Hall." Any inhalation of smoke causes me to go into coughing fits so that pretty much nixes the use of the green weed for me. However, I don't have strong feelings one way or another about it although I suspect that it reduces mental ability over the long run. I've had friends that strongly support the legalization of marijuana. Some will claim that hemp can change this country for the better if only it were legalized. I don't know about this but the debate over the legalization of marijuana is changing the attitude of many DUmmies towards Barack Obama as you can see in this THREAD, "I'm going to change my party affiliation after what obama did." And what Obama did was oppose the legalization of marijuana which was blasphemy in the eyes of many DUmmies. So let us now watch the DUmmies getting all worked up over Obama and the green weed in distinctly non-green Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who needs to "inhale" at least three cups of caffeine daily in order to keep his article output flowing, is in the [barackets]:

I'm going to change my party affiliation after what obama did.

[Let me guess. You're going to switch to the Green Party?]

agricultural hemp would be immediately a 1/4 Trillion dollar industry, even before it frees us from foreign oil, THAT IS WHY IT IS ILLEGAL.. !! BEST, CLEANEST RENEWABLE BIO-DIESEL THERE IS. then there is the building materials, chemicals/resin/plastics, non toxic base for oil paint, textiles, animal feed, human food, fiber for clothes, non acid paper..

[And don't forget it's invaluable use as brownie filler.]

I agree with the whole "let's end the drug war, let's tax it, let's have it for medicine and fuel and fabric" idea, but start a new single-issue party that doesn't have a chance in hell of beating Democrats or Republicans in any but a tiny number of races? How does this work?

[Just take a big hit on the bong and worry about all that later.]

we got screwed by Obama, badly

[For Ben Burch that would be a positive.]

I'm done with him, We The People are being betrayed in so many ways:

-- mj/hemp -- no backing for legalization
-- war in Afghanistan
-- no prosecution of war criminals/traitors/blatant lawbreakers
-- health care -- single-payer "would raise taxes" so it's out
-- handover of our tax dollars to wealthy welfare recipients for jets, yachts, "bonuses"
-- "bipartisan" bullshit that simply dilutes any effort at progressive legislation
-- DLC/fake Democrat/right wing appointees
-- retention of as many of bushco's lawyers in DOJ as wanted to stay
-- continuation of rendition, and Guantanamo detainees still held without being charged
-- calling Chavez a "terrorist" instead of taking the golden opportunity to enjoy a good relationship with our neighbors to the south = ASININE

If you're not a billionaire, just as with *, you don't count, and if it doesn't have to do with war war war war war and Wall Street, it doesn't count.

this was a "community organizer"? community of bankers, perhaps.

[It sounds like you really need the legalization of marijuana in order that you can take those many bong hits just to forget your betrayal by Obama.]

I feel the same way.

[Just breath deeply the secondary smoke emitted by the previous DUmmie.]

I'm pissed too... You list several issues that are important as well...Single Payer Health care is a big issue,but looks like we're gonna get the shaft on that as well....hey!Can't go pissing off the big money people.

[For Ben Burch, getting the shaft is a good thing.]

What I fear is that some of the talking heads are right. Obama is a cult to some like Bush was to the Freeps.

[We pledge our sacred fealty to our Blessed Master, the Emperor Chimpus Khan.]

There is apparently no disagreeing with Obama on DU. If you do disagree you are being petty and your outrage is "faux". Just because there is no real case for keeping pot illegal, just because every single argument can be refuted in the blink of an eye, just because Obama is DEAD F*CKING WRONG about this issue, doesn't mean you are allowed to say that. No we have to be good little Dems and march in f*cking lock step or... or... or... someone might call us names on DU!!!! I've stayed away from here for a few months and came back to being called a lazy whiny pothead. Well that's good enough for me, it's on DU so it must be true.

[Perhaps you should form a Lazy Whiny Pothead caucus and lobby Obama on this issue. I even have your slogan: "Bongs, NOT Bombs!"]

I was annoyed at the way he handled the question yesterday. He could have given the same answer without being flip and dismissive. Now I see he completely and purposely mis-characterized the question into something totally different. That was completely unnecessary and harmful. Very disappointing to say the least.

[Don't blame Barack. Blame his teleprompter.]

The thing that bugs me about this is that Bush, or whoever the hell was in charge, was able to do just about any goddamned thing he wanted to do, any goddamned time he wanted to do it, and f*ck anybody who didn't like it. Those pricks did whatever the hell they wanted for 8 years. I'd like to see the Democrats get just a little ruthless for once.

[Would it make you feel better if they sent out roving Chekhist squads to liquidate EVIL Republicans between bong hits?]


Blogger Tazzerman said...

I DO believe that pot should be legalized, not just decriminalized but as always, the DUmmies are incapable of staying on ONE topic and have to bring EVERYTHING to the party so to speak.

That of COURSE makes things just that much more interesting to read/watch has they throw Comarade Obama under the bus..

9:52 AM  
Anonymous elrond hubbard said...

we got screwed by Obama, badly

The screwing is inevitable, DUmmie, just lie back and enjoy it. Hell, you're just losing your blunts, the rest of us are losing our money, our property and our freedom.

Leave it to the DUmmies to turn a discussion on pot into a lefty word riot. They can't discuss the simplest issue without dragging in Bush, Wall Street, the evil rich and Hugo Chavez.

On the positive side, they're coming to realize that Obama is an empty suit; unfortunately they're criticizing him for not being enough of a big-government, eat the rich, Marxist.

P.S. as a former doper, I believe marijuana should be legalized.
It's easier to comprehend DUmmie logic when your nicely baked.

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Classic Liberal said...

Prohibition never works. It just creates black markets and "criminals." People must not be prohibited from the consequences of their actions.

Those who say we have to prohibit people from fucking themselves up are fascists.

11:32 AM  
Anonymous DumbAss Tanker said...

I don't see any net positive in legalizing it, but it is so broadly available and quasi-legal already that there doesn't seem to be much point in keeping up the ban on it.

8:35 AM  

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