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DUmmies Already Celebrating Obama Victory In November

Freudenschade, baby! The DUmmies have already popped open the champagne bottles to celebrate Barack Obama's victory this November. In fact, the election itself is just a mere technicality since the Obama victory is already a done least in their minds. Of course, this doesn't take into account that Obama is closely associated with loony left types like Bill Ayers and the fact that he has the most liberal voting record in the Senate. Also, lurking in the background, is Hillary who wants to see Obama defeated in the general election so she will have a clear shot at the nomination in 2012. You can see this attitude of an Obama victory being a sure thing in this DUmmie THREAD triumphantly titled, "LANDSLIDE .......Obama gonna wipe out the Pub Cancer come Nov." One can only imagine the massive meltdown in November if the Obama victory does not come to pass. Recriminations, charges of racism, and mass primal screaming accompanied by beating their own heads against the wall. All perfect comedy material for future DUFUs. So let us now join the DUmmies celebrating their November victory in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, observing yet ANOTHER DUmmie pre-victory party, is in the [brackets]:

L A N D S L I D E .......Obama gonna wipe out the Pub Cancer come Nov

[WOO HOO! Can we invite Tony Rezko and Bill Ayers to the pre-victory party?]

McLost is TOAST


Bush is the Main Reason....Bwahahahaha...he and his cronies BLEW the under belly of the GOP and its Loser Philosophy

[No need to worry about the general election, my little DUmmie. It is just a mere formality. Hee! Hee!]

I can believe the man is for REAL....Obama gonna do it....with help from many quarters

[Including a lot of "help" from Hillary.]

They will fight tooth and nails but in the end...Benevolence will over come the Neg Philosophy of the Pub party.

[Don't even wait until November. Pop open that Freudenschade victory champagne NOW.]

Remember to never underestimate your opponent, no matter the eventual outcome.


i wish I was wrong, but the Republicans will steal this election. Because the last two times they did it, nobody stood up to them and nobody did anything about it. It worked twice before, why the hell wouldn't the do it again!? I wish this wasn't the case, but I fully expect the Republicans to steal 2008, and nobody will do anything about it. Look at the people that have run this country for the las eight years. You think they're going to give up and walk away now!?

[The Diebold machines are already set to the "R" position.]

I disgree.... with a huge turnout, we can overwhelm the e-voting machines and win!

[Keep thinking those happy thoughts. Hee! Hee!]

The turnout in November will be HUGE!! BUT, we need to warn people to be prepared for being asked for ID's and proof of residence when they go to the polls!

[God forbid that steps are taken to prevent vote fraud. That must NOT be tolerated.]

ALL the college kids damn well BETTER show up for THIS election!!

[And wait in some boring line at the polling stations? Get real.]

Pass the word to them, frequently and often!! They better show up this time!!

[Or suffer from a long-winded castigation from Pied Piper Pitt.]

Probably why Rove is an "informal" adviser...

That is exactly what I was thinking. As soon as I heard that
piece of shit was involved I thought, "Damn, they are going to steal it again."

[And you folks were celebrating like it was some sort of victory when Karl Rove left his White House post.]

I only pray your are correct, opi. With the Bushie Vote Stealing and Stuffing Ops unchallenged, Obama will have to win 60% ofthe cast votes to squeak out a 50.1-49.9% victory in the "counted votes".

[Months away from the election and already charges of vote stealing...with no proof as usual.]

Its in the air, birds singing, bees humming....Le Paradigm Shift is engaged. Pissed Peeps are prepping their pitch forks and swords.....the Pubs have blown it...they had under estimated Obamas POWER.... They thought he thinks like them....made the mistake of putting their heads into his...classic mistake...... They were fearful of Hilliary...paid out big bucks and spent 1 full year intensly destroying her dp their guy can destroy Obama.... They thought Obama be the easier of the two,,, Bwahahaha

[Mark down this DUmmie who will be joining the Heaven's Gate cult aboard the Mother Ship if an Obama victory does not come to pass this November.]

Sooner or later...The Dem Party is gonna need some kinda FILTER for it candidates to carry the Dem Banner, its Reasonable and the right thing to do

[Filter out any candidate to the right of Che Guevara.]

We have seen the worst of Bush and now, hopefully, the Last of him and his Cronies/GOOPer Party soon.... 7 f*ckin years but we hung in did many others....I guess we can call ourselves diehards. Congrats on Obama for upsetting the Pub Applecart....

[You might be joining the other DUmmie aboard the Heaven's Gate Mother Ship this November.]

RFK Jr. for Attorney General

[I thought that post was promised to Bill Ayers.]

Ah! I'm just picturing the mounds and mounds of leis around Obama's neck when he takes the oath of office in January. Pikake and ginger, plumeria and orchid, all the best designs and flown in fresh.

[You might be another one taking the trip to the Heaven's Gate Mother Ship with a pitstop in the Rubber Room first where you will be encased in mounds and mounds of leis.]

For the Sake of HUMANITY....we must replace the GOP Insanity with progressive Reality

[And if that doesn't work out, we will just settle for alternate reality.]

Luau time in November!

[Aboard the Mother Ship!]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the Sake of HUMANITY....we must replace the GOP Insanity with progressive Reality

Classic projection... progressive reality indeed!

9:33 AM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

DUmmies still talking about voter fraud, when in case after case, DUmmies are found to be guilty. Anyone remember ACORN?... How about those tire-slashing asswipes who were CONVICTED?... Dead people voting in multiple districts... Hey, let's go to the Algore wanting to omit overseas votes of our military.


And if we want to ensure a fair vote by asking for identification? Violation of rights! Call the ACLU!

DUmmies continue to behave not as civilized participants in a democratic Republic, but as spoiled, "entitled" whiners who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

I expect the DUmmie cheating will be large, unchecked, and unpunished this election. The only saving grace here is that yesterday, I received the Diebold trigger keys for the district I live in, so I'm sure other operatives have received theirs.

It's funny to think of all the trouble they're going through when we've had the ability to "tweak" these things for the last 8 years.

Any of you other guys receive your Haliburton check yet? I got a bonus last election for ensuring the Diebolds here all "functioned" as they were "intended" to. :)

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I think is most important is Who Would Charlie Sheen Vote For (WWCSVF)?

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Quiet, plz.

I'm hugging my guns, clinging to a loving God, sharing my quiet thoughts with a few close friends who are sharing theirs with me.

All the chrome, polish and bolt-on frippery the Left can manage isn't going to make econObama into a limo that will drive them into the White House.

He's too Quayle. His wife is too Heinz-Obama, his lack of experience in life, much less politics is going to be murderous for him, and his associations doom him.

He's a step up from Jesse Jackson and Al 'Notso' Sharpton... but that's like comparing slime molds to foot fungus.

All the circus and hysterics in the world aren't going to make this pig into a silk presidential purse.

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the Sake of HUMANITY....we must replace the GOP Insanity with progressive Reality

...As opposed to REAL reality...

2:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, I think the wailing alone will be worth it for an Obama defeat. McCain doesn't fill me with joy, but man I hope he wins just to see the threads on DU the next day.

5:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can believe the man is for REAL....Obama gonna do it....with help from many quarters

Nothing funnier than a white guy speaking in ebonics. Except for a white guy typing in ebonics. Sounds like Father Pfleger. I think they are too stupid too realize how condescending that is.

7:31 PM  

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