Thursday, April 17, 2008

"WOW, What a MELTDOWN!!!"

After last night's Democrat debate in Philadelphia, an alarm signal has sounded in DUmmieland very similar to some similar scene at the finale of a James Bond movie. As the alarm signals go off, everybody is running in desperation in all directions as a voice over the loudspeaker declares: "WARNING! WARNING! You now have two minutes until complete meltdown!" Yes, the DUmmies are now running in all directions as the alarm signal screeches as you can see in this THREAD appropriately titled, "WOW, What a MELTDOWN!!!" Ostensibly this thread was about Obama supporters melting down because their candidate wilted under the tough questions but this could equally apply to the entire Democrat party as a whole. And who to thank for this Democrat meltdown? Our thanks definitely have to go to Rush Limbaugh whose incredibly effective Operation Chaos has brought the candidates to this sad state of affairs by keeping Hillary's campaign alive via Republican switchover votes. In fact, I can't wait to hear Rush's take on last night's debate this afternoon. Yes, I must be robotically programmed with vicious rightwing talking points so I will know how to think. BTW, I actually tell this to liberals on the few times when they act peeved if they hear me listening to Rush. The FUnnie thing is the sarcasm just passes right over their heads as they nod knowingly about Rush the hypnotic puppetmaster who must be removed from the air via the ridiculously named "Fairness Doctrine." So let us now watch the DUmmies go into meltdown mode in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, also remembering the onboard computer doing a self-destruct countdown in "Alien," is in the [brackets]:


[You now have two minutes until complete self-destruction!]

The meltdown level anger on this board shows how biased and out of touch with reality many Obama supporters here are.

You blame ABC.

You blame Gibson.

You blame Stephanpolous.

You make wild claims that he gave Hillary the questions.

You blame Hillary.

You'd blame Helen Thomas if you could think of a reason.

You cry and cry about everything except for the fact that Obama bombed. He didn't do well. The meters showed it. The returns showed that she won undecideds, and that overall, the audience responded to her and not him. He blew it.

Those of you who dish the slime and viciousness at Hillary daily can't even take a debate result?

Were you the kind of kids at school who bullied everyone and then ran away crying if you go your nose bloodied?

(Hmm, I must be thinking about "A Christmas Story"!)

That must be because it feels like CHRISTMAS!!!!!

[It feels like FITZMAS!!!!! Oh, and you now have one minute fifty seconds until complete self-destruction!]

A FREAKING meltdoooooooooooown

[Don't forget to thank Rush. Hee! Hee!]

Actually, it's your candidate that is using rightwing frames
and rightwing tactics, calling a fellow Democrat an elitist, taking his remarks out of context, throwing Kerry and Gore under the bus. Disgraceful.

[You now have one minute forty seconds until complete self-destruction!]

Hillary screamed her neocon talking points in amphetamine tones and sounded even more conservative than usual.

[You now have one minute thirty seconds until complete self-destruction!]

Were you proud of Hillary's behavior tonight? Farrakhanm Ayers, Wright, BitterGate... Meanwhile Obama declines to go there about Bosnia-Gate. So my only question is: Were you proud of her behavior. Try to answer without an insult to me personally please.

[You now have one minute twenty seconds until complete self-destruction!]

Oh, she's a liar, alright... She admitted it tonight, right?

[You now have one minute ten seconds until complete self-destruction!]

I think both candidates should be pissed that they don't get asked about real issues, hell I'll even grant you that Obama did as close to awful as I've seen him come to date, I'll even concede that Hillary didn't do half bad...AND? I just don't see how she wins it, if she does, I'll support her, but I don't see it in the cards...

[You now have one minute until complete self-destruction!]

Obamatons don't like having to think critically Which is why they ignore everything they don't agree with.

[You now have forty seconds until complete self-destruction!]

Both sides turned this forum into a cesspool a long time ago. You included OP. The convention cannot get here soon enough and I for one sincerely hope it is followed closely by a severe culling of the herd in here. It's just embarrassing.

[You now have thirty seconds until complete self-destruction!]

Sour grapes, huh? Not that it'll matter...Clinton is still going to lose. BTW...George attacked Obama with RW lies given to him by Hannity, but I guess you're fine with that as long as it isn't done to your girl, right?

[You now have twenty-five seconds until complete self-destruction!]

How about a question about Vince Foster then? Ya know Lula, you really reveal your true colors with crap like this.

[You now have twenty seconds until complete self-destruction!]

So you will have no problem if Hillary were by some strange crossover from an alternate universe; to actually win the nomination, would you mind if in a debate with McCain she gets asked nothing but stupid questions about her husband pardoning two members of weather underground.

[You now have fifteen seconds until complete self-destruction!]

Notice that no matter how deep Obama inserts his foot in his mouth, it's always somebody else's fault, NEVER his own damn fault?

[You now have ten seconds until complete self-destruction!]

Notice no matter how disgusting Hillary acts, people always justify it. She sounded like Pat Buchanan up there tonight. You are the very definition of cognitive dissonance.

[Nine seconds...]

The world loses because the "with us or against us" foreign neocon bullshit will continue into the future, at least until the US is no longer relevant on the world stage. And without our participation and leadership, world climate crises will not be addressed, nor birth control and anti-poverty programs, nor human rights issues, nor ..., well, you get the point.

[Eight seconds...]

I want my ignore back too!

[Only after you get your angry back. Oh, and you now have seven seconds until complete self-destruction.]

no, Hillary said SHE would bomb bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb bomb Iran... We gonna do a massive retaliation on their ass! She's singing McCain's song! Without any thing like a senate approved treaty or declaration of war, apparently.

[Six seconds...]

Wow, Obama BOMBED? ROFLMAO! Glad to see an honest opinion for a change around here. I didn't see the debate but my hubby did and he said the same thing: He got nothing from Obama.

[Five seconds...]

Whatever you think doesn't change the fact that he's gonna be the f*cking nominee. Hillary wasn't so hot either as this whole debate was a goddamn right-wing ambush influenced by Sean Hannity himself.

[Four seconds...]

I just spent the past couple of hours listening to the debate online and I agree with my husband. Frankly, what Obama had to say at the debate did not make a goddamn lick of sense! Brilliant? Uniter? Hope? NOPE. Sorry, don't think so. I didn't hear any of that from Obama. At least what Hillary had to say resonated with me some. However, I'm not that gullible to totally believe her. I think that I will hold on to my integrity and continue to side with those who I think will really bring about the change that's needed in this country: Edwards and Gore. Yeah, I know they aren't running, but at least at the end of the day I can live with myself, hold my head up and know I was true to myself. Which I can't say the same for those like you around DU who have joined the rude, snarling, vicious, delusional, kool aid drinking Obama train.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aaaaaand the Democrat candidates circle the drain!

The horrifying reality that they are trying to get the Ameican Citizenry to unite behind one of these two incredibly flawed candidates is finally hitting home!

More irritating seems to be the fact that McCain isn't attacking and isn't willing to be baited with childish nonsense. As he continues, quiet, solid, dare I say, PRESIDENTIAL, he's going to be the only one left standing.

And I think he'll be the only one in the race after the Dem primaries are over and the bloodletting at the convention destroys them for another 8 years.

Hellooooo Conservative SCOTUS!

8:26 AM  
Blogger Bilgeman said...

"Hillary screamed her neocon talking points in amphetamine tones and sounded even more conservative than usual."

Whew...what kind of dope was THAT DUmmie taking?

I can't even conceptualize that.

Someone over there REALLY needs an intervention.

8:37 AM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

Agreed, anon 1:50. I may not be a huge McCain supporter, but I have to say he's playing this masterfully... almost, dare I say, "Rovian"?


9:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What. Ever.

My Barack WILL be President! He's got all the cool people like me on his side. He's even got Bruce, and Pearl Jam!

Who does McSame have? John Wayne? *spit*

9:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should see the comments over at the DailyKosack....

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must give credit where Angry Leftist credit is due. That's funny, I hadn't heard that one until now.

"I think will really bring about the change that's needed in this country: Edwards and Gore. "
I fully support the DUmmies voting Edwards, Gore '08

kayinmaine may have something there. For it is written in the Book of Moonbat:
"He shall be president that has got all the cool people like kayinmaine, Bruce, and Pearl Jam on his side."


10:04 AM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

Think how dull and depressing this election would be without the animosity we're seeing from the Dems... for EACH OTHER!

The continuation of this melee will isolate a large portion of DUmmie support for each candidate while McCain is unaffected, or even slightly bumped... Hard to call Cankles a lying, conniving, neocon bitch... and then support her if she's the nominee. Same with Obamessiah... No Hilldog supporter will "cling" to hope by supporting the empty suit.

Keep it up, Kostards and DUmmies!

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, kayinsane, that'll really sway my vote. The obamessiah has Pearl Jam and Bruce in his corner. Very impressive!!!! I've heard if he raises $10 more, he'll have the Rolling Stones. lol
Oh, by the way, it's amazing how McCain has John Wayne in his corner: the Duke passed on years ago. Maybe you know something we don't?

3:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just checked the link to the thread this came from. I've never seen so many "thread deleted" and "post deleted" before. But then, I've never been to the DU before. Was it simply because of the Uncivil War on the Left or is it always that filthy?

Ugh. I need to wash my eyes now. How do I delete "History" on my browser? I don't want anyone to know I looked into that pit of dispair.

4:20 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...


It's why we let PJ wade through there without actually having to visit there ourselves.

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kayinmaine: I seem to remember that John F-in' Kerry had Bruce and Pearl Jam behind him, too. Bruce even played for some of Kerry's scheduled events. People would come to hear the free concert...and then LEAVE.

And we see where their support got Kerry, right?


6:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stocks in popcorn makers went up dramatically the morning after the debate. Act II microwave popcorn, here I come!

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The FUnnie thing is the sarcasm just passes right over their heads as they nod knowingly about Rush the hypnotic puppetmaster who must be removed from the air' pj

Care to list who's trying to remove him from the air, PJ? Oh, wait. Sorry. I guess I asked that because I've been magically hypnotized by the Almighty Rush. Forgive me.

2:03 AM  
Blogger Mo K said...

This is beautiful, man, simply beautiful!
You know that it's gotten bad for the dems when the aging hippie lib where I work comes up to me and says, "OMG, I can't believe I'm saying this (neither will my mom!) but I'm going to vote for McCain!"

Actually, as she noted, there's very little diff. between her and McLame, (recall Thomas Sowell's"nightmare for the 2008 election" quote from 2005) so that's not saying a whooole lot, but at least she's even wary of Obama. And that is saying sumpthin.

10:10 AM  

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