Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"The Paper" Makes Me Want To Pull An Elvis

Have you ever wondered why Elvis pulled out a gun in his Las Vegas hotel suite and shot his TV screen? Well, if Elvis had been watching a TV show just a tenth as annoying as MTV's "The Paper" you could easily understand why he did it. Normally, I don't watch ANY MTV "Reality" shows which are all completely unreal. I watched just one of them years ago and found the spoiled kids on the show so completely obnoxious that I have avoided all such MTV shows like the plague. So why am I now watching "The Paper?" Mainly because I have been to Cypress Bay High school a couple of times. Fortunately on both of my visits I never encountered kids as annoying as the ones featured on this show. To get an abreviated flavor of the show, check out these video HIGHLIGHTS. The best way to calm yourself down after watching those creepy kids is to watch the hilarious SPOOF of "The Paper" trailer. Yeah, the great thing about MTV's "The Paper" is that the annoying kids have turned themselves into national laughingstocks in large part because of their over-the-top mugging for the cameras. If you have the stomach for it you can watch the FULL VERSION of the first episode online. It starts right out offending our sensibilities when a very serious Amanda declares that "Journalists are the most important part of the world." And speaking of Amanda, she participates in the YouTube discussion of the trailer under the name of "superrfr3ak." The best thing about the YouTube comments is that it has RESTORED my faith in humanity since almost all the comments also express complete revulsion about the participants of that dopey show. So let us now read the YouTUbies comment about "The Paper" antics in boiling red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that there will be NO jobs in the dinosaur newspaper racket for these kids by the time they exit their diapers, is in the [brackets]:

WOOT! Let's degrade our school by displaying the hypocrisy and idiocy of it's most outlandish and asinine members! So fun! Yeah... God... I hate you MTV... You're a plague ripping through the world and stealing the minds of young people everywhere causing them to comform into your own idealistic fallacy on what people should really be like and what entertainment is...

[My faith in Cypress Bay HS students have been somewhat restored...if you are a student there.]

"Stealing the young minds" would imply that kids are forcefully subjected to the rubbish that MTV produces. That's a ridiculous statement. I'm sure you know how many students and teens watch MTV for the very purpose of losing themselves in mindless entertainment. Hell, half of the comedies put out in theaters can be considered forms of mindless entertainment as well. one, in the assumption that MTV manipulates it's viewers (sorry buddy, those kids choose their forms of entertainment without assistance) and the other in their false knowledge of the show's actual characters. Grow up. If your unhappy with the industry, then turn off your television.

[That was Amanda Lorber from the stupid show defending the stupid show.]

Get off your high horse Amanda, your not above me cause you're on TV... The filming is annoying because it's disruptive, so many times did I see students just jump out in front of the camera to get their "15 seconds of fame" during class. Not just that, the camera causes people to act in a way that is a fallacy to their true persona. I hated when MTV would come into the classes and students would stop paying attention to the lesson being taught. Not just that, I had to go out of my way to avoid

[You exactly nailed what is wrong with those "Reality" shows. The students will quit acting normal and start mugging for the camera. Think Adam and his crybaby fetal position collapse on the floor.] I thought OUR newspaper class had ego problems. There's a lot to say, but judging by this video - and the comments below - no commentary is necessary.

[Most of those ego problems are caused by mugging for the MTV cameras. I don't think Adam can see a camera without immediately jumping in front of it and screeching about something or other.]

OMG I went to Columbia's CSPA conference and met the Amanda girl! She was f'ing annoying! I asked the lady running the conference a question and she interrupted and answered it! Ugh. They ought to do this with my school's paper. Right now we're trying to figure out next year's chief. It's between me and 2 other girls! Oh geeeeeze.

[So you want MTV to send their cameras to your school newspaper so you can act as annoying as Amanda?]

she is annoygin- i go to cypress. the Adam kid is a dick too. MTV always picks the most asshole-ish people...

[Hee! Hee! Thanx for that info.]

this show looks so bad. honestly im on an award winning newspaper staff. its nothing like they show on this commercial. but ill just have to wait to see the show...

[ be truly revolted.]

im only watching this show cuz its cypress, but i cant stand the people

[And that's the ONLY reason why I am watching this dopey show. I just happen to be familiar with Cypress Bay HS.]

I go to CBHS, and I walk by the newspaper room all the time. It's just MTV trying to make some cash. They do now and then have fun and mess around, but my friend how is on the newspaper staff told me how MTV would a lot of the times tell them what to say or do in order to add drama.

[GASP! mean MTV actually stages events for their "Reality" show?]



this show looks gay, and its gonna fail, but im only watching cuz it is kinda cool to watch a show about ur own school

[The best part of this show is the trailer SPOOF.]

i go to the school and i watch it cause its cool to see my school and tv and stuff but it just amazes me how fake this is

[You expect reality in an MTV "Reality" show?]

this is seriously the most pointless show i ever wasted 30 minutes of my life on in my entire life. it's completely fake and blatantly obtuse! there is NO depth, it only faintly expresses what true journalism is, and it's nothing but a bunch of sissy name calling! it gives a bad rep for journalists everywhere. and for the comment: "journalists are the most important people in the world," that bitch blew every chance she had at becoming a journalist. Countdown to Pulled off the Air = 1 month.

[I disagree. I predict that Amanda will be flooded with job offers. That's the good news. The bad news is that there won't be any newspapers left with jobs by the time she is ready to enter the market.]

went to this school during '03-'07 and never heard of these f*cking kids they were probably some losers people made fun of till no f*cking end

[How could anyone possibly make fun of Adam?]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this show looks gay

The hypocrisy of the left is astounding.

"gay" as an all-around insult. Fred Phelps would be proud of Democrats.

3:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It's just MTV trying to make some cash."

Ya think?

6:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know both Amanda and Adam. They are good kids. They are kind, compassionate, creative, talented and ultra smart. They SHOULD be proud of themselves with all that they have accomplished.

9:47 AM  

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