Monday, March 31, 2008

Skinner Sics His Lawyers On DUmmie Whistleblowers

It looks like Head DUmmie Skinner can't abide any criticism, especially if it concerns his financial shennanigans. I recently read some exposés over at Ben Burch's DEMOCRAT WARRIOR (Ben Burche's forum) in which a former DUmmie Moderator revealed financial shennanigans by Skinner, namely how he let his LLC registration lapse without informing the DUmmies which is apparently a big no-no. So worried was Skinner about this that he sicced his lawyers on the Democrat Warrior site and they were forced to take down the posts by the former DUmmie mod as a result. I first found out about this just a little while ago on the DUscovery Channel blog. Here is what was posted at the Discovery Channel in Red Alert Red:

Skinner Sics His Lawyers on DemocraticWarrior!

Yup, Skinner apparently sicked his ambulance chasers on DemocraticWarrior.

One poster who is quite familiar with Skinner's tactics nailed it in this thread: So Skinner cannot take criticism of his web site?

DUscoveryChannel readers: please help spread the word!

[May the DUmmie FUnnies readers also spread the word? And now we join Ben Burch in the Democrat Warrior shower room...]

So Skinner cannot take criticism of his web site?

[Remember, Ben Burch, just because I am quoting you in a friendly manner, it still doesn't mean I'm going to bend over and pick up a bar of soap in your presence...]

Isn't THAT Hilarious?

He bans anybody who tries to say anything he doesn't like on his site; That is his prerogative as it is his site.

[It's called "Tombstoning. Continue my little sexually amorphous friend...

But he then tries to throw legal weight around to force others not to talk about him elsewhere?

Slimey, Slimey, Slimey.

And extraordinarily anti-Democratic.

That action alone shows the world just what sort of creature David "Skinner" Allen is, and what sort of "Underground" his site has become.

[The UnDemocratic Underground. And now we hear from former DUmmie CorpGovActivist who previously PRAISED the DUmmie FUnnies for exposing Pied Piper Pitt....]

Skinner is going to have a class action on his hands, from all those who gave when DU LLC was not a viable business entity.

He wants to get litigious?

Fine. Game on.

[Just don't drag Temporary SockPuppet into it. He can get a whole bunch of Newton schoolgirls to swear as his character witness.]

However we a DW are not considered a part of the suit.

[Stated BigJerr nervously.]

Nope. Only those who gave during the class action period, when Skinner was running DU LLC after its registration was revoked.

[Countered CorpGovActivist. Uhh...does this mean there is now a class action lawsuit against Skinner???]

Well, I'm certainly not a member of the class, either, so good luck with that!

And in any case I don't want money from him, just fairness. He allowed a clique of not-nice people to run his site and they trashed people's reputations, and he ought to put an end to that. And he ought to not threaten to sue people who are fed up with him. SLAPP suits are tacky.

[I think your reputation is well beyond the trashed stage, Ben Burch.]

And anti-SLAPP motions can be quite painful (for the person initiating the SLAPP suit, and for his attorneys, too).

[I believe you, CorpGovActivist, but I think Ben Burch would love to have his tush SLAPPED.]

I couldn't care less about his money, but he solicited moneys from people who probably could ill afford it. Some would probably welcome a refund, and a court order mandating an across-the-board refund during that period is a proper remedy, IMO.

[You are just $10 away from getting a $10 refund.]

I couldn't care less about his money, but he solicited moneys from people who probably could ill afford it. Some would probably welcome a refund, and a court order mandating an across-the-board refund during that period is a proper remedy, IMO.

[Do you mean allowing Bev Harris to run her scam on the DUmmies, CorpGovActivist?]

What do you perceive that reason to be? I am unclear why he wouldn't want corruption exposed?

[I agree, Ben Burch, however I wouldn't want to see YOU exposed.]

I'd urge you to read the full account. A snippet:

[Thanx. I shall pass that snippet along to an expert on Skinnerology, franksolich over at the CONSERVATIVE CAVE for detailed analysis. I only hope this doesn't mean the end of DUmmieland due to financial corruption. After all the DUmmie FUnnies needs the DUmmies for the consistent comedy material they provide us.]


Blogger Q said...

PJ -

Welcome to you and your readers!


12:59 AM  
Blogger PJ-Comix said...

You're welcome, DUscovery Channel. Oh, and I corrected your name. BTW, what is the latest on Skinner and his lawyers? I'll feature any exciting updates in the DUFUs.

4:22 AM  
Blogger Jay McHue said...

Ben Burch is normally a laughable jerk, but I have to admit, he's absolutely right on the money regarding this move by Skinner.

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I think it's shocking. All you mean ol' men 'piling on' that poor girl...

She probably just forgot to put the check in the mail for that LLC-thing. It's like the phone bill.


She's a human being! (sniff). You don't KNOW the troubles she's been through... the tipped uterus, the... what?

Not a girl?




7:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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