Tuesday, October 02, 2007

William Rivers Pitt Grandstands FOR Hillary

I have been predicting that the major party tickets for 2008 will be Romney/Huckabee vs Hillary/Vilsack although I am willing to admit that I could be wrong. However, I do have one prediction of which I am absolutely CERTAIN: Pied Piper Pitt will NOT be hired by the Hillary campaign no matter how hard he tries to ingratiate himself with her. Sorry, Pitt, but you are condemned to remain on the political sidelines once again. You will NOT be a major player no matter how hard you try such as your latest pathetic effort to make nice with Hillary as you have exhibited in your DUmmie THREAD titled, "Do me a favor and post here if you're voting for the Dem nominee no matter who it is." And since Hillary will be the inevitable nominee unless the Mighty Goracle makes a miraculous appearance in the race, this Pitt thread is really about letting the Hillary folks know he is behind her. Unfortunately for Pitt, Hillary has a long memory especially about that humiliation the Pied Piper caused with his "scoop" about the Karl Rove indictment in May, 2006 when Hillary, attending a meeting of Michigan Democrats, lept to her feet and cheered the news of the Rove "indictment." Also known to the Hillary people is how a certain Dennis Kucinich press secretary backstabbed his boss by feeding inside campaign info to the Kerry campaign in early 2004 in a pathetic attempt to get in good with Mama T's Boy Toy. So try as you will, Pitt, you WON'T be working for the Hillary campaign EVER. That I can guarantee. However, his DUmmie thread did cause quite a big response which we will now read in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, thanking the Pied Piper for the enormous amount of comedic entertainment he has provided the DUmmie FUnnies over the years, is in the [brackets]:

Do me a favor and post here if you're voting for the Dem nominee no matter who it is.

[Do me a favor, Hillary, and hire MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!]

I'd just like to get a sense of things.

[I sense you are once again GRANDSTANDING, Will.]

Anyone who wants to insult, question or argue against this idea is welcome to post here also...because you'll be kicking this thread, and therefore will be at least marginally helpful at something.

[TRANSLATION: I am FOR Hillary without actually coming out and saying so. Get it, James Carville? Get it, Paul Begala? Wink! Wink!]


[You're welcome, Pitt. And now let us here the DUmmie response to this not so subtle grandstand routine...]

Oh yes, I will vote for the Democratic candidate whoever he is.

[Unless the Mighty Goracle makes a mortal appearance in the campaign, it will be a SHE.]

Hell yeah. They could nominate a tree stump and I'd vote for it.

[Good news! Next year you can vote for both of the tree stumps that Hillary walks with.]

well describes how I feel - I would really not want to vote for Mrs Clinton but I'm planning to lay in some sedatives just in case she is the nominee

[Take a large dose of that Ex-Lax sedative on the morning of Election Day.]

What kind of progressive writer/leader starts a thread like this? I question your intentions.

[A progressive writer/leader who DESPERATELY wants to ingratiate himself with the Hillary campaign so he can finally play politics with the grownups.]

Thanks for the kick. I don't give a single shit what you question. Really, not one.

[Replied the Pied Piper angrily to a mere peon who dared to question his all too obvious ulterior motive.]

Do you appreciate this 'kick'? When I first discovered this website, your posts were among those to which I gravitated. I found your commentary reasonably informed and marginally entertaining. I was rather excited when I happened across a speech by you on C-Span. Then, a few years ago, I witnessed a heated argument, between you and another DUer, in which you passionately argued for the continued occupation of Iraq. It was at that point, that I lost all interest in anything you had to say. Further, recently, you felt a need to launch a gratuitous and condescending attack against me, for reasons I have yet to understand. And now, I come across a post such as this one. I will not mention another incident or two, for which you surely, still feel a certain amount of embarrassment. Perhaps you should work on your social skills. Incidentally, I will vote for any Democratic nominee, but only because I am forced to, by our two-party system.

[Oh go ahead and mention another embarrassing Pitt incident such as his "scoop" about Karl Rove having already been indicted on May 12. It was this "scoop" that Hillary and her fellow Democrats cheered thus causing her embarrassment that will NOT be assuaged by pathetic pro-Hillary grandstanding threads such as this one.]

The truth is that most of the candidates are not good enough to pass Will Pitts' toilet paper to him, yet here we are with our "front runners" and like it or not you are going to vote for one of them.

[Hmm... Did Pitt's mother change her DUmmie screen name?]

2008 will be my last election to vote in before I become a Canadian citizen; it'll be my last vote ever in an election held in the US. I want to see a Democrat in the WH w/ a Democratic majority in Congress, and I'm going to help w/ Democrats Abroad here in Canada to make this happen:

[Great endorsement there from someone shunning his own country.]

As long as they are the democrat candidate....


[Corrected Pied Piper Pitt. Actually it is Democrat-ICK!]

I honestly think this is how most people here feel, but they're getting sick and tired of being told that they have no choice in who will win the nomination, that it's a done deal and in the bag already. It's NOT decided yet. Yet that meme is beginning to take a toll on people.

[Get used to it. Sans a miraculous earthly appearance by the Mighty Goracle, your nominee WILL be Hillary. You have NO CHOICE in the matter. So Rove said. So let it be done.]

It is about the Supreme Court!

[Wrong. It is REALLY about Will Pitt!]

I am against the war in Iraq. And a potential war in Iran. So I really don't see how in good conscience I could vote for Clinton.

[Okay, how about if you just vote for Pitt to be a PAID Hillary campaign adviser?]

I'd rather have a foot in my mouth than my head up my butt.

[How about lips on Hillary's butt as is the case with Pied Piper Pitt?]

Not if it's Hillary Clinton, no. I won't support anyone who could vote for both the IWR and the Lieberman/Kyle amendment. I think supporting that would be detrimental to not only the party and it's stated ideals, but the country in the long run. That's not an insult-- just a difference of opinion.
As an aside, I also believe that promising support before we've held a primary is unwise. I wouldn't walk into a car dealership and announce that I would definitely be buying a car from them that day. That's no way to negotiate, and it's a great way to make yourself irrelevant.

[Apparently you don't understand the REAL purpose of this thread. It is less about expressing support about whoever will be the Democrat nominee (Hillary) and MORE about Pied Piper Pitt sending smoke signals to the Hillary people that he wants to be a player on their team.]

Well, she voted for the war. She's got the blood of 1.2 million women, children, homosexuals, and others on her hands. And now she's warmongering again. So no, I wouldn't trust her to support anything decent.

[Posted the Nader 2008 voter.]

Voters are becoming more and more irrelevant--or shall we say, more subject to herd mentality and sorted into predictable political behavior. That bothers me very much. I understand why people often don't bother to vote. It's fine to talk about how it works in a real democracy, but IMO we are not a democracy, if we ever were. We are a Plutocracy posing as a Democracy.

[Hillary has already been chosen for you. Live with it. The Almighty Rove has spoken!]

I'm voting for the candidate whose last name ends with a capital "D"

[D for DUmmie.]

Now for the first time in my life I am considering NOT voting for the proverbial lesser of two evils. The Bush mafia has so trashed this country that nothing will work now except radical change--band-aid and cosmetic solutions are just NOT going to cut it any more! That lesser of two evils trap is what has kept us a "captive" electorate year after year, election cycle after election cycle. I've been seeing and participating in it for 40 years now and I am just plain fed up with it!

[Posted the 2008 Socialist Workers Party voter.]

I will withhold my vote before I throw it away on a DLC-chosen Republican-lite.

[Get with the Pied Piper Pitt program. It's all about employment. Namely employment for Pitt with the Hillary campaign.]

With respect, this is like being at the Nuremberg Rallies and crying "Roosevelt." I came here of my own accord, of course. I will consult my conscience when the time comes to vote, or not, for my democratic/Democratic principles. I am fully aware of the SCOTUS concern, but hardly convinced that Hillary, for example, wouldn't cave to personal religious considerations, as might the other "front runners." I have to wonder how this random sampling stacks up against the people who lurk, the ones who are already torn about poor choices but don't want to get "swiftboated" here by speaking their heartfelt concerns about DINO candidates. Handing the mike over ....

[And we now hand that mike over to the Pied Piper who angrily replies...]

F*ck that. Take your Nazi comparisons and stuff them sideways. Seriously. F*CK that. Not even close to funny, and not even close to appropriate.

[Pitt has found his "angry!"]

Sorry I messed up your pure sample here, Mr. Pitt. And when, and by whom, were you crowned with power to decide what is funny and, most of all, what is appropriate????

[Actually you messed up Mr. Pitt's Hillary Campaign job application.]

I would vote for a bologna sandwich if it's a Democrat, I vote straight D ticket

[Blowhard Ed Shultz claims that he miraculously became converted to Democrat while eating a baloney sandwhich in a Salvation Army cafeteria.]

I can't believe this embarrassing loyalty oath is still on the front page. How very sad.

[You must pledge to vote for William Rivers Pitt in his campaign to get a real job with Hillary.]

I would vote for the antichrist if he was the dem nominee.

[Good news! You'll have that chance in 2008.]

I will either vote for the Dem nominee or not vote at all
There is only one democrat I refuse to vote for, if that candidate wins I'll refrain from casting my vote at all.

[Don't keep us in suspense. Please tell us HER name.]

Start another thread, Will. Title it "Do me a favor and post here if you'll be holding your nose while voting for the Dem nominee no matter who it is".

[A more accurate title would be: "Do me a favor and vote here in my attempt to get a real job with the Hillary campaign."]

I suppose, after kicking, screaming, refusing to donate, and pissing my pants out of sheer spite, I'll go into that booth and vote for her. And then I'll do whatever I can to make her as uncomfortable as possible. Not that I have any particular delusions of my own significance in the scheme of things.

[At least you have a better grasp on reality than the Pied Piper who does have delusions about his own significance in the scheme of things.]

Will Pitt and the others. Need to wake the f*ck up and stop with this nonsense

[Hey, Will Pitt's attempt to get a job with the Hillary campaign is a serious matter.]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"2008 will be my last election to vote in before I become a Canadian citizen; it'll be my last vote ever in an election held in the US. I want to see a Democrat in the WH w/ a Democratic majority in Congress, and I'm going to help w/ Democrats Abroad here in Canada to make this happen:"

Here in Canada? You're going to vote in a US election from Canada? Absentee ballot, no doubt. Hay DUmmie, I thought your were AGAINST voter fraud? If you don't plan on living here, don't even plan on voting here. This post should be shown on every right-wing blog in existence.

9:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pitt-iful. The very definition of 'buffoon'.

What a transparently simple oaf masquerading as... whatever he's masquerading as.

Watch for Pitt. He'll be behind the counter at a convenience store soon. Even the DUmmies are getting wise to this twit.

9:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"She's got the blood of 1.2 million women, children, homosexuals, and others on her hands."

Women, children, homosexuals, and "others."

WTF. Just... WTF.

1:54 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

Come on, anonymous...

"Women, children, homosexuals, and others"

It's pretty much how they label the restrooms in San Fran. :)

4:21 PM  

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