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"Dan Rather fights back - Sues for being made Scapegoat"

I usually don't post two DUFU editions in a row on the same topic but this time I can't help it. There seems to be a strange notion out there, especially prevalent in the MSM, that while the DUmmies might be over the edge, the KOmmies are somehow thoughtful "progressive" types. Wrong. As this DUFU edition and the PREVIOUS ONE show, BOTH the DUmmies and KOmmies are equally delusional. As I have stated many times, KOmmies are nothing but DUmmies with better PR. The KOmmie posts defending Dan Rather in this THREAD titled, "Dan Rather fights back - Sues for being made Scapegoat" are as divorced from reality as the DUmmie posts on this topic in the previous DUFU edition. So let us now watch the KOmmies stand by Dan in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wanting to know the frequency, is in the [brackets]:

Dan Rather fights back - Sues for being made Scapegoat


Good for Mr. Rather! After being swiftboated by the far Right and having the story of Bush the 2nd going AWOL being covered up by false outrage at a minor part of his expose on it, he's decided to fight back.

[Minor? When the documents the story was based on proved to be fake, that was minor?]

In the form of a $70,000,000 USD lawsuit against his former employers for throwing him under the bus.

[So was poor widdle Dan Swiftboated or thrown under the bus?]

The story was, of course, true, but the Killian documents being unable to be authenticated independently gave the far right water-carriers enough ammo to sweep the entire story under the rug.

[Fake but accurate documents. And now to read of more delusions from the other KOmmies...]

Kick Their Asses Dan!!!!

[How? By filing fake but accurate court documents?]

if he wins, it's like taking his middle finger and putting it in powerline's eye. I love that! assrocket is one huge piece of work.

[WHEN he loses it's like sticking your thumb in your mouth when you assume the fetal position.]

I hope Dan Rather prevails -- and I hope it is a catalyst that brings down the former House of Murrow -- and that a year from now we all get thew last laigh on the Right Wing pajama crews, as delusional as their puppet-in-chief in terms of what their sequence of daily lives stack up to create.

[Speaking of delusional. Have you popped open your Freudenschade champagne victory bottle yet?]

it seems like Rather may have been suckered in a VERY clever way.... if Bush KNEW this story was eventually going to come out - even though his operatives HAD shredded the real files, this was a way to turn it around:

[Dan Rather as the innocent victim of a Vast Rovian Plot.]

Though the documents from that 60 Minutes 2 broadcast may have been discredited, the claims made by Rather still seem to have been true.

[How many seconds will it to take for that fake but accurate claim to be laughed out of court.]

How often do we attack journalists for reporting stories without sufficient evidence? I will be extremely satisfied if Dan Rather is catalyst for the end of Bush.

[Delusion, they name is KOmmie.]

The evidence of forgery is overwhelming. Probably planted by Karl Rove to make the story go away, then leaked to LGF and the other Encyclopedia Brownshirts.

[It's Rove's fault that Dan Rather couldn't spot obvious forgeries!]

Just re-create the documents using a 1970's era typewriter. Show that it also matches the throbbing memo. How hard could that be?

[If it's so easy then why hasn't it been done yet? DUhhhhh!]

Hey, i have an IBM Selectric in my garage... I pulled it out when this whole mess started, but sadly it's completely broken.

[Dan Rather is just a $10 Selectric repair bill away from winning his $70 million lawsuit.]

The story WAS true so the only way to undermine it was to throw in fake documents. Someone should have dusted for Rove's fingerprints. Rather should have made sure they were not fake before claiming they were though, shouldn't he?

[Dust Dan Rather's Selectric balls for Rove's fingerprints.]

dan rather is a patriotic american who is one of the victims of the meida's conspiracy to work with cheney and bush to install a fascist/theocratic state. the media moguls at CBS need to be slapped hard up against the head and the other msm need to take very careful notes. hopefully we are seeing the beginning of a major tsunami hitting this nation amd making it realize what has been occuring in this country for the past 6 years and that it needs to be stopped.

[Are you also a "Truther" with a bullhorn yelling "9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!!!"]

Rather is a victim of his own ego and nothing more.


This whole affair was a perfect example of the right's attack the messenger strategy. Because the story was so damaging, rather than debate the facts (Bush blew off his guard service) they attacked Rather and the 60 minutes producers (who admittedly engaged in a little shoddy journalism surrounding the supporting documents). The facts of the story were never disputed by anyone on the right or Bush himself.

[Yeah. That fake but accurate story has never been disputed by anyone. And what brand of pixie dust are you inhaling?]

The evidence (the Killian memos) were disputed, but it's important to note that the information set forth in those memos was confirmed by various sources, the dispute was as to their authenticity, not their accuracy.

[Dan Rather's epithet: Fake but Accurate.]

In court he will make an even bigger ass of himself. The documents were obvious forgeries, he wanted them to be real because it fit the narrative. Rather does not have a leg to stand on because he violated the first priniciple of journalism, the truth. Fake but accurate is no defense. The trial will be all about those documents, that was the basis of the story. Without the fake documents he had no story. And with the fake document he has no case. My bet is this case gets tossed on summary judgment.

[My bet is this KOmmie gets tossed out of KOmmieland for being too sane.]

I can't help but wonder if the reason Rather's filing this suit is because he's uncovered some really damning evidence.

[Yeah. He found Lucy Ramirez's fingerprint on a snowflake.]

I have always wondered why Dan Rather, of all people, seemed to fall on his sword over this. Why didn't he fight back? What kind of power do the Bushies have that would make a career journalist, and a good one, lay down and die over such a fraud? The evidence was flimsy. The sham was apparent. The BS factor was high as it can go, even for MSM. Why would My Man Dan allow his reputation to be so thoroughly trampled by these people? Money and career don't matter at this point. He's 70 some years old, right? His name and legacy mean something, right? So anyway, I'm damn thrilled to see him make this move. I'd send him $50 if I thought he needed it for his case.

[Bev Harris is just $50 away from winning Dan Rather's lawsuit.]

Imagine how things would be different if Rather had stuck to his guns and didn't back off his story of Bush dodging the draft. Instead, he caved at the vital moment and the story went down the drain. Just like how Kerry let the Swiftboaters f*ck him in the ass for a few weeks before fighting back. With defenders like these, it's no wonder democracy's in the state it's in.

[Ben Burch would love to meet those Swiftboaters.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot believe it, they actually tried to tie Rove into this.
What in the world are those pea-brains thinking?
Nah, no one with any sense of right/wrong would th -- wait, never mind.


8:34 PM  
Blogger The Gunslinger said...

"Thinking?" There's your mistake right there.

10:11 PM  
Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

Sheesh. They just can't wrap their heads around the fact that the Swifties and LGF and Powerline were right. Sorry (well, not literally), idiots, but your guys were judiciously *pwned*!!

10:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The evidence (the Killian memos) were disputed, but it's important to note that the information set forth in those memos was confirmed by various sources, the dispute was as to their authenticity, not their accuracy."

Sorry KOmmie, you can't "confirm" information in fake memos. There's no such thing as "fake but accurate". Here's an experiment, write a "fake but accurate" check and see how long it takes before you're arrested for fraud.

"even though his operatives HAD shredded the real files,"

Shredded the real files? Hay KOmmie, all existing military files (including TANG files) were transfered to microfiche back in the mid-80's (I know this because I got a copy of all my records back in 1986 while I was stationed in Germany, this was after they were transfered to microfiche files) so Bush must have used a time machine to send "operatives" back in time to shred the document BEFORE they were transfered. The fact that the "memos" were not copies of microfiche documents should have testified to their falsity, but don't let reality get in your way.

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This pig isn't going to get any prettier at all in the discovery process. To the extent anyone actually follows it, it will be a stinking fish in the pocket of Leftie bloggers, a newer Jason Leopold.

Even if it isn't tossed on and SJ motion, and ends up going to trial, that won't happen before the 2008 election is long over. A $70,000,000.00 case does NOT get into court quickly.

3:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rathers always been one of my idols, along with Chomsky, Castro and Angela Davis. The extra scrutinee will reveal THE TRUTH ans send Chimpy, Chainey, Rove, Halliburtin and Andrew Card all to THE HAGUE!

I drink to you the great Dan Rather!

5:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The funny part is these libs think Rather v. CBS will involve the White House, proving the documents were real, or new evidence. This would not be a trial about the documents or GW's records, they are irrelevant to the case. Dan is suing CBS for damaging his reputation and breaching his contract and that is what he must prove, the accuracy of the documents is not on trial. I don't think will be a trial anyway.

12:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Sorry KOmmie, you can't "confirm" information in fake memos. There's no such thing as "fake but accurate". Here's an experiment, write a "fake but accurate" check and see how long it takes before you're arrested for fraud."

So, if I photocopied the Constitution and then tried to pass it off as the original, not only would the paper be fake, but also the information it contained!!??


11:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"So, if I photocopied the Constitution and then tried to pass it off as the original, not only would the paper be fake, but also the information it contained!!??"

Yes, all the information would be considered false as you would be committing fraud. I'd love to see you try to pass of a copy of any document as the original, you would soon be in court facing charges of fraud. You could try to convince the courts that the information contained in the fraudulent document is "fake but accurate", but you would need the original document to prove that and all you would be proving is your own guilt. You could try to sell your fake Constitution to your cell mate, but I don't think he'd buy it.

The memo's in question are not fraudulent copies, they're fakes as there were no original TANG documents that were copied and then destroyed. The TANG memos never existed prior to 2003 when someone typed them up on their home pc and passing them off as real. They're fakes, not forgeries.

No matter how you spin this, there's no way a fake document can be considered accurate. You can't pass off a lie as the truth. Even though that lie may contain information that is accurate, it is still a lie.

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's another experiment: Photocopy some money and try to pass that off as real. Assuming you're stupid enough to try, you'll soon be in court facing charges of counterfeiting. Even though the copies contained all the information from the original, they're still fakes and you would still be in a hell of a lot of trouble.

There's no such thing as "fake but accurate." Why is this so hard for people to understand?

10:53 AM  

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