Tuesday, March 20, 2007

DUmmies Underwhelmed By Obama On Larry King

Joe Biden proclaimed him to be articulate but apparently that ability left Barack Obama last night when he was fielding questions from Larry King. Since Larry is known for lobbing softballs at his guests, one can only imagine how poor Obama will perform when hit with real hardballs. Even the DUmmies were completely unimpressed by Obama on King since there were two DUmmieland threads on the subject of Obama's poor performance. The first DUmmie THREAD is titled, "Anyone see Obama on Larry King? Is it just me or was he awful?" The second DUmmie THREAD has the equally unimpressed title of "Obama on L.King. I was cooking in the other room. He did not sound great." Thanx, DUmmies, for arousing my curiousity. I was busy watching "24" while Obama failed to impress you on Larry King so now I shall have to hunt down an online video of that disaster for my own entertainment. So let us now watch the DUmmies dismiss Obama's performance in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if Obama's weakness is that he needs to constantly consult a script, is in the [brackets]:

Anyone see Obama on Larry King? Is it just me or was he awful?

[From the other DUmmie comments I read, it wasn't just you. He WAS awful.]

I could only stand a few minutes of his uh-uh-uh-stutter-stutter-uh-uh-you-know-uh-uh before giving up on it. Did I not give it enough of a chance? Or did he sound completely unprepared throughout?

[Uh-uh-uh-uh. I think you're right.]

I've noticed he's pretty unimpressive without a prepared speech.....

[WARNING: Do not separate Obama from his script.]

I'm watching the repeat and I'm not impressed. In fact I'm very surprised. I thought he was such a great speaker and I'm very disappointed.

[Now I know the Democrats are in terrible shape for '08. All their prospective candidates sound like sure losers against the likes of either Romney or Thompson.]

Answering questions is totally different from reading from a prepared speech.. BHO admits copying the style of his favorite local preacher. He comes across differently when answering questions. Not quite as sure of himself.
I fell asleep out of boredom.

[Wow! So he is not even being himself on the stage. Instead he does an impression of his preacher. When Obama has to be himself, he turns out to be a BORE.]

I Like Him not preparing. He is showing he is like one of us.

[Obama is just as BORING as you are. WHOOOPEEE!!!]

He needs 4 more years of practice.

[Yes, at least 4 more years before he can perfect being a fake.]

He just has a bad habit of using uh's and ah's while speaking. He needs to work on getting rid of them.

[I think we can cross Hillary off his speech coach list since she has the same problem with the addition of a lot of "you knows."]

King just got over here, not just awful. He was God awful.

[Super Duper AWFUL.]

He really needs to see a speech coach and learn a diversion tactic so that he doesn't blow it with that little problem.. think how easy it would be for someone to just cut everything he says out except for the Uh's and Ahs, and destroy the guy with a "Dean Moment"..


He's not great with interviews...a little more experience is needed, perhaps.

[Great time to discover this weakness. Right in the middle of his campaign.]

I have seen him on tv giving interviews in the past and he is just ok.

[Now there is a non-ringing endorsement!]

i uh.. cannot stand uh... all the uh.... uhs uh... he has in uh... his speeches uh... i had noticed this a while ago. i would have thought long ago that would have been taken out of his speaking. but it is really bad.

[Uh-uh. It won't be happening.]

He's been a bit off lately. His speech at the firefighters meeting was lacking he may be getting burned out.

[Bad timing since he has over a year and a half left of heavy duty campaigning. And now to go on to the other DUmmie THREAD...]

Obama on L.King. I was cooking in the other room. He did not sound great.

[And he wasn't looking so hot either.]

he is very attractive. He communicates a lot with his face. What he says seems fine.

[So Obama's face language counteracts what he is actually saying?]

I listened many times to Obama... When he does his speeches he is excellent. They are written, probably by him, and he knows his lines. However, when he speaks off the cuff, from questions, he has pauses and ah's constantly. He gets his points across, but he needs to work on his delivery. Its like he has to think about what to say, with all the pauses. He needs to work on that!

[Great time to work on that. Right in the middle of a presidential nomination campaign.]


[So you gave up on Barack already?]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

The Dems have a bigger problem than I thought. Of Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Biden, Dodd, Clark, and Richardson, only Edwards (and possibly Richardson, since I haven't heard him speak extemporaneously) can speak off the cuff in public without making women and children wince. And while what Edwards says sounds smooth, when investigated it's pretty dumb.

None of the others (except, possibly, Richardson) can be listened to by a non-True Believer for more than a short while before tuning out.

12:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The White House 2010:

President Obama, North Korea has threatened a nuclear launch! What are your orders?

Ummm... Ahhhh.. Ok, let's ahhh, ummmm, let's do this. We could ahhh, do something like, ahhh, move some people out of, ahhh. Wait , that's not right. We should call the UN. Right? Right? Isn't that what we should do, ahhh, call someone? Wait, I know, I'll ummm, well, I'll ahh, I'll contact Congress and, ahh... Wait, maybe they already know so let's not bother them right now. Well, ahh, we better do something soon. Ahh, someone call Mr. Clinton and, ahh, well, kinda ask for his advice. I think, yea, I think that's what we'll do for now. Oh, and call my wife and tell her to get on Marine One right away. Yea, that's a good idea. Other than that, ahh, I'll, ummm, I'll have to think about it.

5:43 PM  

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