Wednesday, March 14, 2007

DUmmie Anger Over Call For End Of Communism In Cuba

The DUmmies are in an uproar over the call by President Bush for Communism in Cuba to end when Castro croaks. You can see their Inner Bolshevik come out in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "Communism in Cuba should end when Castro dies: Bush." It is threads like these when we see the TRUE colors of the DUmmies and it is most definitely Bolshevik Red. Here we have a country living for almost 50 years in a one man communist dictatorship and when their is a call for that oppressive system to end, the DUmmies act outraged. As we have seen many times before, the DUmmies consider the USA to be far more oppressive than Communist Cuba. May we NOW question their patriotism? So let us now watch the DUmmies defend Cuban Communism in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, humming the "Internationale" tune to accompany the DUmmie rantings, is in the [brackets]:

Communism in Cuba should end when Castro dies: Bush

[What an outrage! How dare Bush call for an end to an oppressive totalitarian system!]

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Communist rule of Cuba should end when ailing leader Fidel Castro dies, President Bush said as he prepared for a Latin American tour this week.

Bush's trip is widely seen as offering a counterpoint to the populist appeal of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, whose nationalization plans he criticized.

[GASP! And how dare he also subtlely criticize Hugo too!]

Ok then. Fascisms in the US should end when Bush leaves office.

[We already know your sanity ended when your mind left your body. And now to hear from your fellow Bolshevist DUmmies...]

Cuba has direct democracy, the government is extremely responsive to the people. You can't say that about the US. Furthermore, they send a ton of doctors overseas to third world countries.

[Where many of them are now quickly defecting. Check the NEWS about this, DUmmie.]

I've lost count of the times.... the Cubans have been able to choose a different Government.

[Yeah. And each time they continue to choose oppressive Communism in order to live in the depressing squalor that is so coveted.]

They have a chance every 6 months. Every Cuban holding an elected seat in any of the municipal or provincial or national assemblies (Cuba's democratic parliamentary system) has to face the approval of their constituents every six months in a process called 'Accountability Sessions'. At these open-to-all, week long, town hall type sessions their representative must account for their votes and actions in their official capacities, and there is a recall process in which 50%+1 or more of voters can vote to recall an elected official and hold another election in that district within six weeks if they are unhappy with the actions (or inaction) of their representative.

[Although I suspect the previous DUmmie (LOUSY FREEPER TROLL) was just being sarcastic, this DUmmie has definitely swallowed the collectivist Kool-Aide.]

The candidates never fail to get elected, it is a sham....


Castro should have been setting up a country where people would campaign for the highest office and learn how to lead Cuba, rather than setting up the highest position in the government in a way that, I suppose, he expects to be passed down from his son, to the next son and the next. Castro needs to realize that he doesn't have a monopoly on leadership or ideas. The best thing he can do for Cuba is teach it to sustain itself after he is gone, in a way that doesn't force his family to rule for a while before they want to do something else.

[Or brother to brother. BTW, do the DUmmies realize the irony that "scientific" communism has to settle the hierarchy succession issue by feudal methods like in North Korea where it is handed down from father to nerdy son? And in Cuba from brother to maricón brother?]

The voting system is better than that of the US. Candidates are nominated in open meetings and are subjected to yes or no votes. It is very democratic.

[This DUmmie is swallowing the collectivist Kool-Aide by the gallon.]

I've been there -- I like the place. I'd prefer to live there than to live here with ONE MORE REPUKE Congress/President. Although, my eyes and heart are leaning more toward Venezuela lately. They're building something wonderful buoyed up by the Cuban Example... Don't knock it unless you've tried it -- or at least know something more about it than the bullshit fed to you by the right-wing capitalist MSM...

[Why wait? LEAVE NOW!]

The only thing they don't have in Cuba is an irrationally self-destructive addiction to copious quantities of crap they don't need and that will only effect them negatively.

[Like food and freedom.]

Peace and Respect will return to USA when every last NeoCon Republican my opinion

[Feel the love!]

The revolution has done so much for the people of Cuba.

[It has given them almost 50 years of Communist dictatorship. But for DUmmies, that is a GOOD thing.]

I for one will be more than happy to defend cuban self-dermination, by whatever means nessesary

[A wannabee Che Guevara posting between bites of pizza.]

Maybe after Cheney and Bush die Amerika will become free.

[We already know your brain has died but you're still not free of delusions.]

Socialism is a permanent part of the Cuban Constitution

[And that's the DUmmie excuse for not changing their system.]

Bsuh says communism will end in Cuba. He ended democracy in this country!

[All by himself.]

I am always in favor of open discussions, but this is a thread that promotes anti-democratic attitudes by serving as an "anti-Castro" platform.

[A DUmmie threatened by the slight bit of skepticism (before the tombstoning) that sometimes pops up in DUmmieland.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been there -- I like the place.
Proud Liberals: We Never Met a Dictator We Didn't Like.

10:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know that the DUmmies live in an alternate reality, but this isbeyond comprehension.

4:12 PM  
Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

"I've been there --I like the place." Not enough to, like, stay, or anything, but if you come from a wealthy capitalist country visiting crappy, poor, Commie dictatorships can put a tingle in your tuchis,if you know what I mean. Assuming, of course, you don't have to leave via leaky inner-tube boat or something.

6:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been to Cuba on a missions trip with my church two years ago. I've seen the kinds of filthy conditions Fidel has them living in while he has a vacation castle in Europe. Many of the poorest neighborhoods in America that I've seen are in better condition than many of the best neighborhoods I've seen in Cuba. These DU freaks talking about how much better Cuba is than America should spend a week in Baguanos or one of the other rural villages like I did, THEN tell me they think Communism has been beneficial to Cuba.

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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