Monday, January 29, 2007

DUmmies Outraged Over Crewcut Photographer At DC Demonstration

This is the CRIME OF THE CENTURY!!! A crewcut photographer was spotted by a DUmmie taking pictures of last Saturday's demonstration in DC. That was all DUmmie NoSheep knew about him but it was enough to send her and other DUmmies into a rage. Ironically, this is an example of what DUmmies say they are against---profiling. All the DUmmie needed to know was that the photographer was was cleancut and crewcut. Since he wasn't a scurvy mess like the majority of the demonstrators, the DUmmie naturally figured he was up to no good as you can see in his THREAD titled, "Your thoughts on this mystery man I confronted and photographed in DC this weekend." Well my thought is that some government Homeland Security agent decided to photograph the demonstrators and figured he could blend right in by sticking out like a sore thumb. Does that sound ridiculous? Well, that is what the DUmmiesbelieve. Of course, there must have been government agents photographing the loons but the DUmmies would never have known because the agents were smart enough to look exactly like leftist loons. This means they didn't bathe nor wash their clothes for a couple of weeks. Even before 9-11, I happen to know that DC was swarming with lots of undercover agents and most of them you couldn't tell from homeless bums. So let us now watch the DUmmies indulge in their fantasies about a photographer they know almost nothing about in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, knowing that the best way to clandestinely photograph the demonstrators merely requires one to wear a Che Guevara T-Shirt, is in the [brackets]:

Your thoughts on this mystery man I confronted and photographed in DC this weekend

[An obvious government agent who wants to be immediately identified as such by the DUmmies by conveniently appearing to a government agent.]

I promised this guy HIS picture would be on the web

[Vengeance is mine, sayeth the DUmmie.]

Mr. NoSheep, in red the sweater in the background, brought to my attention 2 men with military haircuts and no protest signs, badges or anything, taking pictures of a particular group of marchers. This group was near the back of the march, with a wide yellow banner calling for an end to discrimination against Middle Eastern/Islamic peoples and justice for Palestinians.

[Profiling conservatives strictly by appearance.]

I remembered a video I watched on the web not too long ago, where cops and other official agents were taking photos of protesters at a march (perhaps in Oregon?) and the cops basically incited a riot and singled out those who they believed to be "leaders" in these activist groups. I wanted to knock the camera out of his hand but this guy was steroid HUGE with an unmistakably deadly vibe. So I put my sign in front of his camera. He turned and literally growled and sneered "BACK OFF!!"

[Translation: I was scared sh*ttless.]

I asked him why he was taking these kids' pictures and he said I was all about "rights" until it came to his. I don't have to tell you what a nonsequitur that was.

[Let's see. The photographer is minding his own business, quietly taking pictures and DUmmie NoSheep gets into his face like it is the crime of the century.]

Anyway...I yelled at him a little bit because it made me so angry that someone like this even exists. I told him I thought he should leave these people alone. Then I just thought "I need to take this guy's picture!" So I did. I wonder what was going through the mind of his buddy standing there with him. You can see his eyes behind the glasses. Maybe the scenario will make him think for just a split second in the future. Or maybe he has a chip in his head too like the other guy. He felt like Robo-cop or the Terminator or something. Programmed.

[You were angry that he even exists based SOLELY on his appearance. So what was that you DUmmies keep saying about the EVILS of profiling?]

Who does he work for I wonder? He was not taking photos for a memento of the march. He was collecting info.

[And you somehow know this as a fact? Now on to the other DUmmies...]

Kicking to expose this guy. For what it's worth.

[It's pretty worthless, DUmmie NoSheep.]

I'll kick for the nazi scum too. Photograph this!

[Sheesh! A crewcut guy quietly photographs a demonstration and this is somehow extrapolated into him being nazi scum. Profiling again?]

We don't know who this guy is. For all I know, he could be a reporter taking pictures, or just a guyw ith a website. I doubt he is "nazi scum."


Then why the secrecy?

[Minding his own business is defined as "secrecy."]

This person IS NOT a newspaper or magazine photographer. They're usually liberal folks who are certainly not hostile to others---aggressive perhaps, but not hostile.

[A Kewpie Doll to you for correctly assessing the political persuasion of a majority of the MSM.]

I actually said "I'm going to take your picture." and he said "Go Ahead".

[How DARE he threaten you like that!]

Former (or current) Marine junior officer. Probably DIA. Welcome to the New World Order. The sweater is military issue, imho.

[Detailed profiling leading to wild speculation.]

or from the Gap. I have a sweater just like that. wearing it right now, in fact (just in military green, not black

[What office at the DIA do you work in?]

Thing is, with privatization the way it is, who knows who it might be? Hired or maybe just someone taking pictures. However, the line about "rights" and everything sounds like someone who doesn't think everyone should have them.

[Talking about rights is definite Hate Speech.]

You can imagine all the things I wish I'd said! Like "Did you get that sweater at the Fascist Mall?"

[I can imagine the photographer's fist flying into your snarling mouth, DUmmie NoSheep.]

"The Fascist Mall"...where the truly discriminating conspirators shop!

[So that they can be easily ID'd at demonstrations.]

For example, if I were to map that appearance to the Army, I'd think it was consistent with cadre at some training school, not with some assignment where civvies are worn and he wasn't trying to stand out. So, I can't mentally map it to Army in that context. Likewise, if he's civilian (i.e. 'former' military) then he's at the 'relaxed' end of the grooming spectrum for the Corps. I don't connect the image with mercs ... since I don't think it's something they'd 'earn' enough to do. So, that's why I think something like DIA. Again, who can know?

[A Hardly Boys DUmmie searching for clues about the photographer.]

Mr NoSheep and I agreed we felt as if we were in the presence of someone almost inhuman. The picture doesn't show his vibe...but it was there.

[The Omen IV.]

I think it is important to let these people know we are on to them. I doubt they've ever questioned themselves before...if they had gone unconfronted, they would just go home feeling like the sneaky creeps they are. This time...they had to face a fellow human...if only for a second or two. They won't change...but they were forced to consider what they were doing for once. If they'd tried to hurt me. I wouldn't have felt a thing. I was too mad.

[You mean too DUmb. You are "on" to them? Who? The guy is taking photos and his high crime is being cleancut so you go on a wild speculation witchhunt based on profiling his appearance.]

Coupla thugs, serving their fascist masters . . .

[And you know that for a fact.]

I was REAL to draw attention in the event he took a swing at me. I don't know if I'd said a word had I not been in public.

[Real loud AND obnoxious.]

His buddy in the background what's that attached to his button on his shirt, down by his waist? Could that have been some sort of audio recording device?

[It was his Li'l Orphan Annie Secret Decoder Pin.]

He doesn't look very proud of himself. I wonder what sort of "man" (and I use the term loosely) does this sort of thing? Sneaky little shits who like their actions covert and their battles uneven. The kind of spirit that leads to a soccer stadium slaughter in Santiago or a village massacre in El Mozote. Is that the America they stand for? Secret wiretaps, torture and gulags? Go find yourself another country to be part of, Mr. Cableknit Sweater.

[Yeah. Real covert by showing up looking cleancut at a demonstration of loser slobs dressed like the folks at the Star Wars Bar.]

Let's photoshop his face into pornographic pictures and spread it around the web!

[Is that you, Ben Burch?]

I rethought the idea of knocking it out of his hands. He'd have probably killed me on instinct. Even if he WAS only a newspaperman! But I know better. He was no mild mannered reporter.

[DUmmie NoSheep now projects him to be a professional killer. And all because he was cleancut. Profiling.]

We should start a wiki photo database of odd folks at demonstrations. It would be interesting. Sort of a rogues gallery.

[Odd folks because they look normal.]

They're so obviously from the "dark side".

[Obviously since they don't look like the demonstration freaks.]

The repugs really hate free speech.

[Said a DUmmie with absolutely no sense of self-irony.]

The haircuts were a dead giveaway. AND the expensive camera with a lens like a damn bazooka! Hummer lens.

[I thought his camera looked like a Stinger missile but that's just me.]

I'm no camera expert, but I know a pig when I see one.

[And I know an ignoramus when I see one, DUmmie NoSheep.]

These guys should be taking pics at the freeper rally. That's where the next McVeigh is hanging out.

[The next Osama is hanging out at the DUmmie rally.]

They're collecting information for...the coming roundup -- this stuff is for real but most people don't believe it.

[Get your bags packed for your relocation to the nearest Walmart Detention Center.]

These pictures belong on the FRONT PAGE ... of the NYTIMES and with every major news organization in the country ... expose these GOONS for all to see ...

[Post their pics on Wanted posters in every post office wall in the land!]

sorry, but i don't see what's so wrong about the guy taking pics of protesters...


Why did he act so mean and evil?

[Let's see. DUmmie NoSheep yells at the photographer and blocks his camera with a sign and she is accusing HIM of acting so mean and evil? Has the lithium kicked in for you yet, NoSheep?]

I assure you he was an asshole. It was the haircut...and his buddy there with him. Same haircuts. Same glasses.

[Tried and convicted in DUmmie Kangaroo Court based strictly on profiling.]

NoSheep is correct. You don't have to buy into it, but it's clear as day to me. But even if she isn't correct (but she is), tis always in your better interests to suspect than to trust.

[Yeah. Best to remain irrationally paranoid.]

Maybe he thought you were being a hysterical asshole? He is perfectly within his rights to photograph people, you know?


And we hate these guys for being automoton, naziesqe dupes of the establishment. I'd like to see us expose them like this EVERY CHANCE WE GET!

[Expose them for minding their own business!!!]

my guess is that the photographer has a right hand cross draw rig on his left side and his friend has a holdout in his left side jacket chest pocket.

[My guess is that they both have AK47s hidden in their socks.]

Those guys were standing out on purpose. Somebody else called them designated distractions. They were too obvious and were trying to let someone know they were being watched.

[They were standing out on purpose so everyone would know they were DIA agents.]

He had a chip in his head, I'm sure of it.

[DUmmie NoSheep has a chip on her shoulder, I'm sure of it.]

These two have that cocky "I can kick your ass" look and yeah, that's definitely a government-issued sweater. They wore them for the 2000 protest, too, trying to seem less intimidating than their Darth Vader get-ups. Free country my ass. This is police state.

[It's all over, man. All our freedoms GONE!]

was it that sunny that they were wearing sunglasses?

[A clue! The sunglasses are a clue!]

All Five were wearing sunglasses including our guy, Red Sweater Guy.

[Those special Fascist Mall Fashion Sunglasses.]

carry signal mirrors with you. If being watched, flash it in the lens. Or have a lot of people do it and see if they can catch the camera on fire. Or his nuts.

[Speaking of NUts...]

What a scum. Looking at his body language he is a wannabe alpha male. Just the sort of defensive turd-ball I like to irritate and torment and puncture the ego of..Anyways never believe the bluff of this kind of domineering shit head, they are nothing really bullies is what they are, morally inferior people,Scared little boys on steroids with a messiah complex.. If any jackass tries to hurt you, or dominate you,in a protest don't let him. Learn to fight dirty and go OFF, if a non badged non "official" thug tries to hurt you make sure sympathetic people witness the exchange. Don't bother to act sane and reasonable with an authoritarian ass hat at a certain point it won't do anything.. Freak him the hell out every-way till next sunday and most importantly DO NOT SUBMIT at all.These f*ckers thrive on submission and implode with insecurity inside if they don't get it.It's simple Keep eye contact with the idiot , even though he has shades on,just drill your eyes right into his as if there was no shades.Give him the cat stare.. It unnerves these overgrown toddlers really bad.That's why they wear the shades.They want to appear machine like impersonal and of course in control, but really he is just another little boy servant posing as a "master" of the plebians.

[Don't worry, DUmmie undergroundpanther. We're not the least bit worried that you might somehow act sane and reasonable.]

Its a psych tactic. more than anything they want to send the message to people that they are being watched. They can watch their lips kiss my ass though, its not about their rights. It would be fair if they identified themselves and their beliefs, just as the palestinian protesters were doing..But they didn't, they were DECIEVING and therefore were DICKS!!!

[Its a psych tactic. Send NORMAL people to quietly observe DUmmies in action and watch the FUn when it drives them NUts.]

Free Republic is located in Fresno, California, by the way. This guy could have been snapping shots for the site. Who the heck knows, and who the heck cares.

[It drives the DUmmies NUts to even think Freepers are watching them act like loons.]

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Blogger Icarus said...

Funniest thread in a long time!

These people really ARE paranoid loons with no social skills. I'd swear their comments were clever parody ... if I didn't know better.

But the best part has to be "No Sheep." First there's the irony of him being, well, a sheep - so easily led around by the nose, so unable to think for himself. Sure, chief - you discovered the great conspiracy, it's a "government issued sweater," blah blah blah. That boy couldn't think for himself for a second even if he was allowed out of Mommy's basement. Truly a sheep of epic proportions.

But the PICTURE of him is priceless! Talk about profiling - if I had to draw a picture of EXACTLY what I'd guess "NoSheep" would look like ... well, that's him. He's perfect. Just give him a tie-dyed t-shirt and some sandals.

Nothing funnier than watching liberal loons live down to their own stereotypes.

Great post. Thanks for my morning laugh!

8:14 AM  
Blogger PJ-Comix said...

Actually NoSheep is a woman. Her hubby is the guy holding the sign wearing the maroon sweater.

9:50 AM  
Blogger PJ-Comix said...

Actually NoSheep is a woman. Her hubby is the guy holding the sign wearing the maroon sweater.

9:51 AM  
Blogger Staci said...


I agree, funniest thread I've seen in a long time. The irony is so rich.

Showed a friend in the office this thread. Didn't know he was a Democrat until he told me, it is getting more and more embarassing to be a Democrat everyday. Hahahaha

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, who let the cage door open in D.C? Get a net 'cause these people are nuts!

I love the fascist label the DUmmies keep using. Your a fascist because you took my picture!

I guess the DUmmies are fascists too as they also took pictures, but don't tell them that as only a fascist would point out such a contradiction.

11:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"He felt like Robo-cop or the Terminator or something. Programmed."

Computer scientist DUmmie living in movie fantasies, as usual. Amazing "V for Vendetta" didnt come up.

"that's definitely a government-issued sweater."

Shit! I had to pay $30 for mine!

"Just the sort of defensive turd-ball I like to irritate and torment and puncture the ego of.."

In my mind. From 100 yards away. When he's not looking.

I double-dog dare any DUmmie or KOSmmie to justify the stupidity shown in the thread.

11:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok ..I can do this too! What exactly is the construction of that sign pole NoSheep's hubbie is holding? Looks like a dangerous weapon to me!

Funny he got profiled in with the photographer by some of the DUmmies.

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sneaky little shits who like their actions covert and their battles uneven.

Their so sneaky that you can see them taking pictures? That's not very good as far as covert operations go.

These guys must be newbies as the Fascist Guide to Covert Observation (Rovian edition), Chapter 3, paragraph 6 & 7, clearly states that all photographs must be taken from within Starbucks or a Dodge Minivan using a 120mm telephoto lens with infrared and ultraviolet filters on 135 mm ASA 1500 film as digital 'pics' do not allow for much enlargement due to pixelation.

Apparently these men need further training so I recommend that they return to room 101 ASAP.

11:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! I think Mr. NoSheep needs to borrow one of Mrs. NoSheep's bras!

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohh... oooohhh... I'm getting a clue...

8:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The DUmmies missed the IWB carry...

11:48 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

that gave me such a raging clue i shot clue goo.

6:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hehehehe... This is a buddy of mine. It's awesome to see him in the spotlight like this. Knowing the truth about him makes reading the speculation all the funnier. If he hasn't seen this yet, he will in couple of minutes. It's also quite possibly he's more intelligent than the entire cast of buffoons that he's photographing.

2:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well iirightii???

Dont make me beg! What does he do?

5:30 PM  
Blogger Publius said...

Jesus H. Christ, get Webster on the phone. I think we've got a new definition for two words. Just put a link to this thread under "hypocrisy" and "paranoia."

2:47 PM  

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