Tuesday, November 28, 2006

KOmmies Slam America Now That Election Is Over

The midterm elections are over and now the Daily Kos KOmmies can tell us what they REALLY think, namely that they HATE America. You can see this hatred expressed in this KOmmie THREAD titled, "Calling Bullshit on America." The author sees as BS almost everything about America, even things that no longer exist or never existed in the first place. And if things here are so terrible as the author of this thread, One Pissed Off Liberal, states, then he should leave and enjoy the wonderful freedoms of Cuba or North Korea. Of course, he won't leave because most liberal complaints are just BS. They will gripe about how horrible things are in America but you never see them leaving this country permanently. Instead they will loudly gripe about how oppressive America is while, ironically, enjoying the freedom to publicly crybaby in such a manner. So let us now watch One Pissed Off Liberal enjoy the constitutional freedom to tell us how lousy America is in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, Calling Bullshit on KOmmieland, is in the [brackets]:

Calling Bullshit on America

[From somewhere within America...]

Our nation, culture, and political system are all steeped in lies, contradictions, distortions, and propaganda – in other words, bullshit! It has taken me much of my life to shed the misconceptions and outright lies that have been drilled into me from birth, to develop and fine-tune my bullshit detectors, to learn to see anything with any clarity at all.

[KOmmie One Pissed Off Liberal fine tuned his bs detectors and detected the wonderful Workers Paradise of North Korea in stark contrast to oppressed America.]

The government has powerful tools with which to manipulate our views, circumscribe our information, and mold our opinions (including the MSM and all the propaganda arms of the government itself) – and they use them with great zeal. The full extent to which the ruling class wants to hoodwink the rest of us cannot be overestimated. Their worst fear is that we will learn the truth.

[One Pissed Off Liberal has such finely fined tuned bs detectors that he is able to perceive that PBS, NBC, and SeeBS are all under the direct control of the EVIL Bush Regime.]

My personal view is that only the truth finally matters, and that only the truth can set us free. I’ll just touch on some highlights to make my point. Please feel free to add any bullshit I overlook to the pile.

[How about if we add this KOmmie thread to the heaping pile of BS?]

Slavery was bullshit.

[Ended in America BY Americans over 140 years ago. However, if you feel nostalgic towards slavery you can still find it in the entire country of North Korea and parts of Africa.]

Manifest Destiny was bullshit.

[No Manifest Destiny, no San Francisco. Think about it.]

Union busting was (and remains) bullshit.

[Unions weren't busted. They were mostly made irrelevant by economic change but I'll allow you to continue to live in your Great Depression fantasies.]

Segregation and racism was (and remains) bullshit.

[Segregation eliminated mostly peacefully over 40 years ago. However, in Muslim countries, non-Muslims face worse things than segregation, namely death.]

Duck and Cover was bullshit.

[Yeah, imagine how many young lives were destroyed by Duck and Cover drills in the classroom. Actually, Duck and Cover might be something to resurrect in today's dangerous public schools.]

MKULTRA was bullshit.

[According to the KOMmies, MKULTRA was a CIA mind control program of the 1950s. And what mindless control program did you graduate from?]

The murders of JFK, RFK, and MLK were bullshit.

[Americans who were killed by Americans...except in the case of RFK who was killed by a Palestinian. Of course I don't expect One Pissed Off Liberal to call BS on Palestinians.]

The Gulf of Tonkin Incident was bullshit.

[So will you be calling BS on DEMOCRAT LBJ and Robert STRANGE McNamara?]

The Reagan Presidency was bullshit.

[If you want to call incredible economic growth and the downfall of Communism BS then be my guest.]

The reign of Bush I was bullshit.

[Didn't you get the latest leftwing memo? You're now supposed to PRAISE Bush I in order to show contrast with his son, Bush II.]

The stolen election of 2000 was bullshit.

[True. That concept that the 2000 election was stolen is BS.]

9/11 was bullshit.

[It never happened. Those planes crashing into the Twin Towers were only the imaginary result of an MKULTRA CIA mind control program.]

Tax cuts for billionaires was bullshit.

[FUnnie, I never saw Warren Buffet nor George Soros return any of their increased tax cut revenues to the government.]

The joining of church and state was bullshit.

[They were joined only in your fervid MKULTRA mind control imagination.]

The trashing of our environment is bullshit.

[So which liberal celeb will the the FIRST to quit jetting around in environmentally wasteful Gulfstream aircraft?]

Healthcare in America is bullshit.

[Wait in LONG lines like Canada and Britain.]

The stolen election of 2004 was bullshit.

[More MKULTRA acid trip mind control?]

The fascist takeover of America is bullshit.

[Especially since it never happened.]

We’ve all been lied to, to the point of absurdity. These days, there is almost nothing true in what we are told. It saddens me, it humiliates me, and it angers me.

[It's HORRIBLE here. Your one-way ticket to Pyongyang is waiting for you at the ticket counter.]

I am sad that we do not have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people as we were meant to have.

[So sad. Things are sooooo much better in Cuba. So goooooo!!!]

I am humiliated that the world knows America as a bully, an imperialist, and a torturer – and that after all that has been done; we may never salvage our national reputation again in my lifetime.

[So much better in the MUzzie countries where you get executed for the crime of converting to another religion.]

I am angry that our government represents the wealthy, the greedy, and the special interests – and that virtually no one represents the best interest of the American people – and that the lip service given to same always seems to boil down to the same old thing – bullshit.

[Li'l Kim of North Korea is wiping away a tear in sympathy for your sentiment.]

I am heartsick that our founding fathers tried so hard to bequeath us a great nation, but because of greedy, immoral bastards like the Bushes, what we got instead was bullshit.

[I'm heartsick that you haven't left this horrible America left. And now let us hear your fellow KOmmies slam America now that the elections are safely over...]

A Tsunami of Freedom™ is spreading from this diary.

[More like a Tsunami of BS is spreading from this KOmmie diary.]

And to those freepers out there who would distort the message in this diary to one of "contempt for America" -- I would say, look at what has occurred in the last 6 years. Where the f*ck has "freedom fries" gotten you? There are times when great countries should be ashamed. There are times when great countries should step back and reflect on the horror and devastation that they have wrought upon the world. These are one of those times.

[Let us step back and reflect on the wonderful freedoms of the MUzzie countries where practicing freedom of religion is a capital offense.]

i wish someone would say this at 7pm on all the major broadcast networks and cable channels simultaneously

[Actually they already do, only a bit more subtly.]

Keith Olberman could run it all the other networks then can "report" that KO was arrested because of the bullshit he was broadcasting.

[Too bad for your theory that KO is free to broadcast BS.]

Fair enough, though one could say the same about high-fructose corn syrup.

[Hmmm... Let us now see how One Pissed Off Liberal takes some rather mild criticism of his Hate America diary...]

You condescending prick! How dare you come in and stink up this thread by repeatedly insulting me and anyone who likes my work? What an overbearing ass you are! Get a life you venal, self-righteous asshole!

[It seems that One Pissed Off Liberal is INTOLERANT of any criticism whatever when someone calls BS on his post. That poster was lucky that One Pissed Off Liberal wasn't in charge of the country or he would have already been placed in a Re-Education Camp...or worse.]


[Is that you, ben burch?]

OPOL is pissed off, and that's a good thing, because we need to be pissed off. Activists do some of their best work when they're pissed off.

[And when writing under the influence of acid.]

I think it falls under the 'talk truth to power' solution. Or maybe raging against the machine, maybe howling at the moon.

[Mostly the latter.]

It is a putdown of America, in whole. I wouldn't have a problem if the diary had a tone along the lines of, "Even though we've done a lot of wrong in our history, we're still a great country because of...". Tell me what this accomplishes? All it does is preach to the choir in an inflammatory manner. And it doesn't really give much of an impression that the diarist cares much about fixing the country. To what ideal does he want it fixed? He sure as hell doesn't give any answers.


Critical thinking is bullshit!

[The motto of KOmmieland.]

I just returned from my 3 mile power walk... hoping I might shed some of the memories this diary brought to the surface. People in the park must have thought I was madman, walking as fast I could with tears streaming down my face, all the while mumbling to myself and singing that damn song!

[People in the park thought you were a madman merely for power walking. Why is it that ONLY liberals power walk? It is the NERDIEST form of excercise imaginable what with the exaggeraged long steps and the arms swinging high into the air grasping the power walk weights. A lot of folks think it was the DUkakis tank ride in the Snoopy cap that was his undoing in the 1988 election. It really happened a few weeks earlier when a TV camera caught DUkakis power walking outdoors. From that point on, his poll numbers began a steep decline. ANYBODY power walking will meet with public disdain. And rightly so. It's even worse than wearing a waist pack in public.]

Malcolm X was also killed in 1965, after his visit to Mecca.

[Killed by MUzzies.]

And as far as these diaries not being constructive or making we Kossacks look like anti-Americans, I do indeed call bullshit. America needs to look hard in the mirror, expel these demons, accept them for what they are, and then start the healing!

[KOmmies as exorcists. Somehow it does NOT compute.]

How does one read this as not anti-American?

[Good question you LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

When I was trying to get back to sleep after letting the dog out in the middle of the night last night, Abraham, Martin and John was running through my head and I suddenly realized that the same people who were in charge then are in charge now (not for Abraham, of course). I must have been channeling OPOL. My almost 80 yo mother is hoping that RFK Jr. won't ever decide to run for office because she is afraid he wouldn't live through it.

[The people in charge then (1960s) were DEMOCRATS. They were in charge of the White House, House, and Senate. And my mother is hoping that RFK Jr. won't ever decide to run for office because she is afraid his stammering voice wouldn't live through it.]

For Ginsberg, who was in a long term adult relationship with Peter Orlovsky, his NAMBLA membership has been explained in the book Screaming With Joy as a free speech issue. There is no evidence that Ginsberg was himself a pedophile, and it is unfortunate that his reputation is tainted with this association - it's not unlike associating Ted Kennedy with Chappaquiddick, or John Kerry with "Hanoi" Jane Fonda

[GASP! What a bizarre association to make! Who could ever possibly associate Ted Kennedy with Chappaqiddick?]

Patriotism to a flag is dangerous, while patriotism to a country adhering to basic fundamental American values can set us free.

[I guess the concept of a flag as a SYMBOL of the country is a bit too complex for this KOmmie.]

Consumerism is bullshit. Buying a bunch of bullshit from bullshit stores who pay bullshit wages when all that happens is the collective accumulation of more bullshit when people in this country are still sleeping in plastic bags and boxes is f*cking bullshit and it pisses me off.

[Barnes & Noble where John Edwards is signing his book is paying "bs" wages LESS than that of Wal-Mart.]

Cowboys were not wild and free. They were not free agents. They were industrial workers. Poorly paid. With horrible working conditions. And no benefits. They were only free to quit. And possibly starve, or turn to crime. The reality is that they were on a level with the man on the factory floor. Except they got to ride a horse. Yipppe aye oh kai ay.

[They should have formed an International Cow Workers Union.]

This diary is such a load of smelly bullshit. I don't know if you ever seen Soviet propaganda of what America is like, but it doesn't look much different than this. What this diary tells me about the diarist is how much he/she lives in a pampered little world where you can be a little spoiled brat and look at the shiny new red Dodge Viper your parents got you and say you hate your family because it's not black. I don't think people in the floodplains of Bangladesh have the privilege of writing diaries saying 'Calling Bullshit on Bangladesh', or a 12 year old boy who had their hands chopped off in civil war in Liberia is going to go online and write a diary 'Calling Bullshit on Liberia', or a 10 year old girl in Uganda who is kidnapped and turned into a rebel army's sex slave can write a diary 'Calling Bullshit on Uganda'. But a spoiled brat in the US can go online and write this little emotional tantrum.

[Prepare for your KOmmie Tombstoning ceremony.]

Seriously, do you wake up each morning trying to figure out how to be even more over the top and shrill? Because while your first few diaries were intriguing, this is fast becoming self-parody. Here's what I get out of these things -- you are angry and a lot of people like pictures. That's pretty much it.
If the point is to "take your country back", then I fail to see how any of this is constructive or in any way furthers that goal. If the point is merely to show how angry you are, then congrats. Mission accomplished. I get it. You're angry. I'll be interested in seeing how you funnel that anger into something constructive. Because the "I'm sooooo angry!!!!!" thing is really starting to get old.

[That was Head KOmmie Kos, worried about this diary from the PR POV. Too late, Kos, we know where you and your fellow KOmmies are REALLY coming from.]

i see your point however kos i see this everywhere. his rage is certainly rightful, as are the rest of us, but what other ways are there to change things and be constructive when you are but one person? how does one person turn everything that is going down the shitter in this country around? his anger is a reflection for hope. at least that's what i gather.

[A KOmmie telling Kos that One Pissed Off Liberal REALLY does speak for the KOmmies which he does.]

Kos, if you post some negative comment for a diarist, it would be called as an abusive power of the landlord. Especially in this case OPOL has done nothing wrong here.

[OPOL speaks for most KOmmies and even for Head KOmmie Kos...if he dares to admit it.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Consumerism is bullshit. Buying a bunch of bullshit from bullshit stores who pay bullshit wages when all that happens is the collective accumulation of more bullshit when people in this country are still sleeping in plastic bags and boxes is f*cking bullshit and it pisses me off.

This little KOmmie is pissed off that his McJob doesnt pay $30 and hour, as he think he deserves, doesnt give him free major medical coverage, as is his birthright (yawn!), and no female want his sorry, worthless, whiny ass.

11:39 AM  
Blogger Bill Dalasio said...

BWAAAHHHHAHAHA!!! The last bit is just too rich. The Kommies telling Kos that he has no business making negative comments regarding the poster. He has less rights on his own blog than anyone else. Again, BWAAAHHHHAHAHA!!! Welcome to the logical conclusion of your premises, Marcos. BWAAAHHHHAHAHA!!!

1:44 PM  
Blogger Radish said...

Anonymous: And despite "the collective accumulation of more bullshit when people in this country are still sleeping in plastic bags and boxes", this guy won't be dropping any spare change in the Salvation Army kettle on his way out of Best Buy with a stack of new DVDs this weekend, either.

2:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I just returned from my 3 mile power walk... hoping I might shed some of the memories this diary brought to the surface. People in the park must have thought I was madman, walking as fast I could with tears streaming down my face,"

And I've got tears from laughing my a** off at your pathetic, meaningless little life. The visual of that little twerp goose-stepping around the park, weeping and mumbling just cracks me up.

7:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an obnoxious jerk. He just throws the very same irritating, irrelevant temper tantrums that we hear from libs 24/7. I really pity those kinds of people.

4:04 PM  

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