Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"Kerry gave the Republicans the break they were dreaming about"

It only took a day but the DUmmies, after PRAISING John Kerry yesterday, are now turning on Mama T's Boy Toy today as you can see in this THREAD angrily titled, "Kerry gave the Republicans the break they were dreaming about." How does that song go? "What a difference a day makes?" So yesterday's hero is now today's shlump. So let us now watch the DUmmies cast stones on their erstwhile hero in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching Kerry's fortunes sink deep beneath the political sea, is in the [brackets]:

Kerry gave the Republicans the break they were dreaming about

[Thanx for your Halloween Surprise, Johnny!]

It just doesn't matter what Kerry meant when he stuck his foot in his mouth AGAIN. It's the PERCEPTION that counts, and the Republicans are going to run with it, just as we would if one of them made a similarly DUMB remark.

[John Kerry proved himself to be a DUmb DUmmie.]

When I was a kid, my father taught me that people who are smart aren't always smart in all aspects. Some of the most seemingly intelligent people can be extremely lacking in certain ways.

[Like in the common sense department.]

Doesn't this guy ever think AHEAD to any possible ramifications of his remarks? Aren't most politicians supposed to be aware...and careful of what comes out of their mouths? Jesus H Christ, I never dreamed Kerry could top his Lesbian gaffe of 2004 with something like this, but he most certainly came through in flying colors. Impossible as it could seem, the guy just hit a home run...only for the other team! Ouch!!

[Don't forget to reward Kerry with your nomination in 2008.]

The long-term damage, however, will probably be minimal
The short-term damage is another story. Tony Snow is on C-SPAN trying Hitler's old routine of making the lie big enough that the whole nation believes it. But Kerry's poor choice of phrasing doesn't help our cause much.

[Depressing reality is finally setting in on the DUmmies after their jubilation of yesterday.]

If we don't gain a house NOW. I'd say that's plenty of long term damage.

[Would you settle for an outhouse NOW?]

Kerry apparently never bothered to read George Lakoff, and this has hurt him.

[And what does "Lakoff" rhyme with?]

No one's paying attention to his statement. The issue has
been framed "Did John Kerry call our troops stupid?" That's not fair, but it was ENTIRELY predictable. Which is why Kerry should have done damage control instead of making himself the story by going on the attack.

[All that DUmmie cheering yesterday hailing Kerry as a hero---NEVER MIND!]

Was Kerry trying to be esoteric again? It doesn't work in this electorate.

[Kerry was trying to be nuanced again.]

yup, issue has been framed. The proper response would have been a tactical decision to apolgize, and shut up till after the election. Then Kerry would be free to go after his critics. It was a very poor decision to make this a fight less than a week before an election.

[So much for the much vaunted Kerry "brilliance."]

Yesterday was great. But today he's too wordy again.

[Welcome to the ride on the Kerry popularity rollercoaster.]

the non apology apology is the worst type...if he'd just said nothing it would have been better...then the pundits would have been discussing whether or not his point had merit in the first place.

[Even worse was Kerry's partial birth apology of today.]

The short term damage is likely minimal. I doubt this has significant impact on too many current races. I do think this will effectively sink any chance for Kerry to be elected in '08, however.

[John Kerry has your back but NOT your vote.]

If Kerry needs an interpreter, however, that means he's screwed

[Anybody in the house speak nuanced Boston Brahmin?]

I can't help this deep, dark, bleak feeling in my gut that we just got SERIOUSLY set back by this. It was the red meat the starving citizens of Dumbf*ckistan were pleading for. ANYTHING to remind them why they should cling to the republi-CONS next Tuesday, and I can't help feeling as though Kerry just served it to them, free of charge, on a silver platter with sterling flatware and crystal stemware, AND all the trimmings.


Dear GOD, didn't he learn ANYTHING from 2004? ANYTHING AT ALL??? And he says he's ready to take on the swifties this time? Is he frickin' kidding? Oh, he gets it. Yeah, sure. He'll do it better next time. God help us if he DOES get a next time. THIS is dress-rehearsal for the next time and he just f*cked up. AGAIN. And at a critical time when we can't afford ANY fuckups, or even the PERCEPTION of a f*ckup - or even the distorted, misrepresented, spun, misconstrued, LIED-ABOUT, completely inaccurate and unfounded PERCEPTION. PERCEPTION IS STILL EVERYTHING. And evidently Kerry is determined to prove his perception is straight up his backside.

[John Kerry has your backside...or at least ben burch has your backside.]

As has been said farther upthread, nobody has any time, or any interest, in hearing the reinterpretation or the "what he MEANT to say." Nobody cares. The damage has been done. The damned thing has been framed. Thanks John. Thanks a f*ckin' HEAP. I was feeling pretty good about next Tuesday until John Kerry had to go and open his damned yap.

[Maybe you should take the chloroform now to spare yourself severe electoral pain. Best if you set the dosage so you don't wake up until December.]

This time, Dems are caught between a rock and a hard place
They would like to make sure people are aware that Kerry meant something different than what it sounded like coming out of his mouth, but at the same token our Dems have to be careful not to come off as being equated with the same philosophy when they stick up for him. It's bad enough that one high profile Democrat made this blunder of words, and the rest of them sure don't want to be misconceived as having coinciding views. Yes, they need to find ways to explain what he "meant", but it'll be like walking a tight rope.

[Can I get me a Nuance license?]

That's part of the problem. Kerry persistently puts other people in the position of having to "explain" what he "really meant." I seem to recall going through some of that in the autumn of 2004, as well. Karl Rove: "If you're explaining, you're losing." So. I'll be explaining. But the damage has been done.

[Even the DUmmies turn to Master Rove for political guidance.]


[And all this time we thought you were already at that point.]

This is the second campaign in a row where he has helped the supposed opponent. He is such an insider.

[Hey! Don't put down Kerry too much. William Rivers Pitt still needs him to cling to hopelessly in a futile search for a political career.]

I see this boosting GOP GOTV efforts. And extending the newscycles guarantees firing up the GOP base, which in close races could make a difference.

[Your Kewpie Doll is in the mail.]

I can only hope he didn't f*ck up chances of taking control of the House, but this is great red meat for the repukes. I even think this might have some effect on close senate races. I hope I'm wrong though. But this worries me.

[You're sweating almost as much as Chris Matthews.]

Looks like we just got bent over again for the mid-terms. Next, he will f*ck us again by running for president.

[You just put a big smile on ben burch's face.]

He should have quickly fixed the problem and blast the GOP after for taking it out of context! Now he gave them a chance to rally their base! This might be enough for the repugs to run to the polls and rally around the troops, because that's how the those idiots think!

[That's because we are mind-numbed robots who march in lockstep.]

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I see this boosting GOP GOTV efforts. And extending the newscycles guarantees firing up the GOP base, which in close races could make a difference.

All our base are belong to us! For great justice!

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