Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"If we don't win (and we will) mark my words: It was stolen"

The DUmmies are already getting their excuses in order. See, if they don't win tonight then that means the election was stolen as you can see in this crybaby THREAD whiningly titled, "If we don't win (and we will) mark my words: It was stolen." This reminds me of a kid I used to know who said that if he didn't win at Monopoly or Scrabble or any of a number of other games then it didn't mean he lost, it just meant that someone else cheated. So let us now watch the DUmmies do a pre-emptive excuse strike in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that crybabies are FUn to watch, is in the [brackets]:

If we don't win (and we will) mark my words: It was stolen.

[Better wear a double duty set of Depends tonight just in case.]

Dems have had leads ranging from 2 to 23% for FOURTEEN MONTHS leading up to this election.

[And we all know that the ouija polls are 100% accurate.]

The President's approval rating hovers at 38%

[37.942% to be exact.]

The approval rating for Congress hovers around 20%...and everyone knows it's Republican-dominated.

[And everyone knows that polls are COMPLETELY accurate.]

Last night, **CNN had Dems leading by a full 20%.**

[Well then. You have it in the bag. Break out that Estrich '04 Victory Champagne NOW!]

And you think for ONE MINUTE that some invisible Rovian trick can somehow magically make everyone change their minds in the last 24 hours? No. WAY. It is not possible to erase 14 months of Democratic gains in ONE DAY.

[Democrat gains as scientifically reported by the ouija polls.]

If we lose, I don't want to hear a word about how we were weak, or didn't get out the vote, or looked at somebody crosseyed and blew the election because that's BULLSHIT.

[How about the "Didn't get our message out," excuse used previously by the Democrats?]

If we lose, it was stolen. Know that...and be ready to take action.

[Storm the Dollar Stores and demand they distribute the overstock Guy Fawkes costumes! And now to hear from your equally NUttie fellow DUmmies...]

Action/ What action that we could even talk about. Would prove effective?

[Stepping over the pizza carton barricade at your basement doorway would be a start.]

Yep. No other interpretation. Yet I believe they will try to steal it anyway. Awareness is a lot higher now than 2 years ago. The days of election results in a day are over.

[Send in the lawyers to litigate and extend the voting process to weeks and months.]

In 2004, all the exit polls showed Kerry winning and yet the corporate media mocked anyone who dare suggest the election was stolen.

[How about if we just mock anyone who believes in ouija polls?]

I repeat: If we lose, it was stolen. There is NO other reasonable explanation. Saying you believe the Republicans can pull out a majority in the last 24 hours is like saying you believe in the tooth fairy.

[Actually most tooth fairies in San Francisco will be voting Democrat.]

If we lose, we riot. That's not a threat. That's a guarantee!

[If you lose, you'll be a laugh riot. That's a guarantee!]

If we do not get BOTH houses it was stolen again. We riot! Take to the streets! I wont take this anymore. People are fed up all over the country. Just read the stories DUers post here about relatives, neighbors and just plain strangers are converting over to our side. The exit polls will tell the tale.

[And we all know that exit polls can't possibly be wrong.]

They get off on beating Democrats. Democrats rioting would be good news to these thugs. They love watching police beat the poor. Don't given them the pleasure of beating on Democrats. I would suggest a consumption strike would be the tactic to use to hurt the GOP the worst. No purchases of new non-essential goods from multinational corporations. If someone has a car die, or clothes shredded in a disaster, buy used or buy from local businesses. No new cars sold to Dems. No new homes built for Dems. No luxury goods bought by Dems. We'd crash the economy in a few months, and no blood is drawn. They can't make us buy their stuff.

[Not One Damn Dime Day sure ruined our economy the last time around.]

They only way you stop the greedy is by threatening their money. A consumption strike hits the neo-cons right where it hurts them the most. Their wallet.

[I think you have a case of consumption in the old sense of the word.]

With this voter turn out expect a rout. A tsunami is coming. This wil be the largest voter turn out in mid terms. They cannot steal this can they?

[All your Diebolds belong to US!]

The only "excuse" for defeat in this clear-cut pro-Dem election is fraud. There is no other plausible explanation...the Dems have been leading too strong for too long to lose honestly.

[Tonight the Great Pumpkin will finally arrive...or else.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd hoped for more from the DUmmies, but didnt want to contaminate myself by going to DUmmies.com.

Thanks PJ

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"We're going to win! But if we don't, it's only cuz they CHEATED!"

How does one deal with deluded mentalities like that?

7:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"I'd hoped for more from the DUmmies, but didnt want to contaminate myself by going to DUmmies.com."
Do it, do it!! The entertainment far outweighs the shower requirement afterwards.

AF_Vet said...
"How does one deal with deluded mentalities like that?"
Impossible to understand AF. All you can do is slowly shake your head in wonderment.

I would like to know what it was in their life that caused such delusional thoughts.

8:14 PM  

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