Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"I am so anxious"

The DUmmies are now a bundle of nerves since ALL their hopes come down to what happens later today as you can see in this THREAD titled, "I am so anxious." This thread was posted by DUmmie undergroundpanther who wasn't able to sleep a wink last night despite the fact that there is supposed to be a Democrat tsunami today as declared by the MSM pundits. So let us now read the angst attack of DUmmie undergroundpanther and his equally nervous fellow DUmmies in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who just recently woke up from a refreshing night of pleasant sleep, is in the [brackets]:

I am so anxious

[Better do a diaper check.]

I can't sleep it's 5;30 am. Shit. Election...Shit..I dunno if I am tired or not. my mind is just floating around..dreading yet hoping..and I do not want to sleep. But I got to sometime.

[You're still better off than Pied Piper Pitt who hasn't slept since April 2005. And now to hear from your equally anxious fellow DUmmies...]

I''ve been up since 2:30 EST myself watching reruns of Scarborough and Anderson Cooper. Frightening...this is either going to be great news or Kristallnacht.

[Surely you underestimate since the next step would be sending you to the Wal-Mart Detention Camps.]

I'm up early this morning here for the same reason.....
after DUing here for a while I am now off to walk my dog, plant some spring bulbs in pots, shopping and cooking..... and tonight I will be nervous..... The outcome of this election will SO color my feelings in the next 2 years!

[Make that 20 years.]

I'm driving my husband crazy because I won't go to bed. I can't sleep either. I'm afraid it's anticipatory depression. But I hope not.

[Methinks you have been driving your husband crazy ever since the wedding night but no matter.]

I'm going to be standing at the doors when they open them for us voters. Charge!

[And then totally FREAK OUT when you see the name "DIEBOLD" on your voting machine.]

This is my first election and I can't get to bed either. I should get some sleep for all the work that still has to be done tomorrow. I'm to anxious and nervous and a thousand other adjectives. I've read all the latest posts and went past cleaning up my side of the room to cleaning my roomies.

[Did you remember to clean your toilet with your tongue?]

You first election! You'll never forget "your first one". Let's make sure it's the one that puts our country back on the right track. Let your first voting experience be your BEST voting experience. LET'S GO KICK BUSH'S ASS!


I'm probably not going to sleep today. I'm done doing my overnight show at 6am my time and depending on how wired I am on coffee I think I'll just ride out the day and hope for the best....

[Be sure to lock up all your razor blades.]

It's going to be a long day. I generally get 5 hours of sleep a night anyway (chronic back pain) but when I awoke THIS morning I bounced out of bed (or as close as I ever come to bouncing) and I fell energized and ready to put the smack-down on Bush's ass. My polling place opens at 6:30 at I intend to be the first one there. Now, off to brush the toofies, a quick cup of coffee and out the damn door to KICK BUSH'S ASS!

[You will be very disappointed when you discover that Bush's name is NOT on the ballot.]

I can't sleep either

[Try freezing yourself like Eric Cartman did.]

Welcome to the club... I slept all of 2 hours last night. In Wisconsin we're voting on the "Marriage Amendment" and I'm just so damn nervous.

[Another Diaper Check on Aisle 2!]

Ativan Always Helps

[Meds---the good ol' DUmmie standby.]

Already took my klonopin and muscle relaxant /back pain meds and that usually konks me out..not this time..shit.Slightly tired..Geez.

[The DUmmieland pharmacy is going to be busy today handing out a plethora of heavy duty meds.]

Ativan Is Very Good For Situational Anxiety... Not a long term cure though...

[I'm sure there are even heavier meds for that. Just keep reading this DUmmie thread for advice.]

Ativan is also good for getting rid of the side effects of drugs like Haldol and thorazine, the nastiest one is the Akathesia..I don't take ativan anymore.

[And what drug would a DUmmie have to take to get rid of the side effects of Ativan which takes the form of pre-mature victory gloating followed by extremes of anxiety?]

Been listening to my ipod all night Because I don't wanna turn on the TV until I have too. It'll drive me up a wall while the numbers go up and down. I am going to wait until it's close to poll close and than turn it on...Who the f*ck am I kidding? I hope so bad this is a Dem Sweep and not Kristallnacht.I really do.. But for some reason I am scared not run away and hide scared, more of a pissed off defensive scared.Preparing for the worst hoping for the best. And I still can't sleep. my eyes are tired so I may go offline soon.get something to eat.

[Freeze youself now like Eric Cartman and then wake up in the 25th century to find out that the Republicans rule the earth via their Supreme Leader...Rove the Immortal.]

count me in, I was up at 3 gonna be a long day and night I'm afraid.

[DIAPER CHECK! We need another Diaper Check here!]

Feels like Christmas Eve. Let's hope Santa's feeling extra generous this year. *begins singing* All I want for Christmas is a Democratic House...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, for those who have serious trouble sleeping, might I recommend "The Collected Works of William Rivers Pitt?"

Highly recommended as an insomnia cure, though some care is required to prevent overdosing, which can lead to depression and suicidal ideation.

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