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DUmmies Blow Up Over NY Times Nuke Bomb Story

What a coincidence! The New York Times publishes a story claiming that the release of secret Iraqi documents includes sensitive nuclear reasearch secrets from Iraq's 1996 FFCD Full, Final, and Complete Declaration (FFCD-F). However this same information was already dispersed to the member states of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) which number 142 including Iran. So there was no information released that wasn't already known earlier. You can quickly get up to speed on this by reading the posting of Freeper JVERITAS on the Free Republic. And since the New York Times has now publicized these Iraqi documents which it pretty much ignored before, folks might note that the same document also show that Saddam Hussein was in the process of REBUILDING his nuclear weapons program which means we were justified in overthrowing his regime. Thanx for that little service there, NY Times, even though you really meant to hurt the EVIL Republicans in the upcoming elections. Of course, the DUmmies are now jubilant over the New York Times aid to the Democrats, little realizing that this publicity SHOWS that Saddam took a PERSONAL interest in rebuilding nuclear WMDs as you can see in this THREAD with the somewhat desperate title of "***RED F*CKING ALERT*** WHAT COULD BE MORE IMPORTANT - *** EVERYONE HERE SHOULD READ THIS (PLEASE)." So let us now watch the DUmmies celebrate the election boomerang tossed out there by the New York Times in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching the DUmmies attempt to kick Lucy's nuclear football once again, is in the [brackets]:





We have lost nearly 3,000 of our beloved soldiers because of the threat of Iraq having WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION and NOW the Bush administration is f*cking PUBLISHING "nuclear bombs for dummies" on the internet??????

[I'm PUBLISHING DUmmies for DUmmies on the internet. Among the published facts is that the IAEA already distributed the same info.]

Holy shit. Do we realize the significance of this?!!@#$!!! If we don't jump on this with everything we got -- then we DESERVE everything we get.

[All political as the New York Times intended it to be.]


[Take a long running kick at Lucy's football because those same documents show that Saddam was personally planning to rebuild Iraq's nuclear program.]

Yep...who's to say that this isn't the reason N. Korea got the bomb?

[They read the widely distributed IAEA documents?]

The timing would actually be just right, wouldn't it?

[Yeah. Isn't it surprising about the timing of this release by the NY Times just a few days before the election.]

Stress - PRE-1991 nuclear research! This has NOTHING to do with post-Gulf War ALLEGED activities by Iraq.

[Yes. Let us just forget the inconvenient part of those SAME documents that show that in Jan. 2001 that Saddam was personally involved in REBUILDING his nuclear program which proves we were justified in overthrowing his regime.]

If anything will kick off Impeachment later this will be it!

[John Conyers is already preparing his broom closet for the impeachment hearings.]

This is so UNBELIEVABLY HUGE, that I'm having heart palpitations.

[Which will turn into a heart attack late on the night of Nov. 7.]

10:1 odds says that the "liberal" media says something to this extent: "A lot of this information was widey available already on the internet. Does it really even make a difference if our enemies found this new information?"

[You mean like at the IAEA WEBSITE?]


[Don't worry. The Republicans will probably show those mushroom cloud TV ads to demonstrate that Saddam was planning on rebuilding his nuclear weapons program just like those SAME documents said.]

Lets see Rove spin this one.

[It was all a secret Rovian plot to publicize the fact that Saddam was planning on rebuilding his nuclear weapons program.]

The information on how to build a bomb has been out there, freely available in libraries across the country for years and decades now, if you knew what you were doing. Hell, back in the seventies a kid from Ohio ginned up a working model of a bomb as a high school project from information he acquired from various local libraries. Yes, the Pentagon, NRC, DOE and others freaked, but they also said that the kid had done such a good job that all he need was some plutonium.
Whether or not Bush put this info out there is immaterial. If a person really wanted to build a bomb, and had training in nuclear physics, they could do so whether or not these documents were released. Yes, the irony is delicious, but the threat is overblown. You would have to remove virtually every single bit of information on nuclear physics if you are that worried, and frankly that's not going to happen.

[And this DUmmie WINS a nuclear powered Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity before he is tombstoned from DUmmieland!]

It might be that these are fairly sophisticated circuits, etc. But having worked in the nuclear industry, knowing what is freely available in the public arena, I stand by my statement. If it wasn't illegal, I would be willing to bet a great deal of money that I could build a bomb within a year using only publicly available documents. Hell, if you have a decent size university nearby, go stroll through their nuclear physics section in their library and see just how detailed these matters get. Again, it isn't the knowlege, or lack there of that is preventing people from building a bomb, it is lack of plutonium that is keeping the bombs out of the hands of ordinary citizens. Hell, go look at the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs, they are really quite simple instruments.

[And soon to be tombstoned DUmmie madHound gives us an encore performance of rare DUmmieland RATIONALITY.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

Somewhere I still have a copy of an article from Analog Magazine titled 'Be the First to Build a Nuclear Bomb in Your Basement and Wake Up the Entire Neighborhood." It gave very explicit instructions on how to cheaply build everything you need to make a 20 kiloton nuke except the weapons-grade Plutonium. That part was a little more difficult and expensive.

10:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

David Kay, the WMD expert who headed the Iraq Survey Group which the Bush administration formed to search Iraq for WMD post-invasion, was on Hardball with Chris Matthews this evening. Here's how he responded to Matthews' question about the website.

"It's sheer stupidity. Plus it's illegal. We violated our own treaty obligations in letting this out. This is clearly what is called RD--restricted data. This should not have been out there. It's highly dangerous, it's very useful--even like Iran, which is meeting some of the same technical challenges Iraq met in the Eighties. It should not have been out there. I'm absolutely convinced, and most people don't remember. But we went through this again in the spring. In the spring Congresman (Peter) Hoestra announced with (Sen.) Rick Santorum that we had found WMD in iraq. It was old mustard shells from the 1980s. They're desperate to prove a case."

He also pointed out that this information has NOT been provided to UN member states -- because the U.S. heavily redacted all such material before presenting it to the U.N., precisely because it was too dangerous to release. And Kay challenged viewers to go try to find any information even remotely this detailed online. "It's not there", he said. You can find basic physics -- but until these documents were released, you could not find solutions to the specific engineering problems countries like Iran are facing right now.

Let's face it. If Democrats had done this, every Republican mouthpiece in the country would be calling for heads to roll -- deservedly so.

4:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course liberals are upset about this. They don't believe in providing information on weapons freely to all our enemies; they believe in selling it to them individually in exchange for hefty campaign contributions, a-la Clinton and the Chinese. Who says Democrats aren't business-savvy?

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Steve" read this book

if you think that Web site was sooo bad. These are the very advanced physical principles.

Yes. Freely available.

12:54 AM  
Blogger Nate Winchester said...

By far, the funniest post on the whole thread was this one:


I would like to rejoice, but this story is impossible.

Bush/Cheney LIED about the nuclear threat from Bagdad. They probably just made these documents up anyway, the way they make up so much else.

Don't be gullible people. The NYT is part of corporate media. This is a repig backdoor scheme to get people to unwittingly admit that Iraq was a genuine nuclear threat.

IT WASN'T. Iraq never had this capacity!

Bushco LIED!!!

What you see before you is cognitive dissonence reaching an explosive head. I'm just thrilled someone on that site was able to point the logical conclusion of their crying:


What reason do you have to believe that BushCo docs are genuine?

I wish we would be in the habit of seeing a few moves ahead. BushCo LIED about the Iraqi threat. Isn't it awfully CONVENIENT that the NYT would publish a story corroborating a repig rationale only days before the election?

Think about it. This does not help us!

11:55 AM  

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