Saturday, November 11, 2006

Democrat Civil War Begins

The Democrats have won an election campaign only to find themselves embroiled in a bloody civil war. What is going on is that the Hillary faction is now trying to dominate the entire Democrat party in order to facilitate her nomination coronation in '08. In order to accomplish this they MUST get rid of Howard Dean as chairman of the DNC and replace him with their own lackey. Clintonista James Carville has already suggested that Dean be replaced with Harold Ford, thus earning him the enmity of the Daily Kos KOmmies as you can see in this THREAD titled, "DEAN RESPONDS!: Carville calls for Dean to be Replaced by Ford." So now we see the theme of the BIG political struggle for the next couple of years: the battle for control of the Demcrat party between the Hillary acolytes and the hard core Democrat Left. So let us now enjoy the opening rounds of fireworks of this Civil War as they burst before us in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, starting to feel good again about observing politics after having cleaned some Grade A Carville Brand egg off his face, is in the [brackets]:

DEAN RESPONDS!: Carville calls for Dean to be Replaced by Ford

[It's like the opening shot at Fort Sumter when the Civil War commenced.]


[Paraphrasing Dr. Buddy Rydell in Anger Management.]

Ladies and gentlemen, we need to flood the media with our appreciation of Dr Dean and the 50 state strategy that won back all those state houses and house seats because this shit that's flying out of that DLC minded DC Elite will cost us if we're not careful.

[Sorry. Hillary's demands MUST be met. Dean goes. That's an ORDER!]

After the Republicans have admitted to a thumping, why is it that the only one complaining on the Democratic side is James Carville, who today in addition to trashing Howard Dean, praised the RNC, the outfit that brought us the racist ad that defeated Harold Ford, James' supposed candidate for Chair? Perhaps he's not aware that under Dean in this midterm election the DNC has raised record cash --- all hard dollars -- including three times as much from major donors, eight times as much online and made a $30 million investment in the '06 cycle, three times as much as the DNC put into the last midterm. Not to mention we made an $8m overhaul of our voter file which was successfully used in 47 states and through the 50 state strategy invested in states like Pennsylvania, Kansas, Indiana and Montana where we had critical victories on Tuesday.

[Doesn't matter. Dean must go. Hillary has spoken.]

What will it take for James Carville to shut the f*ck up and recognize credit where credit is due. Howard Dean's 50 State Strategy has been vindicated by the across the board election victories this cycle. Harold Ford is one of the LONE LOSERS of 11-7. I like the guy, but I don't like where he stands on Issues, and I hate the idea of putting a Loser in place to head the DNC when we finally have a winner. James Carville is a f*cking tool idiot of the corporate media and DLC Elites. And Dean was championed into his current role by the individual parties through the 50 states. He's a Democrat's Democrat, and Carville should be marginalized for waging this public war to oust Dean at so critical a juncture.

[Doesn't matter. Dean must go. Hillary has spoken.]

If Howard Dean is ousted as DNC chair, I will start a campaign for all small donors and all netroots actiivsts to stop giving money to the DNC, DSCC, DCCC, DLCC and NGA. This is not an idle threat. Democratic parties and committees will lose tens of millions of dollars every year if they do this. Count on it.

[Doesn't matter. Dean must go. Hillary has spoken.]

Simply put, Outst Dean and the Netroots will rail against the establishment as no one has seen before, and that could cripple the Democrats going into '08. If they know what's good for them, they'll keep the good doctor where he is, rightfully elected to head our Triumphant DNC to victory in '08!

[Doesn't matter. Dean must go. Hillary has spoken.]


[Maybe you should direct your comments to the real source---Hillary.]

Carville is just a hired gun. And has lost all credibility.
We should be making these threats against those who hired him. Would anyone more knowledgable than I care to start naming likely suspects? I'm perfectly willing to help slap them down.

[Likely suspects? I'll give you a hint with the initials, HRC.]

He's just a Rovian shill. I don't believe he's on our side and I ask why we should give a f*ck what he wants us to do? At beat he's just bitter because Dean's way worked and his own perpetually loses. At worst he's a plant to destroy the party from within. He's irrelevant either way.

[James Carville is a Secret Rovian Agent.]


[A posse composed of leftwing liberal lunatics.]

Maybe that Dem Elite/Netroots showdown is going to come earlier than I originally thought.

[Showdown at the Not So OK Corral.]

My theory. He wants Hillary Clinton to have the 2008 nomination, and she won't get it unless the DLC-types Carville loves so much regain the upper hand in the party.

[Gee! No kidding!]

What rotten F'ing timing: In-fighting? Now? WTF? Why in the F does the Dem Party want to air its dirty laundry right after having won its biggest victory in many years? You could see this coming though, Rahm v Howard. The constant bickering, and both claiming the throne after the big victory. I just knew they'd eventually end up in the same ring with no way out but to fight. It's a gawd damn shame it happened a couple of days after the win. Americans want to feel safe and strong in the Party it selected to move in forward. This does absolutely no damn good...for anybody but the Republicans. I say again, WTF?

[Watch your recent electoral victory turn to ash in the mouth due to the ambitions of Hillary.]

The only problem is without Howard Dean's 50 state strategy it wouldn't have happened because we would have never been in the position to take advantage of all the openings the GOP scandals suddenly offered. And frankly, without the netroots, a creature very much in tuned with Dean's vision, neither Tester nor Webb would have taken the Senate.

[In a weird way the Democrat victories in Virginia and Montana will only toss more gasoline on this Democrat Civil War. Dean won't go out quietly even though Hillary demands he LEAVE.]

The Emanuel-Dean fight has been one-sided: Rahm attacks Howard. Dean hasn't caved, but he has never bad-mouthed Emanuel. If you can find a single instance of Dean trashing Emanuel, or Schumer, I'd love to see it. The opposite is not true. After the victory, Dean thanked both Emanuel and Schumer. Emanuel and Schumer never mentioned Dean at all. So I don't see "both claiming the throne".

[Thank you, Howard Dean. Now please leave so Hillary's will may be done.]

Why in the world would Carville believe that Hillary is ENTITLED to the nomination? I like Hillary but if she wants the Presidency she needs to go through the primary and win. If she doesn't, then she doesn't. It's that simple. That's how representative government works. It's sad that someone needs to explain that to Carville. If he doesn't believe it should work that way perhaps he would be happier in a country that doesn't have representative government like Saudi Arabia.

[It will be soooooo much FUn when it finally sinks into the thick DUmmie and KOmmie skulls that Hillary WILL be the Democrat '08 nominee.]

hillary isn't getting the nomination.

[Hee! Hee! That's what you think.]

If they succeed, the DLCers are going to be the only Democrats left in 2008, facing a horde of GOP crazies who see their chance to get back into building a one-party state all by themselves. The Democratic brand is going to become of negative value and will be defined as "corporate sellouts" by ... everybody.

[I love this vision of the future!]

Bald-headed ugly freak, and his traitorous wife.

[Does this mean you don't like Carville?]

Flood Carville with mail to let him know we are on to his shoddy strategic ploy on behalf of Hillary Clinton. I am so weary of these political con-artists assuming the public is just plain stupid and can be hoodwinked if they just slap a diversionary label on their particular brand of snakeoil.

[I hate to inform you but you will be forced to drink that Hillary brand of snakeoil in '08.]

F-you Carville and the whole Clinton mafia! All you care about is your own meal-ticket and future, and you're willing to play ball with Karl Rove in order to maintain your money and power. Not anymore James and Mary! Not anymore Clinton mafia! The people have taken this democracy back, you just haven't gotten the effin memo yet. Howard Dean, I've got your back.

[And John Kerry has your back. BTW, has Mama T's Boy Toy ever come out of hiding yet?]

If Dean goes, I join the Greens. Period.

[Methinks you won't be alone. Hee! Hee!]

Carville likely doing what Hillary Clinton asked Howard Dean is a major roadblock to Hillary marshaling all the right resources for her 2008 campaign. If so screw her because she cannot win and the netroots is a big reason why !

[Would it help if Hillary sent you an autographed copy of It Takes A Village?]

Carville's now focused on getting Hillary the nomination in '08. That's what this is all about . . . . plain and simple. Dean clearly has no dog in the '08 race. And, if he did, it sure as hell wouldn't be Hillary. Carville wants a Hillary-friendly Chairman. It ain't gonna happen.

[Tough luck. Hillary's will be done!]

I'm thinking Carville, Begala, and friends had been planning to move against Dean immediately after the election all along. Of course, they never imagined that the Dems would pull off a true landslide. When that became a reality, they decided to proceed as planned anyway, because they considered this likely their last best chance to get rid of Dean. What pathetic clowns.

[Thanx for letting me see the silver lining in the Democrat win. Without that big victory, ousting Dean would be easy. However, with the big win there will be Democrat bloodshed all over the place.]

Hillary is behind this. If Dean got the boot, then Carville & Co. take the party again, and pave the way for their girl to take the nomination in 2008. Hell, they'd probably hire Terry McAuliffe again. This is vile. He's shitting on our historic win with this macchiavellian strategy that will ultimately beat us as a party.

[Don't stop. I'm enjoying this vision of the near future.]

If they oust Dean, they lose me. It will be time for a 3rd party.

[Green or Socialist Workers Party?]

Carville's over. So is his tarantula of a wife. The days of Crossfire and pundits are over. The days of Southern centrists are over. And dare I say it? The Clintons' days are numbered. Bill Clinton's visit didn't do a damn thing to help Lieberman win the primary. Nancy Pelosi, not Hillary Clinton, is the big story of the day. So all you DLC assclowns, just step aside for Dean, Tester, Webb, Markos, Bowers, Colbert, Stewart and whoever else is not stuck in a time warp.

[Doesn't matter. Dean must go. Hillary has spoken.]

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Blogger Shandalear said...

This is the thing I am most looking forward to in the next 2 years. The fracturing of the moonbat left from the party of evil has begun.

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"and I hate the idea of putting a Loser in place to head the DNC when we finally have a winner"

I hate the idea too. President Dean must remain as the head of the DNC.


1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not surprising this would happen. The Dems largely lack any real organizational skills, so it was inevitable that major rifts would develop between different factions, and the eventual outcome of this will probably be less than pleasant for Democrats, as they watch their party come apart at the seams.

5:35 PM  
Blogger Mo K said...

Aw, what've they got against ol' Serpent Head?

8:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to spoil your fun:

James Carville's attempt to topple Howard Dean as chairman of the Democratic National Committee failed after state party officials and even a vocal critic of Dean crushed the coup, officials said.
Insiders from the Clinton camp winced at Carville's untimely remarks last week calling for Dean's ouster in favor of unsuccessful Senate candidate Harold Ford of Tennessee.

"It was not coming from [Sen. Hillary Clinton] and they made a real effort to distance themselves from James' comments," said a source close to the Clintons.

3:38 PM  

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