Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"THE FIX IS IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

It was inevitable. After all the polls from early this year until just recently showing the Democrats winning the Congressional elections in a landslide by incredibly wide margins, the election contests are now tightening up. So does this reflect a big shift in the mood of the electorate? No. It just shows that the polls are now beginning to reflect REALITY much closer due to the fact that the election results will be measured against the poll projections. Before the polls were highly skewed to DEPRESS the Republican turnout but now the pollsters realize their reputations are on the line and have to reflect the real situation no matter how reluctant they are to do it. The result has been the DUmmiecrats are now hitting the Panic Button as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD with the panic stricken title of "THE FIX IS IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" One effect of this DUmmiecrat panic can be heard in the background on TV as I type this in the form of a drunken sounding Craig Crawford of the Congressional Quarterly ranting on Imus that Harold Ford might still be able to pull out a win in Tennessee. Sorry, Craig, but your early morning imbibings won't ease the pain of watching the inevitable Democrat slip in the polls. So after that brief digression of a personal note, let us now return to the DUmmies expressing their panicked woe in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that Craig Crawford must be lacing his coffee with some mighty strong sauce, is in the [brackets]:

THE FIX IS IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Don't sprain your tender fingers hitting the panic button.]

Channel 4 in Columbus Ohio had Sherrod Brown (D) leading incumbent Mike Dewine (R) by eight points at 5:30pm.THIRTY MINUTES LATER they now say DEWINE is leading 41/40. Brown dropped eight points in 30 minutes!!!! I KNEW it was going to end up like this. It's a pattern.....right before the elections repukes just happen to catch up at the last minute. Makes it a whole lot easier for them to steal,doesn't it? Son-Of-A-BITCH!!!!!!!!

[Things don't "just happen" my little DUmmie friend. There is always a nefarious Rovian scheme behind it all.]

WTF???????? Next thing you're going to tell me Blacksick has pulled ahead of Strickland ...

[I won't tell you that but I might soon be telling you that BlackWELL has pulled ahead of Strickened...]

It wouldn't surprise me a damn bit. Ph*cking repukes ALWAYS come out smelling like a rose no matter how many piles of shit they fall in.

[The Rovian Teflon Effect at work.]

In polls?... Maybe one poll showed the opposite. I don't see what you're going into a tangent about. Perhaps you could explain, because these aren't election results, only polls.

[You mean (GASP!) that the 2004 exit poll results showing a Kerry landslide weren't real?]

This race is one of their biggest targets for vote stealing no doubt.

[No doubt about it. The Diebold machines are already being oiled up.]

That's impossible. I don't see how in thirty minutes they can have a poll be that different. Is it a poll from the same people??

[The latter poll was fraudulent because it included Republicans.]

I can feel your anxiety coming out of my monitor.

[I can feel your panic coming out of my monitor.]

Rove has been all over NPR today, saying they're going to win. Which means, of course, Rove & Bush & the Boys have the voting machine manufacturers/programmers in their pockets. It's going to be another republican sweep of both houses. If Rove says it's so, you know he's got things lined up. He sounded all upbeat and confident. Says his "private, massive" precinct polls have told him it's so. There needs to be a revolution, and we need to throw the voting machines in the Boston Harbor.

[And don't forget to tie yourselves to those voting machines.]

Rove is some mysterious God of politics & mind control

[Bow before your mind control and politics God!!!]

Why is it that Bu$h and Rove are so confident? And we are supposed to not worry? Khrist. We've sat and watched this scene before.......over and over again. But when we bring it up,we get our asses tore. If they end up the "winners" this time MY ass will be out in the street even if it's by myself.

[You've kicked at Lucy's football over and over again.]

Get a grip on reality,will you? Check back with me on Nov. 8th.....when the REPUBLICANS ARE CELEBRATING ANOTHER VICTORY! No f*cking wonder we lose. Too many people can't seem to pull their heads out of their ass.

[According to astrological charts, on Nov. 8th your head will be rising in Uranus.]

Frankly it sounds to me like you think it's already over.

[Maybe the Great Pumpkin will bring us a message of hope.]

C'mon, you're helping the Repukes with this rediculous screaming.

[More like entertaining the Repukes.]

Relax, Ohio is safely ours

["Jeb Bush is gone." ---Terry McAuliffe, October 2002.]

(You can now access the DUmmie FUnnies simply by typing "DUmmieFUnnies.Com" into your URL address box.)

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Blogger Capitalist Infidel said...

I expect to see many more threads like this as the election nears. From the beginning I've thought we'd lose 3 senate seats and 8 house seats. I think I was being pessimistic.

7:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Even if that does happen, the DUmmies and KozKids will scream bloody murder.

So predictable. So incredibly stupid. Such good targets.

12:07 PM  

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