Wednesday, October 25, 2006

DUmmies Already Acting Like Jerks At Early Voting

I knew this would happen. DUmmies making complete jerks of themselves at early voting. I did my own early voting yesterday. It was real simple. Touched the screen next to my selections, checked out the review, and hit the red button to cast my ballot. In and Out. No problem. Of course there would have been a problem had I chosen to make a complete jerk of myself as DUmmie movie_girl99 proudly presented herself in her THREAD titled, "my voting experience in Texas yesterday." So let us now get a sneak preview of the havoc the DUmmies will reap in the upcoming elections. As usual the DUmmie electoral paranoia is in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that voting in heavily Democrat Broward county has been very LIGHT so far, is in the [brackets]:

my voting experience in Texas yesterday

[Karl Rove was the wizard hiding inside your electronic voting machine.]

I live in a suburb north of Dallas that is pretty conservative but has its share of progressive folks. I went to vote yesterday and walked in to the room where the voting machines were. I didn't panic because I figured they would have paper ballots as well. I have lived there for 15 years and always had paper ballots. I get all checked in and this lady hands me a four digit pin number and shows me to my machine. I said "oh I would like to have a paper ballot" she and the two other people looked at me like I had two heads. So I asked "don't you have paper ballots to use" the lady replies in a crappy tone "well I'm sure we have one laying around here somewhere" so I waited. All three of them again looked at me as if i'd just come down out of the sky in a green suit. I asked again "so do you have any paper ballots available" then the gentleman that checked me in said "i'm sure we do but we don't have time to go and look for one". At this time there were about 10 people in line behind me. The lady then proceeds to tell me how easy this new machine is and I replied "it's not about being easy, I work in technology but I feel more comfortable voting on paper". She put her hand out and kind of led me over to the machine to show me how simple it was to operate and I said "so you're telling me that if I want to vote today, I have to use this machine". They stood there dumbfounded and I just thought to hell with it, i'll use the damn thing but wont vote straight party. I'll go down the list one by one voting for Dem candidates.

[DUmmies already acting like mass asses.]

My question is...was that legal? Should I have had the option to vote on paper?

[Yes. You can cast a paper ballot into the nearest trashcan.]

Not sure about the legality, but I would worry about your vote being tossed in the trash if it's on some kind of provisional or alternate ballot.

[FUnnie. I'm not worried about that DUmmie wasting her vote at all.]

They still have election judges from all parties watching over things. It would not be an easy chore to throw away any ballots while being under constant observation. Once the ballot is under lock and key it become even harder to destroy or "fix" that ballot. Voting on machines with no paper ballot or any way to check results is the great danger not paper ballots..

[We own ALL your Diebold machines.]

I think it depends on the state. In Arkansas, we are being asked if we want paper or machine ballots. I told them I'll always take the paper ones.

[Don't forget to cast your paper ballot where the moon don't shine.]

When I went to vote yesterday, several people got in line behind me. When asked if I wanted to vote on paper or on the machine, I said (quite loudly), "Paper! I refuse to vote on a machine that won't give me a paper receipt to show how it recorded my vote."

[This DUmmie voted on the large paper chip resting on his shoulder.]

Wow. Then I'm definitely going to at least ask for paper, loudly!

[I can already hear DUmmies screaming, "PAPER!!!"]

Just doin' my job, ma'am. Planting little seeds o' doubt, one at a time. No one wants to listen when you talk all "techie" about how bad the machines are & how easily they can be hacked, but bring up the fact that you don't get a receipt, well, that's another thing.

[DUmmies making nuisances of themselves. You see a real jerk screeching about machine balloting at the polls and you got to know it is a DUmmie.]

The election judges should be forced to ask every voter
"paper or plastic?"

["Sane or Insane?" would be a better question.]

I don't know but those poll workers seem to be not acquainted with paper ballots, there is a total disconnect between those poll workers and the voter, these people should be informed of such things, geez, the voter is more aware than the poll worker, that is sad.

[There is a total disconnect between DUmmies and rational thinking.]

You have to understand that most Americans live in their own cocoon, where their only concerns are money and "hot button" issues like gay marriage, flag burning, abortion, stem-cell research, prayer in schools, and evolution versus creationism.

[Great way to appeal for voters. Typical DUmmiecrat.]

By law, if you request a paper ballot you are to be provided with a paper ballot. THAT'S THE LAW. I'm a poll worker here in WV and we have folks voting both by paper ballot and by machine. It would never enter my mind to question or discourage someone who requests a paper ballot.

[The frightening thing here is that a DUmmie is actually working as a poll worker.]

I'll be voting on Nov. 7th. In Arlington we've always had paper ballots on election day. I know that in early voting it's electronic, that's why I've waited the last few years.

[Arlington? I found out that it also has electronic voting on Nov. 7th but GOOD NEWS! You can cast a paper ballot on Nov. 8th.]

I am an election judge in Harris County, TX (Houston). The only paper ballot option we have on election day (or during Early Voting) is the provisional ballot. And provisional ballots for the most part will not be counted. If you insist on using a paper ballot, then you must use vote absentee. The deadline for ordering absentee has probably passed, but I haven't checked on that.

[LOL!!! I wonder how many DUmmies self-righteously cast a paper ballot only to find out later that it was nothing but a meaningless paper ballot that doesn't count.]

Now I know the last time my husband and I voted it didn't get counted. Jeez I go to all the trouble to vote, knowing I'm out numbered ten to one. However as long as it is counted I feel I have done my part. Now I find out because we elected not to use the voting machines but the paper ballots it was all for naught. We will not make that mistake this time, even though it may amount to the same thing.

[All this time your paper ballots counted for NOTHING and only now do you find out. This is too FUnnie!!!]

DO NOT VOTE EARLY IN TX. This is what I've been advised. Most early voting will take place on machines, and there will be fewer safeguard in place than on election day. EVERYONE, you need to CHECK with folks who are knowledgeable about election processes in your OWN GEOGRAPHICAL AREA. I raised the question about my own area in the Election Reform forum, and got good, quick answers there.

[DO NOT VOTE EARLY IN TX. Wait until Election Day to cast your meaningless paper provisional ballots that won't be counted.]

Here's some important info....

October 31, 2006
All Day Last day to accept an application for a ballot by mail

November 3, 2006
All Day Last Day to vote early by personal appearance

November 7, 2006
All Day Election Day

[November 8, 2006
All Day Only Day to cast a paper ballot.]

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