Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"Are you as sick of religious fundamentalism as I am?"

We can now see the theme of the Democrat October Surprise or rather October Surprises. They are designed to keep church going folks from voting at the polls this November. The first October Surprise, launched prematurely because of an overanxious Blog run by a RAT operative, was Foleygate. Supposedly because Mark Foley had gay non-sex via e-mail and IMs, this is supposed to keep outraged religious folks from supporting Republicans. Unfortunately, as I stated, Foleygate broke several weeks too soon and is already fading as a factor. The second October Surprise was the "convenient" October publication (even though he admitted the publication date was originally set for 2007) of David Kuo's book in which he urges Christians to take a breather from politics which really means taking a break from voting for Republicans. So what do the Democrats REALLY think of the religious folks that they refer to as "fundies?" They won't say it out loud but it isn't hard to find the TRUTH in the Leftwing blogosphere such as DUmmieland where this THREAD authored by DUmmie Philosoraptor explains perfectly their real attitude via the title, "Are you as sick of religious fundamentalism as I am?" So let us now watch the REAL attitude of the Left towards "fundies" in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, thanking DUmmie Philosoraptor and Co. for their brutal honesty in exposing themselves, is in the [brackets]:

Are you as sick of religious fundamentalism as I am?

[Shh! Didn't you get the Democrat talking points memo about PRETENDING to feel sympathetic towards church going folks...until after the election?]

These people are disgusting, and they've been shoving that shit down my throat for too f*cking long now and I am flat out f*cking tired of it.

[If you dare to change your religion they will kill you. The "they" are the Muslims in their own countries where switching from Islam is a capital offense.]

I have these people in my family, thank god they are the rare kind, born again Democrats who hate bush, but my bro and his wife are dead on zombie Jesus bush voting zombies.

[DUmmie Philosoraptor must be such a joy to be around during family dinners.]

These fanatics endanger us all, literally, I've been saying it for 30 years now, that's how long my family members have been converted to the cult, and it is a cult, as are all religions.

[Is that also how long you've been confined to the RUbber Room?]

Are we to allow a cult to conquer America right before our eyes? Are we to just roll our eyes and be polite when these f*ckers shove this shit right down our throats like Spanish inquisitors?

[DUmmie Philosoraptor is burning so red hot that I will have to shield myself with the David Kuo book urging Christians to turn the reins of power over to the DUmmiecrats by not voting.]

They are too dumb to chew gum, but they can get out and vote for nazis by the millions, and this makes them intolerable to a free America.

[Exercising the right to vote is intolerable if you don't vote the way DUmmie Philosoraptor wants.]

They are scared to death of crazy Islamists, and so am I, but they are the exact same thing, they participate in the exact same madness, and they perpetuate the exact same ancient hatreds and slights and they threaten the United States in the exact same way as the Taliban crazies, they worship the exact same god, and they think the exact same way.

[How many suicide Christian fundamentalists piloted planes to crash into large buildings?]

And they are trying to take over our nation, and when you say that to the average guy on the street they don't believe you, its too fantastic, too sci fi, too implausible.

[Perhaps they don't believe you, DUmmie Philosoraptor, because of that Happy Farms strait jacket you are wearing.]

I'm f*cking sick of them, and my parents and my brother and sis in law know better than to talk that religio-political bullshit to my face, cause they'll get a red hot rant right up their asses every time.

[Nice psychopathic family hatred thing you have going there, DUmmie Philosoraptor.]

I'm tired of being polite to them on the street, I'm tired of kissing their ass and giving them breaks because they are good Christian people, f*ck them and the cross they rode in on.

[FEEL the love! Now on to the equally loony comments from DUmmie Philosoraptor's fellow DUmmies...]

F?ck them cowardly, sheepish, dumb, bastids and bastidettes!

[Kindly wipe that rabid foam from the floor before exiting the Rubber Room.]

I am sick and tired of their claiming that only they have a truth, partly based on 1500 yr old faerie tails, and partly based on great old fictional literature that was stolen, borrowed, begs, copied and mistranslated from the earliers societies and sects, hitite, egyptian, canaan and others.

[Meanwhile the DUmmies completely buy into creating their own alternate realities, faux Hopi Indian visions, and astrology.]

it will be interesting to see what happens to them as the millenium progresses and there is no rapture and jesus doesn't come back. and by way of clarification -- i am christian.

[And by way of clarification -- you have a rainbow flag symbol on your post, DUmmie xchrom.]

If I were ever going to go back to christianity, I would go UU as they support pagans and polys, of which I am both. I've known a UU minister who presided over a (non-legal) marriage of four. Not my quad nor my current group. We went to my pagan priest for the first one (it was a kickass ceremony but the marriage not so much)and we're all living in sin in the second one. Even if the government would allow either one of us to marry and they will not, we would probably decline this time around. I'm not much of a ring wearer and none of us can agree on a necklace. I suppose we could do some kind of bracelet. I will have to bring that one up in the next family meeting. Of course, we need to finish our trial period of a year and a day first, anyway.

[Thank you for sharing way too much information with us.]

i'm drawing more pan-theism into my personal faith. i've always had a streak of the old religion in my thinking /spirituality.

[Theology...DUmmie style.]

I was raised Southern Baptist but too much of it didn't make sense. My grandfather (my grandparents raised me) always said I thought too much for my own good and I guess I did think a lot but not too much for my own good. I've been out of the cult for nearly 25 years now. I'm not an athiest though, I do believe in a higher power just not the jealous God of my youth. Yahweh does not play well with others so he isn't allowed in my metaphysical sandbox.

[Nobody else is allowed in your sandbox since you've been in mental solitary confinement for years.]

Yes, and that's why I've decided to...persecute Christians.
At every opportunity. All of them, even the nice ones. Oh, I'll do it nicely to the nice ones, but I'll be nasty to the nasty ones.

[Why do I get the image here of Norman Bates sitting in a jail cell as he thinks to himself with his mother's voice?]

Believe whatever you like fundies, just stay the hell away from my civil liberties. Sorry, touchy subject this week thanks to my fundie relatives...who still insist I'm no legitimate minister despite an advanced degree in divinity studies and an ordination. Apparently I'm not fit to bless the bounty at the Thanksgiving table. Whatever.

[Do your "fundie" relatives also claim that your sanity isn't legitimate?]

I'm going to lock this. With regard to religion (or the lack thereof), Democratic Underground is a diverse community which includes Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Atheists, Agnostics, and others. All are welcome here. For this reason, we expect members to make an extra effort to be sensitive to different religious beliefs, and to show respect to members who hold different religious beliefs. Members are welcome to discuss whether they agree or disagree with particular religious beliefs, but they are expected to do so in a relatively sensitive and respectful manner. As a general rule, discussions about ideas are usually permitted, but broad-brush bigoted statements about groups of people — either religious or non-religious — are not.

DU Moderator

[Too late, DUmmie Moderator wakemeupwhenitsover. You can lock up this thread but I've already unlocked the TRUE DUmmie (and general leftwing) attitude towards the "fundies" in this edition of the DUmmie FUnnies.]

(You can now access the DUmmie FUnnies simply by typing "DUmmieFUnnies.Com" into your URL address box.)

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