Tuesday, September 19, 2006

George Soros Urges Bush Subpoena If Democrats Win

Although the professional Democrats are now swearing up and down that they have absolutely no intention to hold impeachment hearings for President Bush, that thought is always just below the surface. An example is the recent call by Billionaire Democrat contributor, George Soros, that the Democrats should subpoena Bush if they win this November. Perhaps the Democrat pros want to keep this plan hush-hush for now but the DUmmies are cheering Soros on over this subpoena plan as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "Soros to Dems: Win the House. Then subpoena Bush for misdeeds." So let us now join the DUmmies who are cheering on the plan the Democrats swear they will never try in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, currently munching on a Georgia (im)peach, is in the [brackets]:

Soros to Dems: Win the House. Then subpoena Bush for misdeeds.

[SHHH!!! We're not supposed to talk about this in public even though this is EXACTLY what the Democrats intend to do if the Ouija Board Polls hold true in November.]

Should Democrats retake the House in November, George Soros says they should have one priority: Subpoena President George W. Bush.

[Top priority! This takes precedence over the war on terror which the DUmmies don't believe exists because they think the true terrorists are EVIL Republicans, not the decapitating Islamofascists.]

The billionaire currency speculator, who poured more than $20 million of his personal fortune into efforts to unseat Bush in 2004, offered his opinions on American politics and foreign policy in a wide-ranging interview with RAW STORY last week. In the exchange, he responded to questions on domestic politics, while criticizing the war in Iraq and efforts to contain nuclear technologies in Iran and Pakistan.

[Watch the video of this interview with Dr. Strangelove HERE.]

Soros wouldn’t say who he favored for the 2008 presidential race, but he did say Democrats should take bold moves should they win back the House of Representatives in November.

[Don't be shy, George, just say the "I" word. Say it! SAY IT!!!]

“Clearly,” he said, “using the subpoena power to bring to light the misdeeds by the administration would have to be, I think, a top priority.”

[Clearly the Democrats want this billionaire currency speculator to shut up and not telegraph their plans prematurely.]

Is Soros doing anything to help us in 2006?
I'd like to see him run a 527 to throw some money our way in House races, if not Senate races. Then again, the House is where impeachment proceedings start.

[Isn't it great how the McCain-Feingold law has kept big money out of politics?]

While I agree with him, Dem will also have to start "swiftboating" to get national attention and support.

[DUmmies justify all dirty campaign tricks by saying they are merely "swiftboating" like they think the EVIL Republicans are doing.]

It's not swiftboating if it's true... It's call campaigning....

[Don't worry. I have confidence that you can just make stuff up as usual.]

The 2008 election will have absolutely nothing to do with defeating John McCain or Bill Frist or Rudy Giuliani or Mitt Romney or any other GOP prick who ends up on the ticket. It will have everything to do with defeating Karl Rove. If we, as a party, do not have the stomach for that, we deserve exactly what we get.

[Don't you remember? Karl Rove has already been indicted last May 12.]

My response is - YES. I WANT to be just like them. Because they WIN. And I want to WIN. And at present, that is the only way to win, to go negative, to smear, to fight dirty, to hit below the belt. I'm not afraid to be Macchiavellian - if that's what it takes to WIN.

[A DUmmie who obviously has NOT read "The Prince."]

WINNING is EVERYTHING. Ideological or behavioral purity worked for sweet saints like Mother Theresa but she wasn't in politics. Imagine how they'd smear her if she had been! And it would have worked with enough of the residents of Dumbfuckistan.

[EARTH TO DUmmies!!! The Left actually did smear Mother Theresa when she was alive. Oh, and how is Mama Teresa doing these days?]

Unfortunately, politics is a dirty business. I'd love to be able to take the high road, but it just doesn't get us anywhere except straight over a cliff. There is time enough to start changing the tone and timbre of the political game and demonize the bad tactics and the dirty plays and dirty pool, and start making it chic to bring a little more moral and ethical tone to campaigning and campaign financing - AFTER WE'VE WON. But WINNING is the first priority. We can't do SQUAT for the greater good, or to reverse the negative trends and the poison that's been injected into our political discourse AND into the American political landscape, until we start WINNING. Frankly, at this point, I don't give a rat's ass HOW we win, just as long as we DO. WINNING IS EVERYTHING. It's the ONLY thing. We can't do ANYTHING for the good, or change anything bad, or accomplish anything positive or beneficial for our poor battered country, or protect our Constitution from bush-rape, or stop these greedy, criminal, short-sighted, narrow-minded warmongering republi-CON NeoCON monsters, or save, and heal, our country, until we WIN.

[Mr. Means Justifies The Ends places himself on the public psychiatrist couch for all to see and analyze...and laugh.]

Here's where we come full circle...
If the retaking of the House in November isn't usurped by corruption (stolen elections) I fully expect to hear a lot of "it's time to heal" crappola being spewed as an excuse not to put W on the stand, in the slammer, etc.

[I fully expect to see you in the Rubber Room soon.]

Godammit. Never, never again! From the coup attempt against FDR to Iran Contra to the Starr report to Selection 2000 on, we have capitulated "for the good of the country." Never! Never give in!

[Never give in to sanity! Never! Never! NEVER!!!]

attack with your opponents pathetic roll call votes. Attack them with the roll call votes that are verifiable with the crap they push through and for the things they promise to their base but conveniently forget....

[Attack with verifiable paper roll call votes.]

You know, as much money as George Soros has, and considering how he got it, I think that $20 million was a pretty cheap sop to his conscience. I'm not saying that he isn't right about what should be done. I'm just saying the man made his pile on the backs of the poor, and $20 mil to him is like $20 to most people.

[Since it is so easy to bypass McCain-Feingold with those 527s, it does sound cheap. Bring more big money back into politics.]

George, how much are you donating this year?

[Coffee money so the MoveOn.Org folks can stay wide awake although they will have to buy their own cream.]

In this, Dems should act like Repukes ... promise that you won't go after Bush if elected ...and, if we take both, NAIL HIS ASS ...Gee, that sounds like being a Republican ... lying about what you would do in office ...

[Gee...You think the Democrats don't already have that plan in mind?]

common man to Soros can you and some rich Dems buy media outlets and let the truth flow.

[Ah yes. I remember the good old days when Democrats were insisting that we MUST support McCain-Feingold to get big money out of politics.]

Our Party is completely psychotic when it comes to doling out the bucks and supporting local candidates.

[You could have stopped that sentence at the fifth word.]

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