Tuesday, August 22, 2006

DUmmies Put On Their "They Live" Sunglasses

The DUmmies think they are oh so clever. They somehow have the ability to look at our healthy economy and think we are really on the verge of Bolshevik Revolution. See, with their special "They Live" sunglasses they can see the happy faces of rich Republicans for the true EVIL they represent in exploiting the rest of us. The chief cheerleader of this regurgitated notion is DUmmie Tyler Durden who has donned his "They Live" sunglasses and melodramatically reported back to the rest of us in this THREAD titled, "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....MELTDOWN." So let us now watch the DUmmies eagerly anticipating the coming Revolution in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if his pair of "They Live" sunglasses has full UV protection, is in the [brackets]:

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....MELTDOWN.

[10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!]

The company which (granted, under economic pressure) originated the $5/day paycheck in the 1920's has decided to "cut it's way to profitability" essentially by reducing it's workforce about 20%.

The decision by Ford to close plants over the weekend and reduce production by more than 20% is a bell weather. Combine that with the crash landing happening in slow motion in the housing industry, the recession is now not years away, but might be weeks, certainly only months from now.

[Those special "They Live" sunglasses that DUmmie Tyler Durden is wearing also allows him to peer into the future.]

This isn't "Chicken Little" stuff here: it's happened before; the problem is that there is absolutely no safety net for Joe and Jane Sixpack. When the Ca-Ca hits the rotary air motion transformer this time, NOBODY gets a raincoat. We will ALL take a shit bath.

[It happened before in that They Live flick.]

I used to think if I kept my hand in regarding allied medical health, the situation would not be so disastrous. WRONG. Memorial Hospital in Owosso is preparing for either buyout or shutdown, and it's a horse race to see which wins; but this is sort of moot. I don't see any area that will not take a major screwing this time.

[Your fellow DUmmies are already drooling at the impending economic disaster. Thus far they have been frustrated by the strong economy.]

This time, with the massive income shift, we are well and truly screwed. Better make friends with somebody good at deer hunting for a meat source, and start canning like mad this fall. We sure are.

[Canned Bambi.]

What freaks me out more than anything is the complacency of the rich. Unless they are like the duck cartoon (Calm on the surface, paddling like MAD under the water), then they are even more clueless than the rest of us. What are they counting on...the re-institution of indentured servitude? Do they really think the vast numbers of soon-to-be NOT working poor are going to starve in peace and leave them alone? Are they really THAT STUPID? If so, Marie Antoinette is surely their poster child, except when told to eat cake if they have no bread, I don't think they will wait for the guillotine; too many guns out there. BANG.

["Outside the limit of our sight, feeding off us, perched on top of us, from birth to death, are our owners! Our owners! They have us. They control us! They are our masters! Wake up! They're all about you! All around you!"]

I think this revolution might have an upside: with the methods of information storage, future generations will get a chance to watch this one in HD Wide screen, and thanks to the blogosphere, the real story will be out there in viral video real time for anyone who still has a gallon of gas to power a generator.

[The Bolshevik Revolution WILL be televised.]

Maybe, just Maybe, we might learn the lesson once and for all. Granted, what survives this crash will bear very little in common with the current configuration of this and other nations; that is, if we make it without killing ourselves off, or, arguing long enough for some big mucking rock to do the job from space for us.

[HEY! This is a "They Live" fantasy. Get that "Escape From New York" crap out of here!]

Who knows? Believe it or not, I'm a little optimistic about what will come after the breakup, or maybe we can ameliorate it enough to keep it from being the catastrophe it will be if we let it.

[Things are looking up. You might even become a commissair of a Chekhist roving squad.]

Whichever, we all have front row seats, and we've been handcuffed to the chair. SHOWTIME.

[Pass over the popcorn. I'm gonna enjoy this "They Live" comedy show.]

But that's how the RW spin machine works:
they have blamed the unions that BUILT those communities for the destruction of those communities. Don't you know? It's all Labor's fault! If those greedy unions hadn't fought for health-care, and pensions, and good wages, and dental plans, and workplace safety, why those factories wouldn't have had to close! Of course, the RW spin machine leaves unspoken the fact that if the unions HADN'T fought for those things, American workers would have the same crappy wages and horrific workplace conditions that exist in Mexico and China. It is just sad how many people who should know better - people who owed their livelihoods to the Unions - have fallen for that kind of anti-labor propaganda.

[I made sure that my "They Live" sunglasses are union made.]

The newly poor will not be allowed to disturb the wealthy. That's what the Concentration Camps have been built for. Complete with large gas furnaces (ovens?) and barbed wire around them. The poor people will be rounded up and locked up, for "our own good." I think a recession might be just the ticket this Fall to boot the GOP out of office en masse. Perhaps a huge flip flop from a Republican controlled House and Senate, to a Democratic controlled House AND SENATE.
Then we can begin cleaning up the mess, and righting some of the wrongs forced upon us by the heathens currently in power.

[Those special "They Live" sunglasses have allowed you to see what all those new Walmarts really are---Concentration Camps.]

There aren't enough Sodiers or Police to pull it off. In a film called "The Warriors" there is a leader of the largest "gang" in New York City that says "The Streets are OURS, if you can COUNT..." saying also after he shows that the gang members alone outnumber the police 10 to 1, "...There are only 20,000 police in THE WHOLE DAMNED CITY!" This time, the POOR are WELL ARMED, and have watched "Die Hard" and its ilk so many times that they can yell "YIPPEE TY YAY, MOTHERF*CKER!" in their sleep. The "Powers that Be" may THINK that their camps and gated communities will save them...MASS DELUSION. The first shots fired will trigger nation wide riots that will make 1967 Detroit and Watts look like minor differences of opinion in an Ivy League Debating Society.

[Hey Tyler Durden! Knock off that "The Warriors" and "Die Hard" shtick. This is STRICTLY a "They Live" fantasy!]

we cant even control IRAQ. what makes you think the govt can control a US Insurgency? Those devices are all nice, but one shot from a .50 BMG from a mile away will take them out..

[Thank you for that input Mr. Jihad.]

I myself don't have alot of hope.Not unless Americans rise up and are willing to gum up the gears of the industrial military machine and risk it all for change. Right now too many people are in denial or are think they have too much to lose to risk standing up . In my observation people can be remarkably selfish and shortsighted sometimes and in groups they defer responsibility so nothing is done to stop a crime(by standing).But in a disaster they come together and help each other in beautiful ways.Too bad it takes a disaster..

[Of course, the only reason you don't go out and rise up against the industrial military machine is that the pizza box at your computer basement doorway is blocking the way.]

My WIFE wants to learn to SHOOT. When she asked me to teach her, I was drinking a beer. I almost choked to death. She is now the PROUD owner of a STAR 9mm luger FIRESTAR, the matching pistol to my .45. The guy down the street (a new friend in town, and fellow liberal) is an avid gun owner and an ex Infantry OFFICER up from the ranks. He wants ME to stick with my M1 Carbine with the SKS 4 power on top. HE wants to play Long Range Support with his .30-06 Remmington and scope, ("...reach out and TOUCH someone..."). I would rather go down fighting than go to the camps.

[Before that happens, DUmmie Tyler Durden, I'm going to fall down laughing at your hilarious histrionics.]

I recommend the tactical shotgun to most novices. That prevents them from carrying it around and getting in trouble. It is an excellent defensive weapon, point & shoot. Benelli M1 or M4 if you have lots of spare change, the old trusty 870 Remington otherwise.

[You could also carry an AK-47 around in your diaper.]

Sweet.. but I prefer the pistol grip! Some say you can't accurately aim one, but I don't find that to be a problem. It is a shotgun after all, perfect aim NOT REQUIRED!

[Common sense NOT REQUIRED!]

I can't shoot shit. My eyes are crap at a distance,, But there are other things nearsighted people can do..

[Like stare at your own navel.]

I am in my sixties, and suffer from a disability which causes chronic pain. Living under the conditions that the neocons have planned for us would not be a life worth living. I would try to get my family to safety, and stay and do whatever I could. I hate these people for the destruction they have caused not just here, but worldwide. Patrick Henry once said, "Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains, and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God. I know not what course others might take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death." The path that Bush is leading only ends in loss of liberty for us, and enrichment for the ultra-wealthy. There is always hope that a miracle will save us, of course, but I have seen very, very few miracles in my time, and surely don't expect one now. I will not have my life end, though in any prison camp.

[Don't worry. A miracle is coming. Tinkerbell is about to wave her magic wand and sprinkle your skull with Pixie Dust.]

The truly rich are well-insulated from this; the ones who think they are rich are going to be out there manning the barricaded with the rest of us when they find out how much Rush and Sean have been lying to them.

[Rush LIED to me! He promised me a free pair of "They Live" sunglasses and NEVER sent it!]

You can't insulate yourself from a forrest fire. The rich are in denial and self delusion. Think the scene from "Schindler's List" where the Investors from the Jewish Ghetto try to assert "Money is still Money." Reality checks are not on their Palm Pilots' agendas.

[BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! DUmmie Tyler Durden delivers a great "reality checks" punchline!]

They will hide in secret vaults,guarded by the armed and brainwashed.Until the shit blows over than they'll own the world. To stop them we cannot let them keep on hiding and being faceless corporations ect.. Identify these elite assholes that haught places like the G8 or exclusive resorts ,Smoke 'em out.Wonder if some tesla earthquake type device could be made by some home tech geek to collapse thier f*cking hideholes in on their own heads..

[Fortunately, you can use those "They Live" sunglasses to hunt THEM down.]

Nonsense. Its nonsense like this that makes people call us extremists. GET OVER THE CLASS ENVY, GET OUT AND VOTE FOR CHANGE !!!!

[Shhhhh! Don't toss cold water on this comedy show.]

Damn right I got class envy,I'd like to be able to afford to get out of my bad living situation. I'd really like to afford some heating oil before it gets cold as shit...I would love to get a a simple surgery to help myself to not feel suicidal over gender issues,And to get some cysts taken out of my thigh that makes my leg go numb.I'd love to be able to afford transportation that is reliable,and to get some decent glasses so I might be able to drive.. Rich pigs have taken so much from us they are THIEVES. They do not deserve all they have.They are no better than me or you or anyone..They live in luxury while most starve, or struggle And that is called INJUSTICE.You like Injustice and financial abuse? You call hating abuse Envy,??WTF? Oh and DO fix the voting machines if you want FAIR elections..two elections have been stolen already..

[You're green with class envy.]

Class envy my ass. You need to look at the Rich/Poor gap, then compare it to the one at the fall of the Roman Empire, the decline of the Italian City States, the failure of the Hanseatic League, the War of the Roses, the French Revolution, the American Revolution, and last but not least, the Bolshevik Revolution.

[Especially the Bolshevik Revolution, DUmmie Tyler Durden. That is the one you are straining at the bit to replicate.]

WE and before us our comfortable parents,should have said NO to the "military industrial complex" long ago when it was a weaker more covert menace,and shut it down even if it meant upheaval and stress and not being able to feed ourselves or our kids.Dying fighting for for freedom from bullies is better than"friendly fascism.. The curtain of illusory freedom is drawing back,and look at the brick wall we are going to be smacked right into it until we submit to the pampered parasite predatory thugs that dominate the world through their loyal sycophants just doing their job to feed their kids..Same excuses we use to keep doing as we are told and to not ask questions..hmmm..

[And with your "They Live" sunglasses, you can see right thru that curtain of illusory freedom.]

I have a mental health history. They ain't gonna let me have a gun. They let the psychopaths, racist thugs ,and fundie freakazoids have them. These assholes are called sane because they are bigot liars and never have the GUTS to go to therapy...

[You have a mental health history, DUmmie undergroundpanther? Why am I NOT surprised?]

Permit me to venture a guess, undergroundpanther. Does your mental health history have anything to do with your refusal to allow society to dictate your gender identification, and your lifestyle? Are you...gasp...DIFFERENT? Being sent to asylums treating mental illness was a common tactic in the Soviet Union, remember? Apparently, you have not swallowed the kool-aid, and insist on thinking for yourself, instead of Fox news telling you what the administration wants you to think.

[DUmmie undergroundpanther bravely refused to allow society to dictate his gender identification which is ManChickPig.]

The repukes are as stupid on what they have set into motion as they are on Iraq. They are in denial. Unfortunately they have set a course that will bring their own demise. They would have been better off sticking to fairness. But no they wanted it all and thought they could take it. Tomorrow's no-fly lists will be ours and will contain the names of every CEO and corporate exec that did this the the people. In the final analysis, it is capitalism itself they are destroying. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. What fools.......

[Use those "They Live" sunglasses to ID the rich repukes.]

Because I do hope the assholes and corporates and deluded thugs whomever they are,are stopped, made to face up to their crimes (whatever that entails)forced to fix the damage,give up power or die,lose their status wealth and trust,and can never do the damage they have done to us all again.I hate the sick asshole bullies.. I wish they were gone .

[Your Lithium treatment will be arriving soon, DUmmie undergroundpanther.]

It isn't IF there is a secret police, it's how big and powerful they are. There is ALWAYS a secret police. That's not paranoia speaking, that's historical fact.

[Verified by what you have seen thru your "They Live" sunglasses.]

Okay, guys. Who are you going to KILL first? I mean, if things are going to be this bad, the only out is to arm ourselves to the teeth and start shooting, right? This is what the New Left guys dreamed of in the 70's, with groups like the Weather Underground - the people who threw away the flowers-and-peace-symbols politics and started blowing up college libraries. So who are you going to kill, and what weapons are you going to use?

[Pee Wee Herman will be the FIRST to die via my pea shooter!!!]

THIS revolution WILL be televised LIVE AND IN PERSON. PRAY that it is, because THAT is what will keep it political and stop it from becomming UTTER CHAOS.

[Nowadays a revolution doesn't count unless it is play-acting street theater that you can upload to watch later on YouTube.]

I, for one, would be a proud member of the revolution. It's long past time that we embark on a campaign to cleanse the fascists from power in this country. Better yet, why stop there. Why not cleanse them from all over the world. The freedom and peace loving peoples of the world can unite together with one voice and say no to oppression, no to hate, no to injustice, no to rasicsm, and no to the fascists that run our planet. With one swift motion, this entire nightmare that is our world today can be over. Are all of you with me?

[No. They're too busy munching on pizza in their basements.]

I'll tell ya what, if a few months goes by and this hypothesis is shown to be absolutely absurd and alarmist, would you mind if I and a bunch of other DU'ers post a bunch of mocking threads titled "Hey, I thought the economic Apocalypse was supposed to happen this week?" like the ones we see mocking the fundies today? After all, I kind of rank them in the same kinda category.

[I'll tell ya what, how about if we post THIS thread on the DUmmie FUnnies RIGHT NOW? Why wait for our laughs?]

(Remember, you can now type in "DUmmieFUnnies.Com" in your URL address box to access this Blog.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHat are they talking about. I really don't get it. Nutjobs.

3:52 PM  
Blogger Matthew Nehrling said...

The DUmbasses prove once again, the Fasicist they should fear is the one in their mirror.

7:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Damn right I got class envy,I'd like to be able to afford to get out of my bad living situation. I'd really like to afford some heating oil before it gets cold as shit...I would love to get a a simple surgery to help myself to not feel suicidal over gender issues..."

This is beyond satire. No one could possibly make up stuff as ridiculous as what these people express for real.

10:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a mental health history.

In DUmmieland, that's like saying the sky is blue. It's obvious and redundant.

1:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmm, Bambi!

Please stay with your M1 Carbine, DUmmie, you'll (briefly) find out its shortcomings when you go up against all those EBRs (Evil Balck Rifles) with it! ;o)

1:25 AM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

LOL... PJ Comix busting into DUmmieland:
"I'm here to chew bubble-gum and kick ass... And I'm all outta bubble-gum."

Jeeeez Looooeeeez, I'm convinced these leftards actually take some sort of pleasure in their seething, pitiful lives of quiet desperation.

1:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe the best term for this is "vicarious revolution."

It's the only kind you can fight with a keyboard and an out-of-control THC-stoked imagination from Mom's basement, and therefore right up their alley.

3:42 AM  
Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

Even more delusional than ever aren't they? Not only delusional at to what reality is, but delusional in their ability to even make the effort to start their revolution.

What a bunch of pathetic weenies.

11:09 PM  

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