Monday, August 21, 2006

Daily Kos Stages Laughable Attack On The Free Republic

I chose the words "Stage" and "Laughable" deliberately in the title of this DUFU edition. Let's see. We have THOUSANDS of Free Republic threads posted for about 10 years with thousands more replies and the best that Daily Kos KOmmie dmsilev could come up with in his THREAD titled, "Ugliness on Parade: A dive through Free Republic," are a handful of criticisms of Islamofascism as "proof" that the Freepers are full of hate. All that material to work from (the "stage" part) yielding such pathetic results (the "laughable" part). Of course, liberals now really have to STREEEEECH to find examples of hate speech. Why KOmmie dmsilev might even accuse ME of hate speech for calling him a liberal (the Left now prefers to be called "progressives") or calling him a KOmmie. Since it has been my almost daily routine for nearly two years with the DUmmie FUnnies to chronicle the HATE generated by the left, I don't have to sift through tons of material just to come up with some highly questionable examples of hate. Why just two days ago, we chronicled in a DUmmie FUnnies EDITION hate rant after hate rant from the commentators at the Huffington Post. Of course, you have to realize what a reality challenged source the accusations against the Free Republic are coming from. Just last Friday, I chronicled in another DUmmie FUnnies EDITION how the KOmmies claim that the terror alerts are really just a Republican plot. And, remember everybody, ALL editions of the DUmmie FUnnies (over 500 editions) include links to the Leftists being exposed in THEIR OWN WORDS so anybody can verify the rantings for themselves (including the rants in this KOmmie thread). My method of Leftist exposure is simple. It is called "Copy and Paste." Their OWN words expose them for who they are. And speaking of "Copy and Paste" let us now watch the incredibly slim (and laughable) pickins the KOmmies have come up with in their "exposure" of the Free Republic in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, resting briefly at this way station along the LOOOONG road of Leftist Lunacy, is in the [brackets]:

Ugliness on Parade: A dive through Free Republic

[Too bad you came up with such laughable trinkets on your dive as we shall see.]

Every once in a while (fairly often, actually), the collective readership of Daily Kos gets accused of being "angry", "rabid", "Anti-Semitic", etc., etc. Surely, this is a phenomenon of the viciously angry partisan left, and those gentle souls on the right would never exhibit.behavior that would merit such descriptions.

[The "viciously angry partisan left" pretty much describes the MAJORITY of KOmmies and DUmmies. Check your own posts. Better yet, check out the DUmmie FUnnies which CONSISTENTLY chronicles your viciously angry partisan leftist rantings.]

Or not.

Today's excursion into the bowels of the wingnutosphere is to one of the largest right-wing discussion boards on the net, Free Republic. The topic is the recent episode where passengers on a plane forced the removal of a couple of Muslim men before the plane took off.

[Stand by for some LAUGHABLE examples of "hate."]

Here we go.

[Stand by for laughter!]

"Yea,'s about time that people stood up for their concern against those "religion of peace" members. It's their own fault...let's hope it happens more often."

[GASP! Of course, the last time I checked, fanatic Presbyterians were NOT bombing planes. By strange "coincidence" it has always been Muslims.]

"If they don't like it, they should take it up with their local Imam, who is advocating terrorism."

[What a shocking notion. Imams advocating terrorism (Jihad). Who ever heard of such a thing?]

"I may be an intolerant bigot, but I'm not gonna be a sacrifice to satanallah!"

[Of course we must now keep in mind that the KOmmies (DUmmies and other Leftists) don't see a connection between IslamoFacsism and terrorism. They think it is INTOLERANT to link the two despite all the evidence before our very eyes.[

"Hey man, I'm one of two Republicans in my 80 unit Condo. I have to have a no no list to prevent me from confronting my neighbors. Just the other day one told me that some iceberg melting in Antartica was a more important issue then the "Fake" war Bush started. I politly went up stairs and in the privacy of my bathroom, while I flushed the toilet, called him every name in the book.It was either that or deck him."

[GASP! An EVIL Republican had THOUGHTS of hate. Of course, he was polite to his liberal neighbor but his THOUGHTS were impure. Anyway, his incredible TRIVIAL "revelations" of Freeper hate goes on like this. All I could think of was Gertrude Stein's line: "There's no there there." Let us now let KOmmie dmsilev conclude melodramatically...]

My point: Anybody who tries to claim with a straight face that the "angry left" is polarizing politics, and that "fanatical left-wing bloggers" are going beyond all bounds of propriety should be strapped down in front of a computer and forced to read Free Republic. With their eyelids strapped open and Beethoven's Ninth blaring, if necessary.

Today isn't an abnormal day for the freepers. It's like this all the time. If freeperville isn't to your taste, try Little Green Footballs, Atlas Shrugs, Jeff "Cockslapper" Goldstein, etc., etc.

[And you can come up with such lame laughable examples of Freeper "hate" like that all the time? Oh, and it's ironic that you conclude by mentioning Jeff Goldstein since he was the one being publicly stalked by a leftwing nutcase by the name of Deb Frisch. You want good examples of hate, just look at her rants against Jeff. And now to hear from the rest of the KOmmies...]

They have a moderator system where the admins delete (not hide) unacceptable posts. There's a placeholder inserted where the post used to be, to keep the numbering correct. No such placeholders were seen in that thread. No posts were deleted by the moderators

[This might shock you but criticism of Islamofascism and terrorism on the Free Republic is not considered a Hate Crime.]

During/after the 2004 election the FR crowd not only creeped me out but I literally felt afraid of my own country. But I think that was more the general mood of that whole time period.

[It was more like the election results creeped you out.]

The thing to remember about FreeRepublic is that the vast majority of the Posters there, more than they are pro-Bush or Republican, are anti-Liberal. They will actually celebrate the death of an Endangered animal because Liberals want to save them.

[I plan on holding a giant celebration when the buffalo finally become extinct.]

They're idiots but they don't vote. Yes, they're knuckle-draggers and morons, but they don't vote.

[Say that over and over again enough times and you might even come to believe it.]

Funny Story... I've always avoided that website like the plague (pun intended). Then when the liquid bomb story broke, I just had to see what their response was. I had just pulled up the home page and my computer crashed. Completely locked up and the CPU started making really strange sounds.

[That's because Karl Rove now inhabits your hard drive.]

I have lost all pity for them. I don't want to be "reunited" with them under a new administration. I don't want to see their point of view. I don't want to reconcile our "differences". I want them to STFU and crawl back under the rock Reagan turned over and stay there for about seven generations.

[What was that about Freepers being haters?]

What the hell happened to my country? Why do these morons who spew hatred and advocate violence get to be on television? Is this a loud but small minority or has a vast swatch of America lost their minds? There has always been racism, fear and hatred but it seems like it has become as acceptable as "colored fountains" prior to the civil rights era. I want my country back.

[Maybe you should just work on getting your mind back.]

What is Free Republic? Is it a blog for the KKK? A blog for Neo-Nazis? Why should I care about a blog of ignorant dumbasses?

[Why should you care about being completely clueless?]

From the perspective of the people speaking, muslims are a threat to their world. They know this because they were told it by bush and cheney and fox and a lot of other "realiable" sources.

[Rush Limbaugh brainwashed the Freepers into thinking that Islamofascism was a threat.]

Why is it that these people are threatened by just about everything happening in the modern world?

[Like Islamofascism.]

I think any poor American who actually sits down and thinks about it rationally for five minutes would want to be a Democrat.

[I think any poor American who actually sits down and reads what you folks post would NOT want to be a Democrat.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

They will actually celebrate the death of an Endangered animal because Liberals want to save them.

You mean the same way "progressives" want Islamofascists to take over the country just to get back at Bush?

The willful stupidity of the Left just boggles.

1:23 AM  

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