Monday, August 28, 2006

Cursing Cheney Heckler Too Obnoxious Even For DUmmieland

Just imagine what an incredible level of obnoxiousness it takes to get yourself tombstoned from DUmmieland. Just the tiniest bit of rationality will get you tossed off that site but if obnoxiousness is directed towards Republicans, such an attitude is usually most welcome over there. Well, this is what happened to Dr. Ben Marble, the guy who heckled the Vice-President last year on the Gulf Coast by constantly screaming "F--- You, Mr. Cheney!!!" Soon afterwards, DOCTOR Marble (as he seems to want to be called) began posting in DUmmieland where is anti-Republican obnoxiousness was most welcome. However, his obnoxious attitude seems to have spilled over to other matters which caused his tombstoning in DUmmieland. To get an idea of DOCTOR Marble's over-the-top obnoxiousness, take a look at Friday's Hardball VIDEO of him sneeringly accusing Rockey Vaccarella of being a (GASP!) Republican as if he were a member of some fringe political group. When not working at his regular job, DOCTOR Ben Marble plays in a Punk Rock Band and shills unlistenable MUSIC and terrible T-SHIRTS on the Web. Meanwhile, I am really curious as to just WHAT got DOCTOR Ben Marble kicked off DUmmieland as was indicated in this THREAD titled, "Dr. Ben Marble is tearing Rockey V a new one on Hardball!" DOCTOR Ben Marble's obnoxiousness and the DUmmie response is in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, hoping that DOCTOR Ben Marble becomes the keynote speaker at the next Democrat National Convention, is in the [brackets]:

Dr. Ben Marble is tearing Rockey V a new one on Hardball!

[Yes, DOCTOR Ben Marble sure beat Rockey in the OBNOXOUSNESS department by a wide margin.]

He's making him admit to his partisanship, and Dr. MArble said * is the worst president this country has ever had. It is at the very end of the show. They ran out of time, or I think Marble would have kept going.

[With obnoxiousness oozing out of every pore of his body, DOCTOR Ben Marble accused Rockey of being a Republican as if it were some fringe political group.]

I love Marble. Go fugg yourself Cheney -

[Remember, it is DOCTOR Ben Marble.]

Dr Ben posted on DU for a short time after that. He got tombstoned relatively quick. He is a hot head but I like him.

[I would LOVE to read his remarks. Just how low do you have to go to be too hot headed even for DUmmieland.]

I LOVE the fact that his comments to Cheney will always be part of the public record of the Katrina disaster.

[It will remain for all posterity as an embarrassing reminder to DOCTOR Ben Marble as to what a punk he was if he ever grows up.]

He's a wacko, but he's a wacko on our side.

[He's OUR wacko.]

Yeah, I remember that, and I hated to see him go, and even DUers get into it, but I think he went too far. Maybe he had PTSD or something. He was pretty hot today, too.

[How far do you have to go to go too far even for DUmmies? Now I HAVE to see those DUmmieland posts by DOCTOR Ben Marble.]

I always liked Dr. Marble's rough edges. We had a few email conversations about his being tombstoned from DU for acting like an asshole. But that character trait was exactly what made him so endearing when he turned on Cheney.

[DOCTOR Ben Marble was an endearing a--hole.]

He was tombstoned? I was wondering what happened to him. Dr. Marble was featured in Spike Lee's documentary, "When The Levees Broke". That made me think about his postings here at DU. Wow, a new American hero was born when he made that comment to Cheney - TWICE.

[Now that DOCTOR Ben Marble got featured in Spike Lee's documentary, you should welcome him back to DUmmieland. We could use his comedy material here at the DUmmie FUnnies.]

Vacarella is a textbook neoconservative! He himself acknowledges being a 'southern democrat' who became a Reagan Republican - the very epitome of a neoconservative reichbot, imho. He's a despicable dissembler - a damned fool who can't learn from getting scammed over and over and over again by people who pander to his hatreds and bigotries.

[Rockey is somehow despicable while the loudmouth shmuck, DOCTOR Ben Marble, is endearing? Only in the DUmmie Zone.]

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Has anyone started a DUmmiePity blog yet?... I mean this is just sad. LOL

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Rejected titles for the movie:

"V for Vapid"

"V for Vacuous"

"V for Violent Paranoid Fantasy"

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