Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"John Dean says that 23% of Americans are rightwing authoritarians"

The leftists are in such a funk with their string of electoral losses over the past few years that they are desperately searching for their political Holy Grail that will show them how to win again or at least explain why they are constantly losing. Thus we have a plethora of books such as by George Lackoff explaining that the real reason the Democrats keep losing is that they have lost control of the use of the language and need to "frame" the debates differently. This explains why we have constant yakety-yak lately about "framing." And now we have yet another book by Watergate Stool Pigeon, John Dean, on the heels of his flop of a book called Worse Than Watergate called Conservatives Without Conscience in which he maintains that 23% (not 22% or 24%) of the population are "rightwing authoritarians" which means that the whole notion of "framing" is meaningless since 23% (not 22% or 24%) of the population are hopeless mind-numbed robots incapable of being reframed. This notion gives DUmmies a sense of futile self-satisfaction by dehumanizing conservatives as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "John Dean says that 23% of Americans are rightwing authoritarians," as well as this THREAD titled, "About John Dean`s Authoritarian Figures," and finally the self-righteous, ANGRYYY!!! I AM ANGRYYYY!!! (John Dean's book). So let us now watch the DUmmies fasten a big chip on their shoulders thanx to John Dean in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, currently listening to a rightwing authoritarian radio talk show so I'll know how to think, is in the [brackets]:

John Dean says that 23% of Americans...are rightwing authoritarians. He was on "Countdown" tonight promoting his new book, "Conservatives Without Conscience."

[Dean seems to be perpetually promoting books lately slamming conservatives.]

That was pretty damn sobering. I do disagree with his ending though. I believe Fascism is already here.

[DUmmie DOgma.]

Dean called it so spot on. They are like robots.

[Make it MIND-NUMBED robots.]

I quite enjoy slapping them around and insulting them.

[That's to compensate for the fact that you can't DEBATE them.]

I'm intriqued by this 23% who readily fall sway to authoritarian control. I wonder if this percentage is a constant in any significant population, ready to be unleashed, to be used, when an appropriate leader arrives.

[23% are mind numbed sleeper agents who come out of hibernation to blindly follow the orders of their appropiate right-wing leader when he arrives.]

That's 23% too many... I say let's whittle it down to less than 1%.

[The term is "Liquidation" my Chekhist friend.]

how? as Dean stated, these people are true believing morons. They are programmed to be following assholes. They lap up every lie and act of incompetence that Bush throws at them.

[We were programmed by Rush Limbaugh to be mind-numbed robots.]

it would be nothing for this type to justify election fraud. Dear Leader must not be denied a second term, after all! They'd easily justify throwing out Dem registrations, changing votes from Bush to Kerry with little white stickers, dreaming up fake lock-downs, etc etc.

[Is that you, RFK, Jr.?]

I've always said that their hard core was 27-37 % with a high of 37% because of 9-11. If it can be proven that the 19 hijackers were arranged and the vote in FL was stolen, it will drop to 23% - since I believe that some in that group have a logical mind and can finally figure out what they and we have lost.

[That should be easy. Just prove the wacko MIHOP theory and the number of rightwing authoritarians will instantly drop.]

At least 80% Rethugs are Fascists! I have thought this for many years. The RW, for the most part, have not and do not believe in democracy.

[Fidel Castro is a Republican?]

He breaks them down into two groups: leaders and followers. And you know- you might also draw the same distinction within the religious right. The leaders and followers are very different sorts in that crowd as well. Seems like the leaders desire nothing but wealth and power, and are essentially amoral, while the followers just want to be told what to think.

[I'm desperate. Rush is on vacation this week so I have no one to program me and tell me how to think. And now on to the next DUmmie thread on this topic, About John Dean`s Authoritarian Figures.]

John Dean`s interview with Keith Olbermann last night caused a mental chain reaction for me. First his alert, then a bright yellow warning sign, then a sickish feeling. I`ll be saving up for a copy of CONSERVATIVES WITHOUT CONSCIENCE, starting today.

[You should have enough saved up to purchase that book by 2008 when it appears in the discount bins.]

Dean may have held back a bit on the F word, fascism, but his cautionary tone made me think long and hard about that road we`re going down. It can`t happen here? Think again. America`s fear, resulting from the horrors of September 11th, left us ripe for a takeover by the dangerous authoritarian figures Dean described. Even our Constitution has fallen victim to these tyrants. Many of the 23% Dean mentions are in the White House, in the Office of Special Plans, flying secret torture planes. They jammed Democrat`s phone lines in New Hampshire, perhaps rigged elections in Ohio, designed the campaign against Michael Schiavo for trying to respect his wife`s wishes and convinced Verizon to secretly work against their own customers. Laws be damned, just do what they say...or else. It`s like there is only one acceptable answer to WHO`S YOUR DADDY? Get it right or you`re under suspicion for unAmerican activities.

[Hey! Don't knock those torture plane flights. You get really good discounts on them if you ride along as a passenger. The only downside is that they only serve rice pilaf and orange glaze chicken for dinner.]

John Dean helped me understand why Arnold captured California, why Kerry`s windsurfing was compared to Bush`s chainsaw, why there`s a debate about PTSD, why Donahue was out and Savage was in, why there are so many SUVs, why social programs are being extinguished, why Bush`s tax cuts mostly benefit those at the top, why the United Nations has been branded wimpish, why some Washington Journal callers demand we nuke Iran, why Bush showed up in a flight suit, why he was given Saddam`s pistol as a gift and even why that young girl in Iraq was raped, murdered and burned.

[Did Dean's book also explain why you have to save up for years in order to afford his book?]

It`s dark, it`s frightening, it`s dead serious. We`d better wake the hell up before Bush`s New America becomes the established norm.

[It's read your paranoia.]

Could you explain about the "23% Dean mentions"? which 23 percent? The 23 percent who eat the strawberry first out of a carton of Neapolitan icecream, or, the 23 percent who are secretly wearing ladies' underwear, or the 23% who say "aborted fetuses" to every question on a Rorschach test, or the 23 percent who would like to see Bush declare himself emperor for life, round up his critics and throw 'em in jail without charges or trial, and declare war on Mexico, France, Iran & China all at once, or the 23 percent who misreport their eye color as blue and their hair color as blond? Or...Is he referring to some group identified through polling, or a clinical definition that could be isolated by non-political non-volitional factors, or what?

[I'm among the 23% (not 22% or 24%) who eat the strawberry icecream first while secretly wearing men's underwear and misreporting my hair color as Neapolitan.]

I sorta figured he was headed that way, I was wondering how he got that # 23% is a very specific figure. My impression of Dean is that he's a very scrupulous, meticulous person and that he wouldn't loosely throw around specific numbers at something that is really only a guesstimate.

[The true number was 23.2436% but Dean rounded it off to just 23%. And now on to ANGRYYY!!! I AM ANGRYYYY!!!... ]


[Yes, and you are NUTSSS!!! YOU ARE NUTSSSS!!!]

It's great. I was only becoming politically aware in the early 90's, so I was made really ANGRY when I read how the rightwingers tried to smear John Dean and his wife by insinuating that she was a prostitute and he was the true mastermind of the Nixon spying. He was fighting them (that ape Liddy and others) in court for many years. You will also meet names like Brit Hume (time to buy) that showed their colors back then. I HATE THESE PEOPLE!!! The recap of Clinton impeachment and the vast right-wing conspiracy (no quotation marks needed) made me angry all the more. Rightwingers really suck and they should PAY. Get the book

[Round up the Rightwingers and make them PAY for being authoritarians!]

This book can serve as a playbook to finally get these bastards out of the it and pass it on !!!!!!

[Yeah, just like the Lackoff "framing" book was going to get them out of Congress and What's The Matter With Kansas?

Dean Book "Without Conscience" I'm buying the book right away! The least we can do is support someone who is not afraid to take these poisonous toads on. I said back in 2000 right after the stolen election this filthy Republican Party was a reincarnation of the Nazis and everyone should read "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" to see the parallels. Folks I dared to say this to, were appalled at such an opinion. Well!!! I may not be the brightest bulb, but I saw the light with the thieving Bush and the lying, vicious murderers in his circle. The media Fascists spewing the right wing propaganda and brainwashed millions Pied Pipering along keep this hideous ideology alive and thriving in our country.
Would that we could rid the country of them, but short of a revolution I don't see how it is going to happen. Voter fraud rules our elections, the "opposition" party (Democrats) are completely cowed; so cowed they are afraid to even say the words, "Vote Fraud." Through vote fraud they are destined to lose elections no matter how much money they throw at them and their refusal to acknowledge that the last three elections were rigged is rendering them irrelevant. We need to invigorate the liberal wing of the liberal Democrat Party and quit trying to appeal to a "center" which does not exist. I predict the 2008 "election" will never take place because Bush will have pushed the nuclear button on either Iran or North Korea and the hammerlock the Repugs will have on the government by that time will allow them to simply declare Bush president into eternity. What a mess! What a mess! I am eternally grateful I have no grandchildren to inherit the Fascist state and live and die at the government's pleasure. Life will become so unbearable that eventually people will have to take to the streets with potent demonstrations against the Fascists. It does one good to rant and post a comment occasionally, but that will never get the job done. Broken Top

[Thus ranteth DUmmie Broken Top with the Broken Mind.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm actually reading Rise and Fall of the Third Reich right now. If you take the leap into crazy and accept the DU version of history:

9/11=Reichstag Fire
Terrorists=Bolshevik Threat
and of course Bush=Hitler

Then I guess it makes sense to their fevered minds. They fit the facts to the ir perception and cry foul. Reality doesn't work that way.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm just really, really sorry Broken Top's parents had any children. If they hadn't, she wouldn't have to worry about her non-existent grandchildren.

Mabye DUmmies are just too dumb to breed?

10:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find the denizens of DU to be one of the finest available illustrations of "The Authoritarian Personality" on the Web.

If indeed 23% (not 22% or 24%) of the U.S. is indeed made up of authoritarian personalities, I suspect that approximately equal proportions of them fall into both camps...with a certain residual number of them being too far out to classify, but quite possibly having DU screen names.

12:23 AM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

The DUmmie screeds were too obscurred to be read with 23% of the monkeys flying out of 23% of their asses.

3:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would that we could rid the country of them, but short of a revolution I don't see how it is going to happen

Bring it on Junior. But, like PJ says "don't trip over the pizza box"

-- Rodolfo --

6:35 PM  

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