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DUmmies Nail Jason Leopold

WILLIAM RIVERS PITT has kept a LOW profile recently in DUmmieland due to his prominent role in perpetrating the infamous Hoaxmas fraud which claimed that Karl Rove had ALREADY been indicted last May 12. However, his partner in crime, Jason Leopold, displays no such shyness. Not only is Leopold continuing to post his FABLES at TruthOut, but the cocaine addict and degenerate crook (according to HOWARD KURTZ) is now attempting to defend his "reputation" in DUmmieland as you can see in this THREAD cynically titled, "Leopold writes story - thousands rejoice, grown men cry." The problem for Leopold is that most of the DUmmies, having been burned bigtime by acting like fools celebrating the Rove "indictment," are now very ANGRY at Leopold for causing them to reveal their incredible gullibility to the great amusement of the rest of the Internet World. Most notable by his ABSENCE in this thread is WILLIAM RIVERS PITT who is now confined to merely posting the DUmmieland equivalent of supporting Mom's Apple Pie (i.e. slamming Bush and conservatives) rather than risk being taken to task for his role in enabling Hoaxmas. So let us now watch the DUmmie piranhas flail away at Jason Leopold in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, willing to send a case of Thunderbird to WILLIAM RIVERS PITT, if he ever comes clean about his role in perpetrating Hoaxmas, is in the [brackets]:

Leopold writes story - thousands rejoice, grown men cry
policemen turn in their badges.. birds fly backwards, water flows uphill..

So now he's back, just like Ike and Tina Turner.. "I won't beat you anymore Kevin Nealon.." used to be one of my favorite skits..

I feel abused by this guy, seriously, does anyone else?

Where's the Target Letter? Where's the Indictment? TWICE he said that, TWICE mind you..

I agree with another poster, I believe that Leopold's stories should be posted in the Lounge..

As I recall Skinner said that Leopold had blown it, "Publicly AND Spectacularly"..

I love that, Skinner's cool

[That was DUmmie symbolman posting with a bit of sarcasm. However, I believe that Skinner also stated that WILLIAM RIVERS PITT had "blown it." (Don't be jealous, benburch.)]

Have you some reason to think the present story is incorrect?

[Because Jason Leopold wrote it, my gullible DUmmie, benburch.]

Experience matters. Would you believe anything written by... Jayson Blair, Stephen Glass, or Judith Miller?


all a journalist has is his credibility. Once that's lost, it's almost impossible to get back.

[WILLIAM RIVERS PITT is searching for his credibility in a bottle.]

I take people on a case-by-case basis. Perhaps because I married a social worker it has rubbed off on me? But people are not always good nor always bad. You have to live with an assumption of good faith.

[You married a social worker, benburch? What was his name?]

Its not even a story. Its old news, hyped up as if it were exclusive. He is deliberately presenting old, previously reported information as if its "scoop," exclusive to TO. Thats just more lying. TO and RS do it all the time and thats the reason I think they have no credibility whatsoever. Self-aggrandizing rabble rousing for the gullible is what it is, but for people seriously interested in acccurate information, they're worthless.

[That "self-aggrandizing rabble rousing for the gullible" sure worked beautifully on all those DUmmies who broke out their victory champagne when Karl Rove was "indicted" on May 12.]

Think about it the only way for him to rehabilitate himself is to "write" stories that are factual and been checked out.. this one has been checked out MONTHS ago, by everyone from the National Review to Common Dreams, hell, Capitol Blue probably wrote this one too. Safe, sanitized for Leopold's convenience.

[I still don't believe it.]

I was the one who said Leopold's stories should be posted in the Lounge. Or perhaps they could be put in a DU Group for Fairy Tales.

[Wasn't Tinkerbell one of the sources for Leopold's Hoaxmas story?]

Put him in with the horoscopes. Miss Cleo, meet Jason. Jason, meet Miss Cleo.

[Miss Cleo, meet WILLIAM RIVERS PITT.]

Psychic Reporter Friends Network! Now THERE's a Job for this guy..

[Wasn't that Jason Leopold's prison job while serving time for grand larceny?]

Oh, Leopold is a serious journalist alright... I am positive Rove is still slowly eating up his 24 business hours to get his affairs in order. That 24 business hour reporting was some mighty fine journalism. I think Leopold just didn't realize that Rove would be allowed to divide up the 24 business hours however he saw fit. Any reporter could miss that right? So, it would seem that Rove has deviously incorporated a few minutes of the business hour block into each day passing day. Hell, for all we know, Rove might only be using 1 minute of his business hours each day. That could mean the eventual disclosure of his indictment could take 1440 days - and that is assuming Rove has to use 1 minute of his business hours on weekends and Federal Holidays! When all those minutes are finally used up, you can bet we will all be "returning" to "06 cr 128" when we will discover Leopold was right all along! So yeah, I take Leopold's journalism very seriously

[And that of his editor, WILLIAM RIVERS PITT.]

Okay tell me why there's no Bev Harris here? Tell my why there are some links not allowed on the DU.. I'll tell you why, because they were full of shit, no one could trust them, yet the DU GAVE Harris a Million bucks(AAR helped there), while she threatened to SUE them, and DURING a fund raiser here. Like Virginity, Credibility once gone for a reporter is GONE.. Why do I read him, because people keep POSTING HIS CRAP.. Why do people go to trainwrecks, carwrecks, etc.. Morbid curiosity.. But when we get Leopold IN CAPITAL LETTERS THRUST IN OUR FACES some people get mad.. I do. Why doesn't he be a nice boy and go live at TO where he's wanted

[Bev Harris suckered the DUmmies out of a MILLION BUCKS? That's even MORE than I thought she scammed out of you suckers.]

Leopold's defenders are deliberately destroying their own reputations by defending him. They should not cry and accuse those who can see the Leopold scam for what it is. You choose to defend the indefensible, you get what you deserve, how dare you suggest that because we're all democrats we have to tolerate and support liars among us. As I point out above, Leopold's most offensive attribute is the way he hypes his non-stories in a deliberate, and deceptive, effort to make it seem like he is some kind of intrepid hero, a super-sleuth, which gets the emotional and easily excitable readers who are into personality cults (A lot of overlap here with Pitt followers, because Pitt is adept at plucking the same kind of strings) into "worship" mode, whereupon they have to start denying reality to defend their hero. Leopold is about Leopold, he obviously enjoys making himself the story, rather than reporting the story. Give him up. He's bad for you.

[Yes, WILLIAM RIVERS PITT is also adept at plucking the suckers from the rich fields of DUmmieland.]

Have they explained what happened to "stand down"? I mean, how can they move on without explaining themselves?

[Maybe it is more like a "sit down" like sitting down on a toilet seat in order to "move on" and rid themselves of their constipation.]

Ashton Kutcher starting a new show: "YOU'VE BEEN LEOPOLED!"

[You've just brought a big smile to the face of DUmmie benburch.]

Scam artist. Flim-flam man with nowhere else to go. He's burned too many bridges, and now he's looking for a fifth or sixth chance.

[Jason Leopold or WILLIAM RIVERS PITT? And now to hear from an ANGRY Jason Leopold himself...]

Wow! Mike Stinson is REALLY mad. Normally, I don't respond to personal attacks. But the vitriol coming from Mike Stinson and his wife Julie Sigwart has forced me to log on. Mike, you need psychological help. You're anger toward me is unwarranted and unhealthy. You're completely unhinged. Clearly, their must be something else going on in your life that has you so messed up inside. Sane people don't speak the way you do. To think that you're a father is really sad. I certainly hope you don't speak or treat your child the same way. If you do you're abusing him/her. You have already formed an opinion about me long before the Rove story. So be upfront about that. Bottom line: you don't like me and that's OK. But get a grip. Seriously. You come across like a child when you speak this way. It's no different than a child having a temper tantrum because they can't get their way. It also reminds me of a high-school bully. And if that's how you and the other people on this board want to come across because you believe I deliberately wrote a story so it could turn out the way it did well then you're really not helping your cause because no one will take you seriously.

[Jason Leopold slamming DUmmie symbolman without a trace of self-awareness of the irony of accusing him of needing psychological help, being unhinged, or throwing a childish temper tantrum. This must be one of the side effects of snorting copious quantities of La Cocaina up the nasal passages. And now more of the Leopoldian rant...]

Here is what is so amazing: right now all you have is Karl Rove's attorney claiming he has a letter from Fitzgerald saying Rove won't be indicted. We have yet to see the letter to determine if a plea deal was cut. Fitzgerald's office won't confirm the existence of the letter nor will they comment on whether Rove is out of danger. So you have the attorney and that's it. How sad that you're willing to give a man who has to represent his client's best interest so much credibility. And another thing: for three years we knew that Karl Rove was under intense scrutiny. In late April/early May of this year Michael Isikoff wrote a story in Newsweek right after Rove's 5th grand jury appearance saying that Fitzgerald told Luskin last year that he intended to indict Rove. David Shuster said, quote, "I am convinced Karl Rove will be indicted." Yet suddenly, in the course of one month, from the time I reported my story, Rove was suddenly off the hook. I ask you this: are you not at all curious whether something went on behind the scenes during that time to change Rove's status? How could a man who the public record shows was intimately involved in this scandal and lied on numerous occasions suddenly be given a free pass? The mainstream media has not even bothered to ask these questions and won't report it. They simply took Luskin's statement printed it as fact and said "story over." And there you have it. A press release from Rove's attorney on the front page of every newspaper and no digging as to what went on behind the scenes. You and others are simply lapping up what you are being fed by the very media you claim to deplore.

[Oh well, if David Shuster said that he is convinced that Karl Rove will be indicted that CHANGES everything! Now I see how Karl Rove was indicted on May 12 just like you said, Leopold. And now can I have another hit from your crack pipe before you continue foaming at the mouth...]

I wrote a story based on what my sources told me and I have damn good sources. I never said I would "OUT" my sources if my story didn't pan out. I said, and there is audio of this available so feel free to listen to it, that if my sources knowingly lied to me or led me astray they know I would no longer be obliged to protect their anonymity. Well, they did neither. So there is no reason to OUT them. This is just another rumor that has been started by bloggers and commentators who muddy the facts with untruths.

[Yeah, that Sonny Crockett source sure worked out great for you, Leopold. And as to outing your sources, WILLIAM RIVERS PITT already outed Joe Wilson as a source. There is still another long line of white powder on the table awaiting your ingestion before continuing on with your comedy act which continues...]

And as far as this latest story is concerned. This is a transcript that has not been released. It's 128 pages and it has never been released publicly. There are other people in this world beside you who want to read it. So if it contains "old news" that's too bad. I am reporting on what took place during that hearing. It's not a story I wrote for you personally. And another thing: I am going to keep on reporting whether you like it or not. But here's my advice in the event another one of my stories angers you: STOP READING. Change the channel. Remember, the world does not revolve around you. I find it funny that you have so much contempt for me yet you are the one who started this thread and this dialogue. Perhaps you're secretly in love with me. I don't know.

[Jason Leopold suggesting that symbolman might have the hots for him? Is this yet another Leopoldian degeneracy of which we are yet unaware? Let us watch as Leopold continues foaming at the mouth...]

You need to grow up and stop acting like a child. You sound like a lunatic and you're wasting your energy spewing venom on me when there are people dying in Iraq for an unjust war. Use all that energy you have and direct your anger at the people responsible for more than 2,000 deaths.

[(Marijuana) Pot calling the kettle black. And now Leopold finishes off Rant #1...]

Lastly, here is my email address and my phone number for anyone who would like to have a dialogue with me about my reporting, my life, my book, or what have you. 310-556-XXXX. I'm accessible. Here's your chance to speak to the horse's mouth. Go for it.

[Here is your chance to speak to the horse's ass. Go for it. (I knocked out the last 4 digits of the posted phone number since Leopold has a bad habit of using OTHER people's phone numbers.)]

Prove it, Jason. It's your claim and it's your job.
So, where's proof of the indictment? Did you ever get proof or base the story solely on sources you obviously couldn't verify?

[Don't you know Leopold's gimmick yet? He expects you to prove HIM wrong first. You need to provide proof that Rove wasn't indicted. I claim that a meteor destroyed the ancient city of Atlantis. Now it is up to YOU to prove me wrong. Until that happens, I am RIGHT according to Leopoldian logic.]

Are you seriously insisting others DISPROVE your claims rather than proving them to be true? And WHO sounds like a lunatic? My niece told me she saw TinkerBelle. She'd NEVER lie to me. You should print that, buddy. It's solid. PROVE IT'S NOT TRUE, I dare you.

[And I guarantee that Jason Leopold was snorting Tinkerbell's Pixie Dust.]

Have fun. Resume piling on. You have proven that you're incapable of engaging in mature dialogue. I honestly couldn't give a shit what you think. I don't know you. What matters is that I have the support of editors who are well aware of the facts and sources and the information.

[That's right, Jason. WILLIAM RIVERS PITT has your back.]

You have a pattern of making claims with no proof. That's not a common trait of journalists.

[Unfortunately, nowadays it is a common trait of "journalists."]

Did you maybe think this might not be him?

Oh, it's him. The tone is unmistakable.

[The tone of a drug-addicted degenerate shmuck is unmistable.]

Normally, I don't respond to personal attacks. But the vitriol coming from the Leavitt's has forced me to log on. Thomas, if this is you, you need psychological help. You're anger toward me is unwarranted and unhealthy. You're completely unhinged. Clearly, their must be something else going on in your life that has you so messed up inside. Sane people don't speak the way you do. To think that you're a father is really sad. I certainly hope you don't speak or treat your child the same way. If you do you're abusing him/her. You have already formed an opinion about me long before the Rove story. So be upfront about that. Bottom line: you don't like me and that's OK. But get a grip. Seriously. You come across like a child when you speak this way. It's no different than a child having a temper tantrum because they can't get their way. It also reminds me of a high-school bully. And if that's how you and the other people on this board want to come across because you believe I deliberately wrote a story so it could turn out the way it did well then you're really not helping your cause because no one will take you seriously.

[I'm trying to decide if this latest Leopold rant is the result of a rabid dog bite or just withdrawal symptoms from not using La Cocaina for the past hour. There is more to this rant but Leopold actually copy and pasted what he already posted above.]

Jason, my name is not Thomas. I use my real name. I live in Missouri, which is known as the "Show me" state, and you have shown me a decided lack of character, professionalism, and the lack of ability to address the right person on a thread you are responding to.

[You have to forgive Leopold. Foreign substances in his body system have eaten away at his mental facilities.]

Hey, you already posted this crap in #64. What gives?

[Leopold only had one good rant in him before the OD set in so he copy and pasted with only a few minor changes in the first paragraph.]

We need to calm down and take a deep breath and realize that there is no way that the GOP is going to go after Jason Leopold to get to the Democratic Party. For cryin' out loud, DU is the biggest and brightest and it still has only 80,000,000 registered members. And that is only the number of the people who have register, not the small amount that read and post every day.

[VERY SMALL amount. When you deduct tombstoned DUmmies and LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS, you are left with only around 3000 real DUmmies still in DUmmieland.]

Please stop the madness. I have been doing this type of reporting for 15 years. I have written more than 2,000 news stories. I broke many stories on the california energy crisis and Enron, which appeared in the WSJ. But please DO NOT accuse me of fabricating a story. I have never, ever been accused of that crime by any news organization I have ever worked for. Those accusations have been peddled by bloggers and their ilk and never supported by facts because none exist. There is no basis for you to say such a thing. I have endured serious beatings because the story I wrote on Rove did not pan out. But more will be revealed soon when we hear from Fitzgerald. Seriously, what purpose does it serve for you to make such vicious personal attacks? Does it make you feel better about yourself? Does it make you feel strong and powerful? Do you get off on it? Why does a guy like Symbolman, Mr. Takebackthemedia in all of his self-righteous glory get so, so, so upset by someone like me? Think about it. He makes zero sense in all of his arguments. You don't have to trust me. But you also don't have all of the facts---yet.

[Now I know the drugs are really affecting your judgement, Jason. Just for starters, and your almost book publisher, Rowman & Littlefield, accused you of FABRICATING news stories, my little lying sleazebag. Please continue now with more lies...]

The story I wrote for Salon four years ago which was removed from their website turned out to be 100% true. Just look at the indictment on Jeff Skilling and you will see that is the case. This story, the CIA leak story, is about a popularity contest. It's about the bloggers who think that a guy like me, a person with a past, a drug history and a criminal record, can't find redemption and do good work. That was a lifetime ago. That's my past. I "outed" myself in my book. I admitted everything I did. Do you realize the attacks on me are no different than what the vicious right wingers did to Joe Wilson? This community is no different from those on the right that you vilify. You're the same when it comes to character assasination. That's not progressive and it's not liberal and it's not democratic. Guys like symbolman with his vicious comments are the ones that are really pulling you and this community down.

[Yeah, you sure "redeemed" yourself with that Hoaxmas story, Leopold. Tell us again about the 15 hour sealed lockdown with the Secret Service on the 4th floor of Patton Boggs. Continue with your comedy act...]

Do you honestly think I am sitting out there making shit up? Did you forget that Scott McLellan said in 2003 that Rove and Libby had nothing to do with this leak and the reporters bought it? Yet two years later it turned out that Rove and Libby and now Cheney WERE involved.

[Which is why Rove was indicted on May 12 just like you and WILLIAM RIVERS PITT said. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!]

I'm going to lock this now.

[Said Head DUmmie Skinner before launching into his own brand of weirdness...]

A few things:

1) I really do not appreciate being referenced in someone else's flame bait thread topic. The quote from me in the OP is taken way out of context.

[Yes, you also implied WILLIAM RIVERS PITT in your original flame.]

2) Moderating this thread has been extremely complicated due to the fact that Jason Leopold is something of a public figure, and has been personally attacked on this website repeatedly for months. As most of you know, we generally permit personal attacks against public figures, which is why we have permitted attacks against Mr. Leopold. When Jason Leopold showed up in this thread (which personally attacks him) and started to attack back, would it have been fair for us to delete Jason's posts right off the bat? Deleting his posts would have been justified under our rules, but to me it did not seem fair to do so -- particularly since we were not going to go back and delete thousands of personal attacks against Mr. Leopold posted over the last few months. I felt it was only fair to let Mr. Leopold say his piece. I instructed the moderators to keep their hands off of this thread overnight, and I would deal with it in the morning.

[Thank you, Skinner, for allowing us to see, in his own words, what a complete mental case, Jason Leopold is.]

3) Now that everyone has had a chance to say their piece and get a response, I am going to lock this thread. When I get into the office later this morning, I will discuss with the other admins whether we should go back and delete the personal attacks from this thread.

[Too late, Skinner. All the best juicy stuff has already been chronicled here in the DUmmie FUnnies.]

4) Even though we made an exception last night, we are not going to continue allowing exceptions to our rules against personal attacks. If Mr. Leopold returns to DU and attacks our members, he will get his posts removed. If any of our members personally attacks Mr. Leopold when he is participating on DU, we will remove those posts. But everyone needs to understand that since Jason Leopold is a public figure, we will continue to permit free and open discussion about his public activities, including personal attacks -- as we do with any public figure. HOWEVER, as I said above, when Mr. Leopold is participating on DU we will not permit members to attack him.

[Some bizarre Skinner logic here. He permits personal attacks on Jason Leopold but ONLY if he isn't participating in DUmmie discussions. And what about Jason Leopold's enabler, WILLIAM RIVERS PITT? Are DUmmies still being tombstoned for daring to voice even the slightest criticism about his MAJOR role in perpetrating the Hoaxmas fraud?]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I have a VERY SPECIAL offer for my DUmmie FUnnies fans. It is a product I have been using myself and fully endorse: the amazing HELICOPTER KITE. This helicopter kite flies like a helicopter. You can make it go hundreds of feet into the air or hover it just a couple of feet off the ground. The propellor rotation is done entirely by windpower. Please check out the VIDEO of the INCREDIBLE helicopter kite. Not only was the helicopter kite aerodynamically designed but it is also MADE IN THE USA! The helicopter kites have a LIFETIME warranty so all defective or broken parts will be replaced. Your purchase of the helicopter kite will not only provide you with lots of FUn this summer but it will also help keep the DUmmie FUnnies going. So take a look at the VIDEO and be AMAZED!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Typical liberal logic, we will allow personal attacks, except when we don't allow them... Idiots.

5:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PJ, you can really tell the other side's out of ammo when they send their pervo 14-year-olds out to post bilious trash like comment #1. Congratulations on bowling a perfect 300 at Moonbat Lanes!

Soon you'll have fat teenage moonbat girls making bad flash animations about The Cigar-Smoking Beav'.

5:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: anonymous post
Wow, that was mature, my man. You can't refute anything PJ says, so you turn to a personal attack. (sarcasm) Yalp, you really convinced me that PJ was wrong that the dems and Leopold are right (sarcasm) Seriously, sliming the mother of someone YOU do not like is a third-grader's tactic, or the tactic of one whose mental power hasn't progressed beyond third grade.

Additionally what is the relevance of PJ's mother to anything in the DUFU, notably the Leopold scandal? Oh, that's right, PJ's ma is NOT relevant to this discussion. Post something better-reasoned than this cr@p and maybe people will listen to you. Keep this up, my dear anonymous, and no one will take you seriously.

PJ: Great job with keeping up this site. I appreciate your work in exposing the hard-left moonbats at DU and Daily KOs. Ya keep me informed and in stitches at the same time, a hard thing to do.

Keep up the good work!

6:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gianni, your comment cracked me up.

The thread is still there, but all (except one) comments from Leo have been deleted!! That's interesting. I still enjoyed the end of comment #99 -- "why are we eating our own? Get over it."

8:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ole Jason is losing it. Can't hack it as a nothing hack.

I laugh in his general direction.

11:23 AM  
Blogger PJ-Comix said...

I guarantee you that the first comment by "Anonymous" was by Jason Leopold himself. He posted in the comments section in a previous DUFU and he still sounds like the same SICK puppy. As before, I am keeping his comment up so everybody can see what a sick mind Leopold has. So, Jason, how does it feel to be not only a degenerate drug addict but EXPOSED as a liar as well? Even the leftwing DUmmies are disgusted by you.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent DUFU.

And yeah, that sure sounds like Leopold himself in the first comment. He is completely delusional and unhinged.

I just discovered this site recently and absolutely love it.

Great work, PJ!

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Yo PJ: Your mother ..."

Another 17 year old that "wants to save the world from the right wing"

Stupid child. Go back to your video games.

-- Rodolfo --

3:40 PM  

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