Monday, June 26, 2006

DUmmies Urged To FAKE Confidence

Remember back in early 2000 when the normally stiff and dour Al Gore began appearing in public wearing denim jeans and a big flashy smile on his face while darting his head in a fashion reminiscent of Ronald Reagan? What happened was that Al Gore was FAKING confidence. Oh yes, the appearance was there all right but it was disturbingly off-kilter. Much as he tried, you could sense that Al Gore was FAKING it mainly because he didn't REALLY feel confident. Well, much the same thing is going on with the DUmmies. Although it is still 4 months from an election that is supposed to win them the House back, the DUmmies' confidence is already SHATTERING. As a result, DUmmie DistressedAmerican, is urging his fellow DUmmies that even if they don't feel confident about the upcoming elections then, DAMN IT, they could at least FAKE confidence as you can see in this THREAD titled, "I Know That People Feel Beaten By Election Fraud, But DAMN!" So let us now watch the DUmmies exude fake confidence in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if those Al Gore prosthetic crotch enhancers are available on eBay, is in the [brackets]:

I Know That People Feel Beaten By Election Fraud, But DAMN!

[But DAMN! The UNINDICTED Karl Rove now owns ALL your Diebold machines.]

How often are posts that seek to rally the troops, encourage holding these folks accountable come November, etc. met with, "It does not matter. They will just steal it again. They have too much to lose not to!"?

[Look deep into my eyes. You are LOOOOOSING confidence. Karl Rove controls your destiny. Give up...NOW!!!]

I know folks feel very frustrated. But, if we start thinking like that, the criminals are CERTAIN to win. They win and they laugh their asses off. I have no stomach for that!

[You have no stomach for that? Then you better not read the DUmmie FUnnies. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!]

First of all, if you admit defeat before you even start, you have taken half of the wind out of the sails from the get go. That will certainly not help us overcome any handicap we may have in terms of the voting machines, voter disenfranchisement and the like. In fact, it does nothing but destroy momentum that we should be capitalizing on right now. These fools are imploding and many are acting like not a thing has changed since the last election. While not enough has changed, much has. Number one, America is now fed up with winger policies and well aware of many of the biggest winger lies. People will not be as easily lied to again. America wants change. But, it will never go for a party that projects, "Vote for us even though we're already beaten."

[You are growing sleeeepier and sleeeeepier. Listen to my voice and repeat after me: "You are ALREADY beaten... You are ALREADY beaten..."]

Second, the methods that are being employed in these fraudulent practices are not all powerful. They are by necessity focused and targeted. They can sway the vote up to a certain point without drawing a lot of scrutiny. I do not believe that they can steal a blowout.

[You mean like that mystery box full of Democrat ballots that was mysteriously found in a Seattle warehouse that threw the gubernatorial election recount in Washington to a Democrat?]

So, the only way to beat these criminals is to BLOW THEM OUT!

[Is that you, Monica Lewinsky?]

Assuming we are defeated before the races even really get rolling is no way to BLOW THEM OUT.

[Watch the swinging watch on the chain and repeat after me: "You are ALREADY defeated...You are ALREADY defeated..."]

Republicans have no problem projecting confidence, even when they are unraveling. We have to do the same or they will have no need to steal anything. We'll lose it legitimately!

[Naw! We'll still preprogram a bunch of Diebold machines to swing our way just to stay in practice.]

If you do not have any confidence, try faking it a while. Maybe it will grow on you!

[Try faking confidence... It will make you almost as FUnnie as it did the confidence faking Al Gore. And now on to the other less than confident DUmmies...]

The Player who expects to lose will usually lose.

[Psst! You lose.]

IMO, they will steal a blowout. They know this is their last chance to keep all their evil deeds in place. The election fraud has been working for them for the last six years and they know it..... Since they control the courts and control the Congress and Control the Blackwell's that worked it for them last time, they are sitting pretty. They may be scared but they have POWER and MONEY behind them and they ain't backing down.

[We're sitting pretty and we're NOT backing down.]

I do not see the preadmitting defeat route as beneficial at all. In fact, it strikes me as a guarantee of more of the same.

[Congratulations! The School of Hard Knocks is preadmitting you to the defeatist class.]

Ohio 2005. They Turned a Landslide for US into a Landslide for THEM!

[Piece of cake. All it took was just a twist of a few Diebold knobs.]

The Diebold Defeatists don't like to talk about it, but we won in 05 in VA, NJ and CA. On Diebold machines too.

[FRAUD!!! I DEMAND a recount!!! Oh, you mean the Democrats won those races? Well, never mind. Outrage is only reserved for when Republicans win.]

Yep - we can't have it both ways.
When a (D) wins it is the people speaking
When a (R) wins it is a deep dark conspiracy


If we had had fair elections, we'd have won handily the last several times. But I do stand by your statements about attitude, I need to work on mine.

[Yes. Work really really hard on faking confidence. Keep practicing that big fake Al Gore smile for starters.]

I'm not saying we need to become the cartoon caricatures they've become but, there's really good reason not to be optimistic. Understand that we might be no better off after November than we are now. The GOP message machine is very powerful and November is a long way off. But this is the best chance we've had in a while to push this country in a better direction. We don't need sunny optimism.

[That's the spirit! Keep up with that gloomy lack of confidence.]

open your eyes, take your head out of the sand. the election process is fatally corrupted. they can do anything they want with these elections. they are not only very good at election fraud already but they're getting better and bolder each cycle. ome may be saying give up. others are saying that this is the first thing we have to do something about, that success rests on doing something about it. that's not defeatism, that's just pointing people in the right direction. in my opinion, anyone not loudly blowing the horn, and especially anyone OPPOSING blowing the horn on election fraud is PART OF THE PROBLEM! please, i beseach you, explain to me why the democrats are not making this the top issue in their strategy for winning anything in november.

[please, i beseach you, give up now before you endure even more disappointment.]

Make sure our base knows EXACTLY where to vote.

[At your local polling place on the first Wednesday in November.]

we are poles apart on this issue. if you consider that a "'tude" good luck swaying opinion. you haven't come close to swaying mine. neither you or gotv substantively addressed the issue of why the dems aren't putting this issue front and center. to merely reassert that it is not an issue is bogus. to suggest that obtaining a landslide victory is a reasonable straegy to overcome election fraud is, for one thing, begging the question, and for another, exremely unlikely. in my opinion they can and will alter vote counts to high levels of percentage points and dare us to do something about it. if you have evidence they're not going to do that or are not capable of doing that i'd love to see it. all evidence suggests that major manipulation has taken place and will take place in broad daylight and in large numbers.

[please smile confidently while we manipulate your vote... have a nice day.]

apparently, people are so disheartened they're not even
responding to this call to action.

[please maintain that charming glumness.]

And after the blowout, we need to have our own Orange Revolution if they steal it again.

[As in Orange prison jumpsuits for the DUmmies who go BERSERK the day after the elections.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

They aren't making the issue front and center because they are the ones committing fraud, and they still can't win... Mwahahahaha

1:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohio 2005. They Turned a Landslide for US into a Landslide for THEM!

What happened in Ohio in 2005? Did I miss an election?

7:24 AM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

Icarus: No, it ain't just you, amigo.

Anonymous: It's how we tricked 'em... We set the Diebold timestamps for 2005 so no DUmmies would show up in '04.

8:18 AM  

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