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DUmmie FUnnies 04-07-06 ("Lets not WAIT for Impeachment. Lets throw them out now.")

Remember the dopey DUmmie plan to surround the White House or some such nonsense? It has been almost completely FORGOTTEN because it just fizzled out completely. One big reason is that it would have actually required the DUmmies to remove their carcasses from in front of their computer screens and actually DO something (which is why DUAC also flopped). Well, they haven't given up. DUmmie benburch, in his reliably nutcase way, has come up with another KOOKIE plan that requires the DUmmies to converge on Washington as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Lets not WAIT for Impeachment. Lets throw them out now." And in case you think the DUmmies are embarrassed by this thread that calls for the DUmmies to bypass the constitution via REVOLUTION, you would be WRONG since this dopey thread made their GREATEST page. So let us now watch the DUmmies try to convince us in Bolshevik Red that they can actually tear themselves away from their computer screen to bring about the downfall of the EVIL Bush Regime in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent predicting that even DUmmie benburch will be a No-Show, is in the [brackets]:

Lets not WAIT for Impeachment. Lets throw them out now.

[YAWN! ANOTHER call to action by DUmmie benburch that he WON'T be following up on.]

I think we should all get in our cars, get on trains, rent busses, go to DC, and exercise our rights to Petition the Government for Redress and peacefully occupy the entire city and keep anything from happening there until the whole Bush Administration resigns. The whole f*cking thing. Top to bottom.

[Yeah, yeah. Sure, sure. The reality is that you won't get past the driveway in your tricycle before you feel the allure of the computer screen beckoning you to return to the basement again, DUmmie benburch.]

The worlds biggest flash mob.

[The flash mob just went POOF! And now to hear from the rest of the DUmmie Peanut Gallery chiming in on yet ANOTHER dopey benburch Alternate Reality plan.]

America Storms the White House to remove the corrupt regime.
Any where else it would have happened already.

[It was already supposed to have happened a few weeks ago but completely FIZZLED OUT when the DUmmies realized there would be massive No-Shows.]

what the hell would they do? Nothing could stop a million people from going and doing wherever the hell they wanted to. It's a very scary thought.

[A million? You're gonna have to struggle to get a dozen (which won't include benburch) mental cases to show up.]

I am broke, but I would pull money out of savings...
and take a bus. Nothing is more important than ridding this country of the lying, pre-emptive warring, nuke-mongering, murdering regime.

[Hit on benburch by telling him that he is just $10 away from sending a DUmmie to Washington, D.C. to attend the non-event that he will be avoiding as usual.]


[Or at least promise to watch it on C-SPAN from your comfy sofa.]

This isn't even a protest. This is citizens using a constitutional right that is rarely used.

[Thus spaketh Constitutional Scholar, benburch, citing the imaginary section of the Constitution which allows a mob in the streets to force a President out of office.]

I don't think they'd be able to do much about it.......
A million+ sincere and hopefully orderly citizens showing up to glare at them (peacefully) is not an insurrection. They would think long and hard about Kent State and Tianenmon Square before they used force against a peaceful gathering. I think they'd try to just wait us out. Four dead in O-HI-O wasn't very good publicity for 'em last time.

[And only four DUmmies showing up won't be very good publicity for you this time.]

Then let them shoot me first.

[...Typed DUmmie benburch bravely while washing down another slice of pizza with orange soda in the midst of valiantly manning his keyboard outpost before emitting another impotent BURP!]

My worry is that * would use something like this as a pretense to declare martial law.

[Your worry is that "*" wouldn't even notice the four DUmmies who make up the entirety of that "vast" mob.]

OR-everyone stay HOME for 2-3 weeks. No work, or purchases or trades of any kind. Go to your keyboards & stay resolute. Hands in pockets. This also would work and would perhaps only require 15-20 million irate Americans who have lost key liberties-jobs outsourced-relatives dying in illegal, immoral wars-our planet being destroyed-dollar collapsing in trillions of dollars of all time record debt. Social Security Fund is rumoured to be emptied--etc.etc.etc.

[Finally a proposal that the DUmmies can actually get behind. Just sit in front of their computer screens for a couple of weeks doing nothing. Something the DUmmies are well practiced at. DUAC! DUAC!]

If there was really a way to coordinate that - I'd be right at the rear!

[You'll be taking up the rear in your computer chair.]

Not a coup, a capitualtion. Make them resign, and then replace them Constitutionally.

[DUmmie benburch is under the illusion that one day Bush will look out his window, see a handful of ragged DUmmies in Lafayette Park, and then immediately resign along with his entire administration. So what drug have you been snorting lately, benburch?]

But don't we need the ANSWER Coalition to lead us ... so
So the message of the march could be "sharpened" to be mainly about differently-abled Palestinian lesbians who are denied custody rights in the rain forests of East Timor?


Yep, A.N.S.W.E.R. is I.N.S.A.N.E.

[And DUmmie benburch is N.U.T.S.]

For those who can't go that far away, we should all do something locally this weekend!!!

[Like hitting the ctl-alt-delete button in protest?]

Surround it like we surrounded his Ranch.
Make it impossible for him to live there. Make it impossible for the government to conduct business. No need to storm the White House! A million people in the streets will do the trick.

[So why don't YOU set an example, DUmmie benburch, and GO to Washington NOW? Or do you just plan to watch, as usual, on C-SPAN?]

No need for affirmative action.
Just by being there we would make it impossible to move around even though we would take no action to prevent that.

[No affirmative action? Does this mean that the number of the Sanity Challenged can go no higher than 90% at this non-demonstration?]

And have a V for Vendetta moment on Halloween right before the election... and get all of our V masks, our Russ Feingold masks, etc. and storm the capitol just like the movie.

[Maybe you can have a V for Vieira moment since new NBC Today co-host, Meredith Vieira, likes to make common ground with you DUmmies by marching in leftwing demonstrations. As to the Russ Feingold mask...Great idea! Crazy Nerd masks should be a big Halloween hit this year.]

Every Democratic member of Congress, and any Republican members ... actually serving their oath of office should be at the White House at 9am EDT, 7 April 2006, demanding the immediate resignation of Bush And Cheney.
We then would begin the decades-long, arduous task of rebuilding the Republic and restoring America as a law abiding member of the community of Nations.

[As I type this, we are only a half hour away from that deadline. Can it be pulled off? Oh, the tension is killing me!]


Blogger Capitalist Infidel said...

I've noticed in all these "call to action" threads someone always says something to the effect, if you dont have a car you can take a bus. I have a feeling just about all the DUmmies would have to take a bus. I'd like to see a survey of how many of them have their own modes of transportation.

6:05 PM  
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