Friday, March 31, 2006

DUmmie FUnnies 03-31-06 ("I am so sick of him")

The melodramatic anti-Bush rant is a staple of DUmmie entertainment. The more histrionics involved in the rant, the more the humor value. Therefore this DUmmie THREAD titled, "I am so sick of him," ranks right up there in delivering the laughs. Yes, woe after woe in DUmmie donsu's miserable life is attributed to the mere existence of George W. Bush. Added to the fun here is the DUmmie chorus who chime in with similar woes all blamed, of course, on Bush. So let us view the DUmmies made miserable by Bush in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who is blaming a shaving cut on Chester A. Arthur, is in the [brackets]:

Subject: I am so sick of him

[So do you suffer from B.I.T.S. or PEST or both?]

I am so sick of him. So utterly, completely, sick of him. Mentally, psychologically, spiritually and yes, physically, sick of him. So sick of him that every morning when my homepage opens up to BuzzFlash and the first thing I see is those beady, evil eyes, I have to quickly scroll down the page so I don't have to look at him. So sick of him that the sound of that petulant, whiny, defensive, ignorant voice creates a visceral, immediate reaction and I have to change the radio station. So utterly disgusted by him that three years ago I gave away my television in order to cut down on the number of intrusions per day by news media talking about him him him him him.

[Just the fact that Bush even exists causes you to soil your diaper daily.]

I am sick to death of the lies. A constant, daily barrage of lies that never ceases to amaze me with its blatant, arrogant confidence that yes, here is a lie, folks, and I just dare you to call me on it. And guess what? NO ONE dares. Not one single Democrat, Progressive, or conservative politician has dared to stand up and say, "You are a liar. A murderous liar. And we will not stand for your lies another minute." Only Cindy Sheehan has dared to call him a liar and ask for the truth. For which she has been vilified, and has, of course, received no answer.

[Oh how you yearn for the days of the ALWAYS TRUTHFUL Bill Clinton.]

The murder, the slaughter, the explosions, the maiming, the blood enrage me, the absolute horror of a so-called war brought about by the mere whim of this empty shell of a human being of him. How sick, how tired, how hopelessly futile is my inability to do anything to stop this nightmare. How sick I am of feeling this rage. I am so sick of him!

[You are less than a piece of Cosmic laundry lint in the vast Navel of Existence. Give up, NOW!!!]

I am psychologically affected by my worry about the future that awaits my child. I am tired of waking up in the middle of the night after dreams of Armageddon brought about by a cackling sociopath who prays for the 'honor' of bringing about the End Times that he believes is his destiny.

[You have nightly dreams of Armageddon and yet you attack Bush for being a cackling sociopath?]

I am shocked by my rage. I am a peaceful person. I am a lover. A mother. A sister. A good friend. I volunteer. I raise money for those less fortunate. But I hate him. Yes I do. I hate his guts and everything he says and does. I have never hated anyone in my life. But I do hate him. And for those who say they don't hate the man but hate his actions, I say, I hate the man and I hate his actions, because they are one and the same. You are what you do. And he is Hitler reincarnated. He is a mass murderer. He is an empty shell, void of humanity. And he deserves to be hated, and I do hate him. And I do not have a problem with that.

[Hold on to your insane rage. It is providing the NORMAL people with lots of comedic entertainment.]

I feel hopeless and powerless. Each day I talk myself into working so hard to make my living, and most of all, working so hard to show my child that Life is Beautiful and we should be grateful, because we do have so much. We are healthy, we have a nice place to live and good food to eat and people who love us. And we have each other.

[Let's see... You are healthy, have a nice place to live, eating good food, and surrounded by people who love you. But you DAMN Bush for making you your mind. Are you also haunted by leperchauns?]

But when I see God's beautiful planet being destroyed by this stupid, stupid man-boy, this swaggering bully without one ounce of conscience or Love of Life, I am so afraid for the future and for my child. And I am so tired of that fear.

[The frightening thing here is that YOU are the one hard-wiring your kid's mind with your BIZARRE outlook on life.]

"We have nothing to fear but fear itself." Well, fear is here. Brought to you by him, and him alone. His cult of personality has set the entire world against us, and we have good reason to fear.

[Speaking of cult of personality...Are you sure this rant isn't directed at Li'l Kim of North Korea?]

I am so sick of him.

[Yeah, I think we get that point by now.]

A BuzzFlash Reader

[NewzFlash! Your Divorce from Reality has gone been accomplished. And now to read similar histrionics from your fellow DUmmies...]

It is tragic that our country has a president that evokes these feelings.

[Somebody is psychopathic and it is somehow Bush's fault!!!]

Not only the country, but the world. And possibly an undiscovered planet or two.

[It is BUSH'S FAULT not only here but on other planets and out into the rest of the galaxy as well.]

I could have written that and not have changed a single word.

[In that case, you get to share the Rubber Room with DUmmie donsu.]

I somehow feel better just knowing people feel the same way, not much better, but anything helps at this point. I too am worried sick about my kids and what Bushworld has in store for them.

[I feel so much better knowing that there are other people as mentally disturbed as I am.]

Many of us think he is complicit in 911 and that the last three elections have been corrupt. Yes I know, hard to believe.
I'd hate him without those two suspicions though. In the 90's I thought things were going relatively well. George W. was like a baseball bat to my face.

[Stand by for your daily whack in the face with the George W. Slugger Special.]

I'm talking FEELINGS--why are so many of you hating Bush so much it's virtually ruining your life, your peace of mind, your kindness toward strangers, or anyone you think veers even slightly toward the right? Most of you are not unkind people--not at all! But I see so much unkindness here! I'd NEVER let a president do that to me!


You see, that is the thing that makes Democrats different than the GOP. We happen to think beyond ourselves, our lives, and our country -- beyond our own self interest to see how our actions and our government's actions impact others. We feel the injustice, we feel the pain, and we feel the horror.

[Uh-Oh! Your Smug Cloud is about to collide with the George Clooney Smug Cloud.]

I have never felt hatred or anger like I feel towards little lord pissy pants. I can't stand to look at him, I can't stand to listen to him, and I am sick of being lied to by this piece of shit.

[Shall we increase your Lithium dosage?]

Instead of all the sackcloth & ashes make sure the next election
sees a democratic nominee who can actually win more than 16 states. This party needs a reality check.

[Karl Rove says you really need to send a check to Hillary.]

I wonder if we could file a class action suit against him for
emotional distress???

[A case destined to be LAUGHED out of court...except for the Ninth Circuit Court.]

Bush is GOING DOWN!! He may well face the death penalty and his families dynasty will go down in history as the cause of near extinction of the human specie.

[Thank you for that piece of fecie.]

I'm getting sicker by the day of all this bushit. I'm waiting for more people to wake the f*ck up. Just seething right now.

[Seeth away until you EXPLODE!!!]


Blogger Icarus said...

After reading that, I would just LOVE to repeal the 22nd amendment and give Bush a third or fourth term!!

His presidency has been a stunning success just because of all the angst it causes in these idiots. I'm writing him in 2008.

Priceless. God bless DUmmies. And what the hell are they going to do after Jan. 20, 2009? I think its our DUTY to make Bush stay in office, just to give the DUmmies a little meaning in their lives ...


6:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nah, icarus--just run Laura Bush for President...hehehehehehehe

11:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The funniest thing about the idiot DUmmies is that they don't even recognize that Bush is the best democratic president EVER!!! Free-wheeling government spending! The biggest deficits in history! Opening our borders to illegal immigrants! A post-Katrina government spending plan which is bigger than the New Deal ever was! Using our tax dollars to rebuild ANOTHER COUNTRY! Bush is the new FDR, and the DUmmies don't even appreciate it.

Stoopid DUmmies. They is not smart like us.

10:52 AM  
Blogger Mr. Right said...

"...And he is Hitler reincarnated...."

Of course he is, little DUmmie... and here's the proof you've been looking for!

12:40 AM  
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