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DUmmie FUnnies 03-29-06 ("Should we now form an underground railroad to help soldiers desert?")

In the asylum known as DUmmieland it takes someone special to stand out from the usual herd of whackos and in this regard, benburch does not disappoint as you can see in his DUmmie THREAD titled, "Should we now form an underground railroad to help soldiers desert?" A better question would be "Should we now form an underground asylum to help DUmmies desert reality?" Of course, the answer is that no such underground asylum is needed since the DUmmies, with benburch in the forefront, have long since departed from the bounds of the sane. Basically, benburch, from the safety of his basement computer screen, is setting himself up as an heroic activist fighting the machine of the EVIL Bush Regime. The REALITY of it is that benburch will go no further in forming an underground railroad than reaching for the nearest available bag of Tostito chips while sadly banging away at his keyboard in the gloom of his computer abode. Oh, and a note from Earth to benburch, if you really did consider setting up an underground railroad, you don't BROADCAST that fact on a public forum while staining your T-shirt with salsa sauce. So let us now watch benburch pathetically setting himself up for "heroic" action that never will be in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, thanking benburch once again for his latest chapter of entertaining Full Moon bleatings, is in the [brackets]:

Should we now form an underground railroad to help soldiers desert?

[Only if it means you don't have to tear yourself away from the Tostito chips and have to actually LEAVE Mommy's comfy basement from where you post your rantings, DUmmie benburch.]

I think the time has come that many soldiers in Iraq, or threatened with being deployed to Iraq, would desert if given the chance.

[DUmmie wishful thinking. Continue DUmmie benburch...]

Since I do not think this whole disgusting affair was worth the life of even ONE American (or any of the Iraqis we have killed) I am wondering what might be done to hide soldiers scheduled for deployment, get them to neutral countries, or assist them in forming false IDs to live under until the eventual and inevitable amnesty is declared?

[Maybe they can hide with YOU, DUmmie benburch, and spend the next few years living off of Tostitos and salsa while being warmed by the comforting glow of your computer monitor deep in the dark of Mommy's basement.]

Would this be a good idea now? Would this be ethical now? Would the "Peace Churches" (Brethren, Mennonites, Quakers) assist in this effort as a part of their historical legacy of asylum? I invite discussion of this matter.

[I invite discussion of benburch's mental state and now to hear from the rest of the DUmmie Asylum...]

providing asylum to soldiers who decline to participate in a war always ethical,IMO.

[As is providing asylum for a raving lunatic who posts imaginary "glorious" deeds from the safety of his computer.]

what are you going to do with them? Canada doesn't want them. Maybe a little reverse illegal immigration to Mexico? you cannot encourage someone to break a law (especially one without a statute of limitations, like desertion) I don't think that's ethical.


Hide them in our homes, if need be.

[Before anyone would hide in your home (actually Mommy's home), you would need to decontaminate it, DUmmie benburch.]

You realize you are advocating a felony, if not treason, right?

[Shhh! Please allow DUmmie benburch to continue presenting testimony against himself for his upcoming trial.]

Not advocating... Discussing. I'll let you know when I am advocating it, OK?

[Oh, now that you are seeing there are CONSEQUENCES to this ILLEGAL action, DUmmie benburch, you back away with your tail between your legs.]

It's a discussion. Not advocating anything.
I would take the chance of being convicted of a felony if they tried to take someone I loved and cared for without their wanting to go in the first place. If they started the draft, which may not be too far off, we may HAVE to face these decisions. Just saying.

[Oh yes, the Draft. I remember how all DUmmieland was swearing up and down that a draft would be instituted FOR SURE no later than April...2005.]

These soldiers need a safe haven so that they are not forced to either murder or be murdered in the imperialists war. I'm in....How do we do this? And, of course, maintain secrecy? (Well, not talk about it online might be a first step, lol).

[Don't worry. Nobody knows about this secret plan except for thee and me and the THOUSANDS who read the DUmmie FUnnies.]

I appreciate what you're saying, but you are taking a risk
Every day this board is reviewed by people looking for illegality, and they don't have the same paradigm of intelligent discourse you do. They see sedition, and they see you doing it.

[Every day this board is reviewed by people looking for laughs at the expense of phony DUmmie histrionics.]

I take a risk each and every day with White Rose. I expect to be killed for it eventually if we fail to destroy the GOP.

[The only way you'll be killed, DUmmie benburch, is if you slip while bending over to dip your Tostito chip in the salsa bowl.]

I think a soldier is trained how to get from point A to point B. I'd wager a soldier could get across the canadan border and find connections once up north, to shift on to secure, safe and civil societies that will protect them from the war criminals. They want to lock down all identity paper checkpoints and really imprison everyone, so that they can catch any one of us at impunity like rats in a cage. The military person would probably just take cash and a survival pack, to get across a huge wilderspace border. Depending on the race of the person escaping from the prison states of america, north or south, and the ultimate destination to blend, are simply not predictable.

[How about if WE form an underground railroad to send you north across the DMZ of Korea so you can escape the "prison states of america?"]

I'm not sure why you expect to get killed if you don't destroy the GOP, and I'm not sure how White Rose expects to destroy the GOP.

[The White Rose Society, of which DUmmie benburch is a member, was formed in order to allow deskbound DUmmie computer jockeys feel self-important without having to suffer the consequences of what they are advocating.]

White Rose exists to spread truth. And truth will destroy them. Not by myself, of course. If I am alone in this not much will happen.

[Not much will happen then, DUmmie benburch, other than spilling your salsa dip when you get excited posting your melodramatic nonsense.]

Each person should follow his/her own conscience and act in concert with his/her local organizations...but, broadcasting intentions on a public message board that is regularly scanned, kinda negates the words "underground," doesn't it?

[Don't worry. DUmmie benburch's latest fantasy drenched pronouncement will go NO further than any of his other alternate reality proposals.]

Maybe a more practical approach would be to get the Peace Churches to offer membership to those who might be drafted so that they can get Conscientious Objector status before the draft begins? Seems to me also that a serving soldier could claim CO status after a religious conversion?

[ALREADY trying to laze off from actually DOING anything? Typical benburch. A call to ACTION as long as somebody ELSE has to to the real WORK.]


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Could we get an above-ground railroad to run all these DUmmie peons somewhere else?
The cognitive dissonance of these idiots is staggering.

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