Tuesday, March 28, 2006

DUmmie FUnnies 03-28-06 (Rabid Moonbat Hate Rant)

If you have any friends who doubt you when you try to describe the absolute LUNACY of the Leftists, then I highly recommend you direct them to this edition of the DUmmie FUnnies which features DUmmies screeching into the void with HATRED as you can see in this THREAD titled, "I f*cking hate Republicans (thread #2)." This is the UGLY but TRUE face of the Left. They are angry and incoherent in their utter hate. Slashing blindly in all directions, the Moonbat screeches its Hatred of everything rational as it makes its nocturnal flights in deep cyberspace. The resultant sight is far from pretty but it must be observed in order to understand the disorder that is known as Leftism. It is the same disorder that inspired roving Chekhist squads to "liquidate" the productive farmers of Russia. The same hate that inspired the Sandinista Las Turbas Divinas ("Divine Mobs") or Las Turbas Chavistas in Venezuela. It is the insane HATRED of the Leftist mob who, knowing their inability to cope with life in general, lashes out in hatred against those who have learned to live successfully. If you ever get complacent and think such mindless mobs can only run wild in foreign lands, then LOOK at our own homegrown Turbas. Look at the DUmmie Mob mindset and you will see it RIGHT HERE in the U.S.A.. Yes, they are amusing creatures but they would become LETHAL if given half a chance. So let us now observe the bile-filled rantings of the Rabid Moonbats in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble correspondent, holding up a lead umbrella to protect against the acidic bile drooling from DUmmie mouths, is in the [brackets]:

I f*cking hate Republicans (thread #2)

[You mean there is an equally rabid thread #1? Why am I NOT surprised?]

I'm with porphyrian. It is my GOD GIVEN, or Constitutional Right to HATE any miserable, low-life sonofabitch that wants to put ME and MINE down to serfdom. PERIOD.

[DUmmie Tyler Durden is a prisoner of his own rabid mind but blames EVIL Republicans for his self-servitude. Continue, the doctor is taking notes...]

I know there are some out there that have rePuke relatives or significant others. I'm sorry if this hurts their feelings, but in a REPUBLIC, where it's "Winner Take All," if you dance in the Devil's Disco, you go to HELL. If you're a Republican and you don't support Bush, Frist, Hastert, Hatch, DeLay and the rest of Satan's little helpers...QUIT. NOW. Send in your party resignation. Otherwise, you support by default.

["QUIT NOW! QUIT NOW!" screeched the Rabid Moonbat beating its wings in the dark, dark night. "QUIT NOW! QUIT NOW!" as the darkness is pierced by the dull glow of its angry red eyes. ...And now to continue observing the disturbed brain pulsations of DUmmie Tyler Durden...]

I repeat: if you are a Republican now, SUPPORT Bush, or QUIT.

[If you are a DUmmie, seek HELP now or QUIT...the planet.]

We are the enemy. Until we are willing to call a traitor a traitor, we will never effectively combat the treason.

[Until you seek mental help you will never cease drooling bile all over yourself, Moonbat porphyrian.]

I have a confession to make. The other day in our town, a teacher at a Christian school died in a traffic accident. He was, by all accounts, a pretty nice guy. But I KNOW he and his family were card-carrying members of the American Taliban, and total Repukes and Bush supporters. I found myself thinking that I was happy there was one less of them to vote in November. That's sick, and I am ashamed of myself, but that's what it's come to. I absolutely hate those people and they are destroying our country.

[You liked the teacher but since he was an ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE you rejoiced in his death although you briefly regretted it before returning to abnormal.]

This is a WAR. Not a war brought on by US, not a war where WE fired the first shot, not a war where WE populated the "Intellectual Concentration Camps." Not US. But we have a choice: The FIGHT the intellectual Nazis like the Nazis in WWII were confronted and defeated, die trying, or line up for the Idealogical Gas Chambers. I will not go down without a fight. NOT when I'm not the one who hit first.

[FUnnie how these DUmmies never seem to be able to point out the location of these imaginary concentration camps. The best they can muster in a response is to look it up in Google.]

I am glad I found this thread. You speak for me too.

[How touching. A Rabid Moonbat has found a comrade. Welcome to the asylum!]

Good luck in life. So long as you are filled with hate you will never be happy. Hope you figure that out before too much of your life is over.

[Good luck in your imminent tombstoning for being much too rational in DUmmieland.]

Human emotions are simply biochemical washes excreted into our systems by glands. Perhaps your own body is only capable of experiencing a single emotion at a time, but I and many other people I know have bodies capable of multiple emotions at once, as well as the intellect to control our actions despite them. Hate is no more a problem than sadness or joy for those who aren't ignorant and/or controlled by their emotions.

[And your biochemistry is producing an overdose of acidic bile excreted into your numb skull.]

I never really hated until 1981. Then a white hot hatred aganst anything republican began building, it was they themselves fueling the fire, taking good care of munero uno and the f*ck with everyone else. It continued on through the eighties, getting hotter and hotter, now with this current crop, it's a wonder I'm not consumed by spontaneus combustion. Never, never have i felt the utter contempt and willingness to completely disengage and title worthless this batch of incompetent sons of bitches. Yeah, I hate f*cking republicans too, and I don't give a shit who cares either damn every one of their black souless hearts to the hell they so feverently believe in.

[Translation: "I am just as LOONY as the other rabid Moonbats...and PROUD of it!!!"]

I have a friend who justifies most of the worst of the junta's
military/economic depredations on manifest destiny, basically, tinged with social darwinism we get whatever we want because we CAN! he thinks he's pretty well supported logically/informationally, but when I asked him what he knew about PNAC, etc: crickets after I filled him in, he said, "great! good for them!"

[Did you fill your friend in on other Moonbat dialectics such as LIHOP, MIHOP, and BFEE?]

I feel your pain...BELIEVE ME. My brother: rePuke. Not extreme but backs up his wife who thinks Clinton should have gone to jail, and should still be there. Sister and her husband: rePukes. Mom: Democrat, but has disowned me, thanks to Sis.

[And a WISE CHOICE your mom made, DUmmie Tyler Durden.]

They declared open war on me and mine. Lying cheating sack of shit homophobes. F*ck 'em.

[Psst! I hate to be the one to inform you but they barely even know that a briney little bug like you even exists.]


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