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DUmmie FUnnies 02-27-06 ("If you could amend the US Constitution...")

The DIRTY little secret among liberals is that they really DON'T like the U.S. Constitution. They consider most of it outdated and written by a bunch of rich white guys who had no real compassion for "economic justice" and other favorite lefty themes. That is why liberals are so enthusiastically in favor of an incredibly DOPEY concept called the "Living Constitution" which means they can interpret the Constitution to mean whatever they want it to mean no matter what it actually SAYS. Not only that but one really WHACKO Supreme Court Judge with the ice cream name of Breyer (and what is the difference between Breyer's and Dreyer's?) has said it actually doesn't make ANY difference what the Constitution says because he wants to introduce FOREIGN laws into our judicial system. Therefore it is INTERESTING to see just what the DUmmies would do to change the Constitution if they had the chance as you can see in this THREAD titled, "If you could amend the US Constitution..." So all the phony liberal talk about how much they respect the Constitution, you can see they really don't like it since they have all sorts of ideas for CHANGING it. So let us see the DUmmie amendments in Boshevik Red while the constitutional commentary of your humble correspondent, who is so backwards as to think that the Constitution MEANS what it actually SAYS, is in the [brackets]:

If you could amend the US Constitution...

[A Liberal Wet Dream...]

I'm currently taking a (fascinating) course on Constitutional Reform and we're in the midst committee work writing and voting on potential amendments to the Constitution, which will eventually be debated and voted on during our Convention. So far, our committee has voted to institute direct popular election of the president, lower age requirements for running for federal office, eliminated midterm elections by lengthening the House term to 4 years and the Senate term to 8 years, clarified the power of judicial review, given DC full voting rights, and devolved gun control policy to the state (a compromise between those of us who wanted to outlaws guns and those who wanted to strengthen federalism). We've considering and rejected proposals to make Congress unicameral, switch to proportional representation, repeal the 22nd amendment or disallow all presidents from running for reelection, institute a flat tax (thinly veiled within a claim to make income taxes subject to the 14th Amendment), and a few others.

[According to Algore, you don't even need to make ANY amendments to advance the liberal agenda. You see, with the LIVING Constitution concept you can make the constitution to mean ANYTHING you want it to mean. But continue with your constitutional fantasy...]

Anyway, I thought it might be interesting to see what some of the DUers would change in the Constitution. As revered as our Constitution is, there are clearly some significant shortcomings. With all my hours looking at the Constitution and analyzing its structure, I'm sure there's some brilliant (and progressive!) ideas that I've completely missed!

[Congrats on ADMITTING that you think the Constitution has some "significant shortcomings." This is something that most on the Left will not do. They will instead PRETEND to revere the Constitution as it is but then either pretend to interpret it to mean whatever they want or just bypass the Constitution altogether as Justice Ice Cream Man has done by incorporating FOREIGN law into our judicial system.]

Also, I really want to propose an amendment somewhat like FDR's "Bill of Economic Rights", with a right to housing, health care, education, etc. specified. However, I need to figure out what to include and, more importantly, how to convince the strict constitutionalists of the committee that such amendments aren't policy and belong in the Constitution. So, any ideas on that front would be much appreciated?

[Now we get to the nub of your proposal. "Economic Rights," i.e. Socialism/Bolshevism. So now every time the liberals get a dopey economic idea, they just bypass legislation by incorporating it into the constitution. Want to CUT taxes? Tough luck! Under the DUmmie Constitution you can't because it would be UNCONSTITUTIONAL.]

So, if you could amend the U.S. Constitution, what would you change?

[I would propose an amendment to permanently keep your brain in a state of deep freeze.]

Include no-confidence vote to force an early Presidential vote.

[So every time a DUmmie soils his diaper, the U.S.A. has to stop dead in its tracks in order to have another Presidential election.]

It's an interesting question. If given the opportunity, I'd eliminate any notion of corporate "personhood," publically fund campaign financing, and deal with the drug war the way it SHOULD be dealt with.

[I would make it LEGAL for DUmmies to have access to all drugs at public expense so they would all just OD into another reality. Oops! That already happened without a constitutional amendment.]

Supreme Court Justices have 10-year terms. At the end of 10 years, they can be re-nominated and re-confirmed.

[Sorry but you are now facing a LIFETIME of ApocAlitos.]

Make voting a constitutionally protected right. Make it illegal to not vote (absentee ok... no vote, and you're fined). Election day is on a weekend, or is designated as a holiday. Hand-counted ballots only. Instant runoff voting as the mechanism for contest between more than 2 candidates.

[Even the brain dead MUST vote which would certainly help the Democrats.]

How about mandatory drug screening?

[And only those testing positive can vote. That would also help the Democrats.]

The constitution should have an article on POLITICAL PARTIES.
Their duties, responsibilities, methods of financing and most importantly clauses that emphasize what is due process to insure democratic operation, transparency and the guarrantee of "one man one vote" operation - are areas that need to be addressed.

[YEAH! Let's micromanage political activities via Constitutional Amendment!]

Reproductive rights / control over ones own body (assisted suicide)

[I would be happy to assist your suicide.]

I think a broader protection of privacy may be required
to protect more than just reproductive rights.

[How about a Constitutional Amendment that provides for examining the lint in your navel?]

I would amend the following

[Uh-Oh! Warning Alert! DUmmie Constitutional tinkering is about to occur.]

First, I would make the separation of church and state so clear that there is no room for argument.

[I prefer to make the separation of your brain and head so clear that there is no room for argument.]

Second, I would make it CLEAR that the President CANNOT spy on or detain Americans without a warrant.

[It looks like Clinton violated that amendment. Oh, and so did FDR.]

Third, I would make it CLEAR that anyone charged with a crime in or by this country has the right to counsel, speedy and fair trial, the right to face the accuser, ect. I would make it CLEAR that the President CANNOT change these rules.

[aka the Al Qaeda Cuddle Amendment.]

Fourth, I would make it CLEAR that the President does NOT have the authority to establish Detention Centers for our own citizens.

[Violated BIGTIME by FDR.]

Fifth, I would make it CLEAR that the President CANNOT establish anymore GITMO's.

[No more Gitmos where poor widdle Al Qaeda terrorists are tortured with A/C and orange glazed chicken and rice pilaf dinners.]

Sixth, I would make sure that it's UNCONSTITUTIONAL to torture prisoners.

[Unless they are EVIL Republicans.]

Seventh, I would amend the constitution so that the President cannot destroy or sell/develop all or parts of our national parks, national forests and Wildlife Refuges. These things belong to the PEOPLE, not EXXON or the Timber Companies.

[Just as long as you don't spoil our fun by prohibiting the pouring of arsenic into the ground water.]

Eighth, I would make it CLEAR that the security of our country, to include our ports, is not to be outsourced.

[Why not just incorporate the latest DNC talking points into the constitution on a daily basis?]

Ninth, Congress should only be given a pay raise AFTER the voters decide.

[It won't affect Hillary. She just has Simon & Schuster give her a multi-million dollar pay raise in the form of an advance for a "best selling" book that few people really buy.]

Tenth, Marijuana should be legalized, controlled like alcohol, and heavily taxed, with all revenues going towards health care and Social Security.

[Let's just legalize crack so you can lawfully enjoy your favorite recreational activity.]

All Presidential candidates should have to undergo a psychological assessment, to make sure that they're in full possession of their faculties and are not four sandwiches away from being a picnic.

[That would disqualify EVERYBODY in DUmmieland except for the LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS!!!

Clarify the 2nd amendment. Starting by defining what "arms" mean in a modern world rather than use the word arms which was penned 46 years before the conical bullet was invented. Next, I'd clear up all this stuff about 'well regulated militias' when that obviously is not the kind of military we have now.

[A graduate of the Algore "Living Constitution" School. Just interpret the Constitution to mean whatever you want it to mean.]

Also, the US Senate is a horribly un-democratic institution in terms of representation. I think part of our problem as a nation, and part of the reason our government is FAR MORE conservative than the majority of the population (case in point- most people in the USA are pro-choice. So why are the pro-lifers on a legislative and judicial rampage?) is that the 400,000 people in Wyoming control 1/50th of the US Senate just like the 33 Million people in California do. Ideally, I think that situation should be rectified. Either get rid of the Senate entirely, or California's vote in the Senate should carry at minimum 66 times the Weight of Wyoming's.

[I know this is a STUPID question but do you know what the word "FEDERAL" means?]

I would draft an Amendment to require heirs, spouses, siblings and siblings' heirs of sitting Presidents to wait 20 years before running for the Presidency.

[HILLARY 2020!]

Allow churches to be taxed. The politically active churches, their organizations and any groups who do anything political.

[A lot of Unitarian and Black ministers are going to be very very ANGRY at you.]

Re-do the Senate - 2 for each state is unfair representation...
That Wyoming has as many senators as California or Texas makes no sense to me, esp when we can see now the effects of disproporate representation...


Get rid of state's entirely. Their powers are so diminished today that why even have them?


How about somehow eliminating one party rule. When the country is ruled by a corrupt party, how can the Constitution be upheld?


I think Wyoming only has the population to justify 1/2 a representative, yet the get a whole one, and at who's expense?


And an amendment requiring the death penalty (or life in prison) for any member of Congress, the executive branch, or the judiciary who has accepted anything whatsoever to influence his or her decisions.

[The Stalin Purge Amendment.]

A broad, but clearly worded amendment that would forever, once and for all, take abortion, gay rights, stem cell, right to die issues OFF THE TABLE and out of the reach of Republican wedge politics.

[Why not just make Republicans unconstitutional?]

the 21st amendment did not remove the 18th, it is still there. it repealed it. made it no longer the law of the land. you can repeal an amendment, but you cannot remove it.

[I think of the 21st Amendment as the "Never Mind" Amendment.]

100 percent taxation of profits derived from military contracts

[Thus effectively ENDING all military contracts as well as the military.]

Right to healthcare, equal education & living wage @ 30 hrs/wk.

[Aw! Why not just make it 20 hrs/wk?]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God.
If this is the kind of thinking they teach in school today, then I am all in favor of the stormtroopers and their black helicopters knocking some sense into these knuckleheads, and the fools who 'teach' them.
This knd of thinking would've flunked them out of my law school in about a day.

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