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DUmmie FUnnies 02-24-06 ("We are winning! Keep up the good fight! BUSHCO is going down...")

Rarely have the title and tone of a missive clashed so directly as in this DUmmie THREAD "victoriously" titled, "We are winning! Keep up the good fight! BUSHCO is going down..." To read the title, one would think the DUmmies are on the verge of finally defeating the EVIL Bush Regime. However, when one actually READS the thread itself, it is chock full of ANGRY defeatism. Yeah, DUmmies, you can all relax. You ARE winning...NOT! Even you DUmmies are not at all convinced by the "upbeat" title of the thread. Once again the "victorious" DUmmie rantings are in a very ANGRY Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, telling the DUmmies that the white flag you see waving before you is actually a Depends you will be needing, is in the [brackets]:

We are winning! Keep up the good fight! BUSHCO is going down...

[Your only struggle now is to decide whether or not to be magnanimous in victory although I think the answer would be a definitely NO.]

I know many feel the same as I do ,but I also read many postings with a defeatist attitude. Now is not the time to quit. WE HAVE THE BASTARDS ON THE RUN , MOVE IN FOR THE KILL GOD-DAMN IT. MOVE IN AND FINISH THEM OFF BEFORE THEY HAVE A CHANCE TO REGROUP. THIS IS BASIC WARFARE TYPE OF LOGIC AND IT WORKS,THAT IS WHY IT IS BASIC. Pull no punches, go for the jugular, etc.. We Democrats had damn sure better take this opportunity to strike now.RIDE,RIDE NOW. ...Oscar

[Oops, Oscar. Your Gandalfian words right after that brave intro don't sound very certain at all. And where are you going to strike out from? Mommy's basement computer from where you post those brave calls for attack? Now to hear from Oscar's fellow DUmmies who sound somewhat less than sure of victory...]

I go from hopeful to defeated quite frequently these days. Some days it's just so hard to believe anything will ever turn the tide, when so many outrageous crimes against democracy and humanity are committed in front of our eyes every day, and people just shrug. Sometimes I want to crawl into a hole and not come out. But there are better days as well. I think a lot of us go through this.

[True. DUmmies know well the feeling of having Lucy pull the football away from them over and over and over again.]

I know you feel. It gets very frustrating.

[That was a quick plunge from ultimate victory to utter frustration.]

Not today my friend,today we fight!There may come a day when all is lost. BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY! TODAY WE FIGHT! ...Oscar P.S. I am paraphrasing Tolkien

[You need a long, long rest at the Shire my little Hobbit.]

What are you talking about? We are Americans before we are partisans.


We are Democrats and our Nation`s last Hope. We have these...
bastards on the run on do not let up or our alternative may very well be that of partisans or total and utter submission. ...Oscar

[Hobbit Oscar tranferring to his Gollum mode.]

Sorry, I won't do war with fellow Americans regardless of partisanship. I'm not a dittohead, etc.

[You might not be a dittohead but that still won't keep you from being Tombstoned for sounding too rational in DUmmieland.]

Well I WILL do war with fellow Americans... because to be a real American these days is to be a PARTISAN Democrat! Those others are NOT real Americans no matter how much they hide behind the flag.

[Only Partisan Democrats are real Americans said the tinny voice from the Alternate Reality.]

What can I say? Ere the Sun Rises ! Get Back! I will fight with you.. friend,warrior,comrade. ...Oscar

[Oscar, before you bravely wield your powerful sword in mortal fantasy combat, don't you think you should clean up the pizza stains from your T-shirt first?]

2006 & 2008. What is the plan for the elections? What can we do leading up to them?

[Stick your heads in the sand and pretend it isn't happening.]

The Dems/Libs seem to be so far off message. Would that attract voters? I guess I take everything too seriously - sorry

[More tax cuts and stronger national security. Options that are OUT of the question for DUmmies.]

Bumper sticker: "Republicans Lie" Simple, and everybody knows it's true, even if they won't admit it.

[Simple...and stupid.]

I have a lot work to do. Do you think we are going to win elections on freakin' Jack Abramoff? The spin is already in that he is attached to Dems as well - even if it isn't true. Most Americans think that what he did is normal or not a big deal. Its totally a dog bites man story - guess what America politicians can be corrupt! Also, with GOP, do you think they would let themselves be in this position close to an election? NO! We need a positive message about the Democrat party, not a they suck message.

[Trust me: You will end up with a THEY SUCK message.]

We all need a pep rally now and then.

[A few more "pep rallies" like this and you will be mainlining Prozac.]

What we say among ourselves resonates as our image to the public. And we look like a bunch of nuts b/c of how the GOP media spins it. Sometimes I think we care too much about the truth - we need to just win baby!

[You think you look like a bunch of nuts? Now how did you ever get that crazy idea?]

Bullshit. Nothing I said is nutty.

[DAMNIT! I'm NOT nuts!!!]

A sword day, a red day ! Ere the sun Rises! Ride, ride now. Riders of... Democrats.Ride for VICTORY! I`M PARAPHRSING TOLKIEN, LORD OF THE RINGS AND ALL THAT. GEE WHIZ his words do resonate

[Oscar, I really do think you need to shelve your Lord of the Rings books at least for a day or two in order to prevent yourself from succumbing to terminal Hobbitry.]

Ride now, ride now, RIDE TO GONDOR!!!

[Another Hobbit wannabee weighs in with some deep thinking.]

I want to be hopeful...I really do. And I try to be hopeful.
But what frightens and depresses me more than anything is the seemingly uncanny ability of the "official" Democratic party to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I'm just not sure any more they WANT to win. They never seem to go on the offensive and stay on the offensive when it matters.

[The most recent snatching defeat from victory routine was accomplished when the Democrats stabbed Paul Hackett in the back thus ensuring that the GOP will keep their Ohio senate seat.]

Lets say we win in 06, impeach Bush. Great, President Cheney! - also the country just doesn't like impeachment proceedings no matter what.

[ mean if Bush is impeached then John Kerry isn't automatically installed as our next President? This is the first time I heard of DUmmieland.]

It's starting to smell funny around here. Anyone else notice it?

[I believe that odor is the stench of defeat.]

Its like... when you are playing basketball and the refs just have it out for you. You have to just accept it and play to such a degree that the refs don't matter.

[Sorry. Basketball analogies are not allowed on this thread. Only Lord of the Ring references are permitted.]

Good morning to all, I have to go about my day,ergo leave forum. I appreciate your interest in my posting. ...Oscar

[Hobbit Oscar needs to make a pilgrimage to Mt. Doom in order to toss his DUmmie secret decoder ring into the boiling lava.]

If not now when ? They are as weak as they will ever be . All the bigtime GOP`s are against him/them on this one. Regimes live or die at times like this. WE have to keep on it alive with every thing we can . He/They are going down over this one, stay on it and do not let up. He is a traitor ,willing to sell out our Nation`s National Security for fun and profit as did his namesake George Walker. This is the issue that will bring them down.The Republicans know it, stay on it. ...Oscar

[And give my regards to the Ents, Oscar. Perhaps you can hitch a ride with them to the state of sanity.]


Blogger RightWingRocker said...

Interesting time for the DUmmies to come down with delusions of grandeur, isn't it?


10:46 PM  
Blogger William Teach said...

That mainlining prozac comment about killed me with laughter.

11:01 AM  
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