Monday, December 19, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 12-19-05 ("Anyone else here think that mankind is a mistake?")

"HEY WORLD YOU STINK!!!" Thus sang Lorenzo St. DuBois (LSD) is what is considered the FUnniest song ever, "Love Power," in the film, "The Producers." Of course, Dick Shawn as LSD, meant to be comical. However, the DUmmies are SERIOUS in thinking the world STINKS to the point that they want the entire human race to commit mass suicide so as to remove its "curse" from the earth as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "Anyone else here think that mankind is a mistake?" So sit back and relax while viewing the bizarre DUmmie HATRED for all of humanity. As usual, the homo sapien hating DUmmie rants are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, still a member of the outcast human race, is in the [brackets]:

Anyone else here think that mankind is a mistake?

[Only the DUmmie subspecies was a mistake.]

Just watching a guy on Sucker Carlson who thinks we (homo stupidens) out to opt out of the bio-diversity chain.

[Dingy Harry? He's pretty much of a walking downer.]

Is it true that:

We are a blight on mother earth. We over reproduce and harm everything else on the planet. So how about a breather for a few generations? let the planet heal. If we are meant to be we will re-emerge!

[Be my guest, DUmmies. Take yourselves out of circulation from these mortal coils.]

Kurt Vonnegut thinks we are a parasite on the planet and the earth is rejecting us with disease, famine, and natural disaters. We are not wanted.

[So if disease, famine, and natural disasters are wiping us out, what's the problem?]

We are a total screw up, IMHO, we have this amazing ability and intellect, and then what the hell do we do with it? bio warfare, mass exitinction, nukes, repukes, neocons, famine, deforestation, alienation. (going for some small measure of rhyme here).

[And DUmmiefication (going for some small measure of rhyme here).]

So what does anyone else think our time is up and maybe we should just step down gracefully and let the grizzly bears roam and the eagle soar in clean skies again?

[ first on the stepping down bit.]

OK, seriously here is the web site:
The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

VHEMT (pronounced vehement) is a movement not an organization. It's a movement advanced by people who care about life on planet Earth. We're not just a bunch of misanthropes and anti-social, Malthusian misfits, taking morbid delight whenever disaster strikes humans. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Voluntary human extinction is the humanitarian alternative to human disasters.

[VHEMT aka Heaven's Gate Cult.]

We don't carry on about how the human race has shown itself to be a greedy, amoral parasite on the once-healthy face of this planet. That type of negativity offers no solution to the inexorable horrors which human activity is causing.

[Oh no. You don't engage in negativity. You just want the entire friggin' human race to kill themselves.]

Rather, The Movement presents an encouraging alternative to the callous exploitation and wholesale destruction of the Earth's ecology.

[Nice to know that mass suicide is an encouraging alternative. Keep up that positive mental attitude.]

As VHEMT Volunteers know, the hopeful alternative to the extinction of millions of species of plants and animals is the voluntary extinction of one species: Homo sapiens... us.

[Perhaps the VHEMT Volunteers could ALL show us how this mass suicide is to be done in a trial run.]

Each time another one of us decides to not add another one of us to the burgeoning billions already squatting on this ravaged planet, another ray of hope shines through the gloom.

[Every day in every little way, I'm getting better and better...until I off myself for being a scourge of the planet.]

When every human chooses to stop breeding, Earth's biosphere will be allowed to return to its former glory, and all remaining creatures will be free to live, die, evolve (if they believe in evolution), and will perhaps pass away, as so many of Mother Nature's "experiments" have done throughout the eons. Good health will be restored to the Earth's ecology... to the "life form" known by many as Gaia.

[I now propose that all DUmmies voluntarily remove themselves from the ecosystem of the sake of Gaia. And speaking of DUmmies, let us read the rest of their VHEMT comments...]

Sometimes I can't help but feel that Humans...
are a sexually transmitted disease. yeah, I'm a little cranky tonight.

[Sometimes I can't help but feel that DUmmies are a Herpes sore.]

Indeed, as Bluedawg pointed out...
it surprising how amazingly complex creatures that evolved from simple cell organisms can be so completely fucked up, base, and cruel. Sometimes it seems we would have been better off swimming in the primordial soup.

{Good News! DUmmies have remained the fungi of the primordial soup.]

I believe God has a boss who is a sadist

[Was that the Sunday Sermon at the First Church of the Eternal Gaia?]

Also it is not really true that every other mammal instinctively develops a natural equilibrium.
Deer can overpopulate for example.

[That's why we have hunting seasons.]

I guess an asteroid could wipe out everything but microbes, but then, that would be a fresh start...

[Keep hope alive!!!]

Or the god who made this flawed reality Was an asshole of biblical proportions.

[This week's sermon at the First Unitarian Church of the Universal Whatever.]

This reality is sick.And the reason I know this is true is because part of it(the evil essence) treats me as if my mere existence causes it pain(evil) and gives it a life(as in an evil parasite). I do not blame myself for being kidnapped by the cosmic f*ck up fake reality emanating from an evil ,blind jealous god.

[Actually I DO blame you for being an evil parasite.]

humans aren't a mistake, we're just
the only stage of evolution that decided to stop playing by the rules. Recall that until the agricultural revolution, homo sapien sapiens were peaceful hunter gatherers. Once we started tilling the ground, we were able to provide more food, thus our population grew. It hasn't stopped yet, and all we do is continue to over-consume.

[And while you're yakking away nonsensically, pass me the bag of Cheetos.]

There is a War of Essences, to be resolved on this reality on which the majority of consciousnesses, including those in human bodies, are evil or sickened by evil. The beings NOT of the evil or sociopathic reality who are still viable are to be evacuated,fixed or relocated in a more harmonious dimension suited to the kind of being they are by thier true nature. Those of evil,or the parasitic reality and those beings who's nature is of the sociopathic reality will no longer viable,they will be transmuted or destroyed in a final Corrective process.
I observe when I look at the situation we are in,hoew it really is,and therefore I concluded..there are Two Creations - a True One, and a false one, which has parasitically taken over a portion of the True One.Spiritual reality and reality itselves are sort of like 2 holographic images overlaying each other,they are very similar to one another exept one is false and flawed and sick....When it appears as "one" it's seen kind of like one sees stereo images.It looks like one with depth but in fact it is two. There is A war between the 2 creations - 2 natures - 2 wills - 2 principles.(this is why some people are f*cked,even plato said you cannot teach virtue to people who have no desire for wisdom or emotion of love or shame) There is a reality of temporary,parasitic essence of destructive Evil. Thre is a Final Corrective Process(as in people die off,life endds, Earth changes,or universe destroyed with entropy(or others).(look at what is happening to this planet it is dying and so many beings on it desire death(an end to struggle) in so many ways..)
There will be some kind of liberation of the viable( beings who's nature is not from the parasitic reality /essence/pricipal,overlaying reality). There will be some kind of transmutation of the non-viable consciousnesses in all classes of consciousness: mineral, vegetable, animal, human, spiritual, galactic ,universal ect..

[Are you on acid or merely quoting from a Scientology booklet?]

I myself am an alien consiousness kidnapped here in this body against my will. I look forward to death,so I can get out,go home. The "evil essence has made my life hell to get me to comprimise with my inner wisdom become sick like itself,and lie to myself about what I know and see and feel..but it failed.I'll die before I become a liar and betray myself to my true self.

[Is that you, R. Ron Hubbard?]

The Vishnu Purana, one of the oldest sacred texts of India says about the Kali Yuga, "The leaders who rule over the Earth will be
violent and seize the goods of their subjects... Those with
possessions will abandon agriculture and commerce and will live as servants, that is, following various possessions. The leaders,
with the excuses of fiscal need, will rob and despoil their
subjects and take away private property. Moral values and the rule
of the law will lessen from day to day until the world will be
completely perverted and agnosticism will gain the day among men."

[Hang on there, DUmmie! The Mother Ship will be arriving any minute now.]

I am a VHEMT Volunteer
And I know quite a few others.

[Is that you, Dr. Kevorkian?]

Personally, I think the planet would be better off without us. Even as a kid, I had this concept in my head of being a virus or a cancer in the body of a living organism. I remember in kindergarten learning about the microscopic things that lived inside me and thinking they probably were just going about their business, not realizing that they were potentially injuring their little universe (me). Even benign organisms can endanger the life of the host if they multiply unchecked, and when they do, the body fights to shake them loose. I figure we've got that coming, just through natural selection. The Earth can't sustain us at our present rate of growth for long, and something like AIDS or avian influenza or the super bacteria we're creating with overuse of antibiotics is bound to restore balance if we don't do it ourselves.

[I have this concept in my head of you being a useless parasite infecting the dark dank basement of your parents' home.]

Mesopotamia once had trees, now the land is barren, and salinated and pretty much nothing grows there.

[Please be sure to thank your hero, Saddam Hussein, for draining the marshes and bringing this about.]


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