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DUmmie FUnnies 12-12-05 ("Is anyone esle annoyed with the proselytizing of the Narnia movie?")

The DUmmies are upset over the fact that there might be a (GASP! SHOCK!) message in the recently released Narnia movie as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Is anyone esle annoyed with the proselytizing of the Narnia movie?" Yeah, this is soooooo unique in a movie. As if "Bareback Mountain," "Syriana," or "Good Night and Good Luck" have no messages. The truth is that almost ALL movies have some sort of message. Often people might not even agree with the message to enjoy the movie. An example is "Doctor Strangelove" and its message that the U.S. military are a bunch of lunatics. No, I don't believe this but guess what? I consider "Dr. Strangelove" one of the best comedies ever made and NEVER miss a chance to watch it when it plays on the tube. "Bareback Mountain," is saying its ok to be gay and if DUmmies want to see it, that's ok with me although I'll be taking a pass on it. So let us watch the extreme DUmmie concern with "Narnia" in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who as a result of this DUmmie thread is planning to watch this flick this week, is in the [brackets]:

Is anyone esle annoyed with the proselytizing of the Narnia movie?

[Is anbody "esle" annoyed with the proselytizing of "Bareback Mountain?"]

When I was little I loved "The Lion, the witch, and the wardrobe" from the Narnia series,it is still one of my favorite books to read today, and when I first saw the previews months ago for the movie version, I wanted to see it. When I was little I could care less about the symbolism, and I still don't. But the proselytizing of the movie by fundies, like Robertson and others is making me sick and has turned me off from even seeing movie. Does anyone else feel this way??

[You mean there are Proselytizing Booths just outside the movie theater exits for quickie conversions?]

Clearly people...
...without much knowledge of CS Lewis and his life...

[Yes, despite what Lewis actually said about his own book, he intended NO message in his writings.]

Yes. The Funddies and evangelicals are making it more than Lewis intended
These people are driving me nuts.

[According to the DUmmies, Lewis wished to spread the message of Secular Humanism mixed in with astrology and Hopi Indian Prayers.]

No. Most movies get hyped, and this is a movie. Doesn't bother me.


The two greatest forces in the world, good and evil, can be symbolized in almost anything. I think these nut cases are taking the joy out of everything and God is not pleased...but that is just what my spirit tells me.

[A DUmmie speaks with the authority of God Almighty.]

Wait till you see the full-on big budget multi-part Lord-of-the-Rings-inspired version of the entire freaking bible (including the war in heaven, the fall of Lucifer, and of course, the book of Revelations). Brought to us by our very own febrile christo-fascist wack-job Pat Robertson. Now in pre-production. This brain-melting assault of dominionist christianity on our country is just getting under way.

[Have no fear. The Cloud Ten "Left Behind" flicks were box office bombs. Why? Because the scripts were laughable. Fact is, no matter the message you have to have GOOD scripts (and acting).]

I'm tired of everything having to be turned into something else. There is an obvious Christian allegory in the books, but it's ridiculous to insist that this be some sort of movie 'for them and them only.' There are plenty of people who hail from other religions, or are not religious, and to co-opt it as some kind of litmus test is an insult to the idea of simply enjoying a film as a story. People are allowed to not believe in something if they want.

[And this DUmmie wins a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity.]

I didn't even like the book,
I quit reading it not far into it. I found it rather disturbing for some reason - though I don't recall what that reason was now.

[Probably the use of too many words over one syllable messed it up for you.]

How can fundies suddenly become "more" annoying?
I always thought they set the bar for what annoying was. I'm not going to let the fact that they like something prevent me from enjoying it. I'm sure some of them like pizza. I'm a fan of that as well.

[Go ahead. Please refrain from watching the movie just because the "fundies" like it. And while you're at it, quit eating pizza as well.]

I intend to see the movie and enjoy it as fantasy, just like the Harry Potter and LOTR flicks.
But if a proselytizer comes around and pushes a pamphlet in my face, I'll tell them to take it back or I'll make them eat it.

[You would prefer it if a proselytizer pushes something else in your face at a screening of "Bareback Mountain."]

I didn't know that this was supposed to be a Christian anology-I always saw it as a Alice in Wonderland knock off-but at this point don't be surprised to hear the RW radio nuts to equate the "White Witch" with Hillary.

[Actually I equate Hillary with the Wicked Witch of the East.]

I didn't know about the Christian symbolism til last week
Now I'm less interested in seeing it. That kind of spoiled it.

[Yeah. That pretty much ruined it for you. You probably would have enjoyed it until someone mentioned that there might be a disturbing message in it.]

Please don't let the fundies ruin these wonderful books for you, and please don't make them cause you to miss out on this movie.

[Oh go ahead and let them ruin it for you.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was such a wonderful movie, one of my all- time favorites.
I'm a Christian, and I'd rather kiss a cactus than see 'Brokeback,' but not because it promotes homosexuality; It's because it promotes adultery. Both the gay cowboys in that movie had wives and children, whom they horribly neglected and ultimately pretty much abandoned to pursue their own pleasure with each other as they continued to have their affair. That's not "Beautiful," "courageous," or any other adjectives critics use to describe it; It strikes me as an immensely selfish and irresponsible thing to do.

"but at this point don't be surprised to hear the RW radio nuts to equate the "White Witch" with Hillary."

Yet these same DUmmies see nothing wrong with comparing Vice President Cheney to Darth Vader time and time again.

3:39 PM  

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