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DUmmie FUnnies 12-06-05 ("I'm now officially MIHOP on 9/11")

Try as Skinner might, there is no way he can shield the overall LOONINESS of DUmmieland from the outside world. Yes, he tries by forbidding 9-11 threads from being posted in the DUmmie GREATEST section but that sure doesn't prevent us from seeing the asylum that is DUmmieland. And the topic about which the DUmmies are nuttiest about are bizarre 9-11 theories. Of course, in the world of DUmmieland the terrorists are NEVER at fault. No. It is the EVIL Bush Regime that Made It Happen On Purpose (MIHOP). A "moderate" in DUmmieland would be those few who think that Bush merely Let It Happen On Purpose (LIHOP). Of course, the MIHOPs vastly outnumber the LIHOPs over there. Therefore it is with much interest to watch the loons posting away on this DUmmie THREAD titled, "I'm now officially MIHOP on 9/11." So let us now sit back and watch the DUmmies proudly proclaim their MIHOPedness in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, viewing the proceedings from the local IHOP is in the [brackets]:

I'm now officially MIHOP on 9/11

[Whew! You had me worried there for a moment, DUmmie berni_mccoy. I thought you were going to declare yourself just a lousy LIHOP.]

I've watched the new movie, Loose Change. While I don't subscribe to all the 'theories' the movie presents, there is more than enough evidence to suggest a complete cover up by the government.

[Methinks you watched the movie "Screw Loose."]

The video evidence alone is enough to raise questions that have never been answered.

[If it's on video, then it MUST be true. Just ask Michael Moore.]

One thing that I find shocking are the many scientists, eye-witness accounts and video evidence refuting that the collapse of the buildings was caused by fire, but that their points were never included or considered in the government's investigation.

[If you want to count one nutcase professor and Alternate Reality DUmmies as "many" then be my guest.]

And don't give me any B.S. about planes crashing into the building at 500 MPH... if that's what took the buildings down, then explain how WTC 7 imploded.

[And don't give me any B.S. about the planes crashing into the buildings on video. Mere CGI effects.]

I suggest everyone here see the movie. You can download the entire movie for free.

It's amateurish, and some theories I just don't by, but as I said, there is too much evidence and too many unanswered questions for me to be satisfied with the 'official' explanation.

[Yes. Better an amateurish flick than the eyewitness accounts of THOUSANDS of people plus hours of actual video footage. Now let us fly over Never Never Land and see the other wacko DUmmie postings.]

It's a small step from the lack of Katrina response to the attacking of one of our own cities to allow them to carry out their plans of domination of the Middle East.

[Nice theory but it is blown out of the water by the "minor" fact that Katrina happened four years AFTER 9-11.]

Welcome to my reality Berni! I have probably seen every documentary on 9/11, including Loose Change, and each makes their valid points. I didn't need to see the videos as I have done quite a lot of reading on this, but these videos affirm what I do believe.

[Welcome to my Alternate Reality, Berni!]

I love the smell of tin foil in the afternoon....

[In DUmmieland you get a regular OD of tin foil odors.]

the ability of planes to intiate a series of events that weakened the structural integrity of the twin towers and caused them to collapse of their own weight is well established.


It is insulting to expect you can 'persuade' people through peer pressure (i.e., "if you don't believe us, you love Bush") and 'cliff notes"-style argument. If you want to persuade people with a sincere desire for civil discussion in mind, you would anticipate constructive criticism. I have NOT seen any sign that the 'controlled demolition' people are willing to do that.

[And this DUmmie wins a Kewpie Doll for having a very brief moment of mental clarity!]

If you haven't watched the video, you have no place to argue it's evidence

[The earth is flat. If you haven't watched the video then you have no place to argue it's evidence.]

No one really believes the stupid official myth of 9/11

[With the exception of the severely sane.]

They just can't face the practical implications of the truth.
That elements of our own government,military and private sector would cold-bloodedly murder American citizens on our own soil, perpetrate a massive media hoax using their controlled broadcast networks and supine print media; manufacture a false-flag "terrorist attack" as pretext to launch aggressive wars aborad, stip us of our basic rights and civil liberties, and impose a domestic police state on us ... in order to "protect" us.

[Thus spaketh another Rubber Room DUmmie.]

A camera on a tripod many blocks from the WTC shook 9-seconds before the South Tower started to collapse

[Why didn't you say so before? That pretty much convinces me now that the official theory is wrong and the DUmmie conspiracy theories are right. A camera on a tripod shaking is rock solid proof that the planes did not bring down the WTC Towers.]

I only caught the first few minutes of the video (slow connection), but it shows the first crash, and it's clear that if the plane was real, its impact was fully absorbed by the steel structure, just as it was designed to be.

[That's a big IF there since we all know the planes weren't real.]

Regarding the top sections, which fell down through the cores instead of rotating off, I believe that the scientific principle in question here is not conservation of momentum, but its cousin, conservation of angular momentum, which (simplifying) says that once a rigid body begins rotating around an axis under the influence of a constant force, like gravity, it will maintain that rotation unless some additional force (like dynamite) interferes with it.

[Is that you, Professor Irwin Corey?]

The demolition stuff sounded like late-night radio paranoia.
Then I realized that not only had the Trade Center been demolished, but in a completely obvious and shameless way, and that we'd been lied to by FEMA, NOVA, MIT, the NIST, the FDNY, National Geographic, Rudy Giuliani, Leslie Robertson, and on and on.

[You were right in the first place. It does sound like late-night radio paranoia. Please forward this material to Phil Hendrie.]


Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

These guys wouldn't be ashamed to put forward the Chewbacca Defense in court.

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Blogger RightWingRocker said...

Just when you thought the DUmmies couldn't get any loonier!

I'll be linking this one, probably tomorrow. Definitely come by and look for it.

Also, I have another suggestion. I'm just not an expert on the DUmmie lexicon, and I've been taking on faith that the meanings of these things would come around, as MIHOP and LIHOP did today. Perhaps you could put one together that we could click from the side-bar for those of us who don't live in their world?

This is easily one of my absolute favorite blogs. I read every day.


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