Monday, November 28, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 11-28-05 ("Famous People you use to love and respect but now YOU HATE")

Most celebs are hard core liberals so it is interesting to view the HATE that the DUmmies extend to the FEW celebs that support Bush as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Famous People you use to love and respect but now YOU HATE." Yes, there are only a FEW celebs who support Bush but even those few are INTOLERABLE in the eyes of the DUmmies. They MUST be removed from the face of the earth. So let us now view the intolerant hate of the DUmmies directed to a few select celebs in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who has inside info that Mr. Ed was secretly a conservative, is in the [brackets]:

Famous People you use to love and respect but now YOU HATE
Because they are Bush loving insane Republicans?!

[Mr Ed?]

Arnold ! FU Terminator! I can't believe I lusted for your body.

[Hasta la vista, BABY!!!]

It adds a new dimension to the movie "Predator"
I now root for the predator. It's a whole new movie. Disappointing ending.

[You're one ugly motherf*cker.]

too bad he isnt a girlie man, i would have more respect for him

[Then let Alan Alda bask in your warmth.]

Ray Bradbury! F*ck Mr Fahrenheit! FU Mr Republican so called 'good' writer. I write all day on the computer and ya know what? ITS EASY and you suck and I will throw away your books or maybe use them to lite a fire!

[Fahrenheit 451.]

Ray Bradbury is a bat-shit crazy old man

[Like George Soros?]

Can't even *stand* to have "Everybody Loves Raymond" on
anymore b/c of that hateful rightwing twit that plays his wife. Patricia Heaton, is it? Bllllecccccchh!

[Rumor has it that an extra on that show is also a hateful rightwing Republican.]

Loretta ENTIRE family was GUTTED when we
Found out Loretta Lynn was a Junior supporter. We always knew she was a Repuke...which is BIZARRE considering how poor she grew up. But it was TERRIBLE to find out she supported Junior.

[My entire family had to enter an Anger Management Program when we found out that ugly fact.]

Lying, pathetic, piece of shit, Bob Woodward. A sellout and a Bush shill. He tried to throw real journalists off of the trail of his White house buddies, but the world saw through it all. He's a collosal disgrace and will go down in history as a tainted "journalist". His books on Bush which gush all over the Chimperor will be dismissed as mere propaganda. His integrity is non-existent. His honor has evaporated into the hot air he bellows in defense of the White House and his own miserable, shit stained career.

[I've been developing a "strange new respect" lately for Bob Woodward.]

Curt Schilling... I don't hate him, but it sure was annoying for him to break up the symbolic beauty of a Massachusetts team winning the WS right before the '04 election by saying, "I hope people vote Bush on Tuesday." What a killjoy.

[He sure killed YOUR joy.]

Also found out Luis Gonzalez was a dumb ass when he campaigned for Bush during 2004,and in a fit of disgust, threw out his Bobble head (symbolic, yet satisfying).

[This doesn't suprise me a bit since Luis Gonzalez is one of the more prominent Freepers (Banana Republican).]

Dean Koontz.. Used to read all his books. Saw him and his wife on the repug donors list..

[I once spotted Dean Koontz smiling in the direction of Margaret Thatcher.]

Used to really like.... Charlton Heston but he became too rabidly right wing.

[Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!]

Bill Cosby. He's a huge disappointment as far as I'm concerned.

[That's only because Cosby makes sense.]

Michael Crichton. Cant say I loved him but Ive been a fan of his since "The Andromeda Strain". Now he is trying to debunk global warming.

[When the bomb goes off there'll be a thousand mutations! Andromeda will spread everywhere! They'll never be rid of it!]


Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

Can't believe they left off Bruce Willis! Dude's my new Hollywood hero.

Who would you rather see as the President? Bruce Willis, or Barbara Streisand? HA HA HA


(and Patricia Heaton's a hottie).

1:03 AM  
Blogger FlaK said...

Bruce Willis for President? I could live with that.

12:03 PM  
Blogger Icarus said...

Patricia Heaton IS, in fact, a hottie. That's why I never much cared for "Everybody Loves Raymond ..." --- I never really believed she'd hook up with that putz.

But I digress. I suggest a Willis/Heaton Republican ticket in 2016. She'll still be a hottie of the mature sort, and he'll still be able to dismantle any liberal weenie that might come along.

You heard it here first. John McClane for Prez in '16.

12:48 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...


While your idea has much righteousness, I would feel ashamed to have the same thoughts about the VP as I do Patricia! heh ;)


"Yipeekiyay, motherf****** terrorists!"

3:34 AM  
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