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DUmmie FUnnies 12-06-05 (DUmmies Nervous Over COLLAPSING DeLay Case)

Pity the poor DUmmies. They constantly get their hopes UP only to have them CONSISTENTLY dashed on the cold rocks of reality. Remember the DUmmie jubilation of the DUmmies when it appeared that John Kerry won a LANDSLIDE VICTORY in the exit polls? Gone. Or their antication of Kerry being inaugurated on Jan. 20 due to the overturning of the Ohio election results? Gone. And how the Jeff Gannon case was going to bring the downfall of the entire Bush Regime? Gone. The list goes on and on. The Day When Everything Finally Changed? Forgotten. The NEXT Day When Everything Finally Changed on Sept. 24? Fortunately for Pied Piper Pitt that embarrassing failure was never even noticed in the first place since it was completely buried under Hurricane Rita coverage. But ah! Fitzmas was coming early at the end of October when Karl Rove would surely be indicted in Plamegate, a crime that didn't even exist in the first place. So Fitzmas came and went with nary a stir...and Rove nowhere near a stir. But wait! The DUmmies still held out hope for the trumped up charges against Tom DeLay. Well, we already have a clear idea where the trumped up money laundering charge is going to go by observing what happened to the trumped up conspiracy charge. Tossed out by the judge yesterday. And if this case ever goes to trial it will quickly be dismissed because it is equally as trumped up as the phony case against Kay Bailey Hutchinson that was tossed out of court the moment it entered those chambers. The DUmmies should have had a heads up on where the phony DeLay case was going by noting the miserable track record of partisan Democrat prosecutor Ronnie Earle who bombed bigtime in trying get rid of Hutchinson and is now desperatelytrying to remove DeLay. Yes, this whole case had ONE purpose only. Bring indictments against Tom DeLay for the SOLE PURPOSE of removing him from the Majority Leader post in Congress. And now that Earle's phony case is collapsing before us, the DUmmies are nervous, very nervous as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Judge dismisses one felony indictment but upholds another (Delay)" as well as this THREAD titled, "FRESH OFF THE WIRE: One charge against Delay dropped..." Yes the DUmmie Coyote is ONCE AGAIN beginning to breath in the acidic Road Runner dust while another ACME Co. package in the form of the phony Ronnie Earle indictments explodes in his face. BEEP! BEEP! As usual, the dashed DUmmies hopes are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that the Road Runner bears a vague appearance to Tom DeLay, is in the [brackets]:

FRESH OFF THE WIRE: One charge against Delay dropped...

[Uh-Oh! It looks like Lucy is pulling the football away AGAIN from an anxious DUmmie foot.]

Judge tosses conspiracy charges against ex-House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, but allows money-laundering charges, according to AP.

[And with the DUmmmie (and Ronnie Earle) track record, we all know where the rest of the case is heading.]

Still good enough for me! ....

[Were you at John Kerry's inauguration on Jan. 20?]

So... he laundered the money but there wasn't a conspiracy?

[Questions like that will get you tombstoned my little DUmmie.]

do you think all charges should now be dropped?

[If the past is any guide, what do you think?]

I say we throw completely unrelated charges on
...just for fun because we know he derserves them.

[Is that you, Ronnie Earle?]

the pig deserves a lot worse than anything we can throw at him

[So lets just make up charges!]

Isn't that kind of hard to do?
Don't you need, like, accomplices at the bank or at least someone to help feed quarters into the machines?

[Yes. You are correct. It is kind of hard to launder money without a conspiracy. And your Kewpie Doll insight will earn you a quick tombstoning.]

All of us would have loved to keep that charge in there, and sure we're happy they didn't drop everything, but I for one, hoped that NOTHING would have been dropped.

[Don't worry. The remainder of Earle's case is as solid as the one he had against Kay Bailey Hutchinson. Hee! Hee! And now on to the other DUmmie thread...]

Judge dismisses one felony indictment but upholds another (Delay)

[Give him time...]

Is the case falling apart?

[And this DUmmie wins a Kewpie Doll for having a very brief moment of mental clarity!]

As long as every week there is a new indictment of a republican until 2008, the R's will spend more time defending themselves that wrecking the country. That's over 156 indictments I am still waiting on.

[Just toss phony charges against the wall and HOPE something sticks.]

The conspiracy charge would have implicated the national republican party looks to me like they are sacrificing Delay to save the party now.

[Or maybe, just maybe, there was NO conspiracy.]

Seems like a conspiracy to me. He couldn't launder the money by himself.

[BINGO! And since the conspiracy charges have been tossed, so goes the money laundering charges.]


[As is the rest of the case.]

The money-laundering charge also contains elements of the.... ...earlier conspiracy charge.

[Which was dismissed.]

The conspiracy charge was unnecessary
after the money laundering charge was made, since it's an even more serious crime. So now they're dropping it because they are going with the "upgraded" (so to speak) charge.

[The beads of sweat drenching your body are duly noted.]

DeLay's lawyer gets his mantra in also!

[Tom DeLay is allowed to have a lawyer? OUTRAGEOUS!!!]

I got a rope!

[To place around your neck when ALL the charges are dumped.]

Bye Bye Majority Leader!!! and hello jail time!!!
Delay is going to jail!!!

[Do not go to court. Go straight to jail!!!]

This really is the funniest FR thread I have ever had the bad misfortune of reading. Pardon me while I go take a long steaming hot shower.

[To wash the nervous beads of sweat off your body.]

And Lucy yanks the football away from Charlie Brown!!!

[You must be a regular reader of the DUmmie FUnnies to know about that constant theme and imagery of frustrated DUmmies!]


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