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DUmmie FUnnies 12-05-05 ("Open Letter to Howard Dean, Re: 'Election Fraud'")

One of the most entertaining aspects about owning a DUmmie Ant Farm is watching how visibly upset the little critters get whenever they get all worked up over "election fraud." They just can't over it. The topic just drives them absolutely NUTS every time they think about it. And now the entertainment value of their frustration has been upped a few notches by this hilarious THREAD titled, "Open Letter to Howard Dean, Re: 'Election Fraud.'" Yes, the nuts are faxing the loony screamer on the topic of "election fraud" and the results are LOTS of laughs. One of the entertaining aspects of this thread is the author, DUmmie reprehensor actually identifies her real name (before denying it), thus allowing me to Google her and get additional laughs from the results which clearly show she is an OBSESSED nut job. So sit back and enjoy the continuing comedy show of DUmmie obsession over "election fraud" in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, lighting a candle for Landslide Lyndon who actually DID commit such fraud, is in the [brackets]:

Open Letter to Howard Dean, Re: "Election Fraud"

[Stand by for LAUGHS!!!]

FAXED TO DNC HQ: (202) 863-8174

Dear Chairman Dean and the DNC,

Got your newsletter: "Democrats will take back the House and the Senate in 2006. Send money."

[The Democrats are just $10 away from taking back the House and the Senate in 2006.]

I'd love to help out, but I can't bear to witness more pure hearts breaking because of election fraud. Apparently the DNC refuses to take it seriously, so here's what I'm going to do - because for me, it's dead serious.

[ALL your Diebolds belong to us.]


I'm going to $upport Bob Fitrakis for Ohio Governor, because Bob's going to talk about election fraud every chance he gets.
He is the incredible attorney/journalist/activist who led the citizen investigation of the Ohio Vote Fraud. Author of
"How George W. Bush Stole the 2004 Election." and editor of the Columbus FreePress.
BTW, (no surprise to anybody) Fitrakis is a Green. /

[I too am going to support Bob Fitrakis for Ohio Governor since this obsessed Green nutjob is sure to drain votes away for the Democrat candidate in the general election.]


I'm going to send $ to John Bonifaz, who's running for SOS in Massachusetts. I really believe he should be President - ASAP. / This is the guy who created and the National Voting Rights Institute, who wrote "Warrior-King: The Case for Impeaching George W Bush" and will institute the Voter Bill of Rights,

[I also support John Bonifax for SOS...of the Rubber Room.]


I'm going to ask all my vote-loving pals to sign the petition supporting the Rush-Holt bill, immediately. Now there's legislation that should have passed YESTERDAY.

[Any relation to the Norwood-Dingell bill?]


Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) has introduced a bill, S. 1975, The Deceptive Practices and Voter Intimidation Prevention Act of 2005. I'm calling Senator Boxer to stand with him. This could put lots of Repug thugs on notice for the 2006 election.

[OBAMA STEPS UP...and strikes out.]

Chairman Dean, how are YOU going to lead?

[With a loud "YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH" and a skip-a-dee-doo-dah in my dance step.]

I don't want to read any DNC decrees. There's a war being waged by the Republican touchscreen companies to eat up our Democracy. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY. I know you're aware of this.

[Please, Mr Dean! ENABLE MY OBSESSION!!!]

I saw you Dr. Dean, you sat there with Bev Harris, and she showed you how easy it was to hack the vote. "Whoa!" you said. I know you have Mark Crispin Miller's excellent "Fooled Again: How the Right Stole the 2004 Election & Why They'll Steal the Next One Too." AND I know Rev. Jesse Jackson put you with Bob Fitrakis to hear about the Ohio Fraud.

[I saw you Dr. Drean, you sat there with Bev Harris, and she showed you how easy it was to pick your pocket.]

Where'd you go, Howard??
You know we've already lost Ohio to Diebold Republicans?
Doesn't Ohio figure in your master plan to take back the White House?
What about Florida? No? Don't need that state either?
I'm sure you know that North Carolina just caved and certified Diebold, didn't you?

[What about pregnant chads, Howard???
What about Nachos? No? Don't have the munchies either?
I sure you know that I just spilled the spaghetti sauce, don't you?
Do you believe in life after birth? Is Up the opposite of Down? Can I just walk out into the street and scream in frustration? That okay with you, too?]

Not a penny, not one phone call, not one online electron will I give to the Democratic Party until you seriously address the fraudulent election process that caused us to lose the last election.

[Not One Damn Dime Day. Been there. Done that. Flopped.]

Get the DNC on board, get some guts and get it done.


Onward, as sincere as they come,

[Sincere, yes, but definitely FUnnie. Yes, very FUnnie!!!]

Sheri Leigh Myers
Election Reform Activist
Los Angeles

[Since this DUmmie actually gave out her real name (before bizarrely denying it later in this thread), I was able to Google her and gets lots of additional laughs from reading the results of her obsession.]

p.s. And just to show how sincere I am, I'm asking 1000 of my vote-loving web friends to substitute their names and fax this letter to you at the DNC, (202) 863-8174, give $$ to Fitrakis and Bonifaz and ask all their friends to do the same.

[Don't worry, Sheri (or whoever you later claim to be or not be). It won't be hard to get a whole herd of your fellow DUmmies to share in your obsession. Hey, when you have MIHOP and LIHOP nutcases digging around energetically in the DUmmie Ant Farm, finding "election fraud" yo-yos is a piece of cake. And now Club DUmmie will provide more comedy entertainment from Sheri's fellow whackjobs...]

if we ALL signed YOUR a petition...and YOU forard it. I currently have a non-working printer. And no personal fax machine. I would be glad however to sign on to your a petititon... directly. In one or two days on DU, we could have a large list of sign-ups for your letter.

[You do ALL the work, Sheri. Plus I'm to cheap to send a FAX.]

I can't thank you enough for posting this
I have been giving to the DNC with voter fraud on the forefront of my mind. I have no confidence in the system. I would gladly sign a petition....

[...if YOU pay for the FAX.]

the re pub's are laughing at us, they know how timid the Dem's are over controversy.

[We ARE laughing at you but it is because we know how FUnnie you are over this "election fraud" obsession.]

FITRAKIS IS RUNNING AS A *GREEN* , according to his website. ...and he is bashing the Democratic Party.

[Sounds good to me.]

Better America=When dems are in power,Worse America=When reps are in power

[Is that you, Katy Couric?]

There is ONE cosponsor on Obama's bill: John Kerry
However, Ms. Myers does not see fit to give any credit there.

[Okay, I'll give John Kerry credit for being as deluded as Obama.]

You got it, Sheri. Well done! When you're done, mail him the thread.

[And don't forget to send him the DUmmie FUnnies edition of this thread.]

That's right! Scream your head off about this!
Keep doing it until they listen!

[Keep doing it until the laughter subsides.]

Excellent, we must keep the election fraud issue alive!

[The obsession must NEVER DIE!!!]

Paper ballots NOW! Hand counts NOW!!!

[Pregnant chads NOW!!!]

Howard Dean was present for the BBV Demo of how a monkey was
trained in 10 minutes to hack the tabulator count.

[Howard Dean was present for the DNC Demo of how a monkey was trained in 10 minutes to vote for the Democrats twice.]

A couple things...

1. I'm not Sheri.

[ 2. You're not sane. Even DUmmie reprehensor is too embarrassed to admit she is Sheri Leigh Myers.]

Dean is the #1 Dem leader, therefore it is HIS responsibility to be fighting election fraud every single day. He needs to address it every time he speaks in public.

[Dean needs to show he is as obsessed as we are.]

Bev Harris robbed CA (where I live) of its right to sue Diebold ever again.

[Bev Harris also robbed thousands of DUmmies of what little money they have.]

Bev Harris doesn't own the topic of election fraud. She has only used it to enrich herself.

[Thanx to the many, many DUmmie suckers. Oh, and also thanx to Randi Rhodes. Let's give her some credit as well for enabling the Bev BBV scam.]

I just read at Kos that the next step in the 50 state strategy is building at the precinct level. I did not realize that.

"The DNC's next stage of the 50 State strategy, the precinct organizing piece, will be huge. They are committed to building up the local parties, not just providing the new organizing staff paid for by the DNC, but offering training to state party staff, to turn around and offer training to local parties too. Dean visiting all the states to help state parties fundraise is also much appreciated. Stay turned to find out how it will be rolled out thru the states and how you can sign up."

[The DNC's next stage is to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.]

I felt like I was watching a bad episode of the twilight zone in where one wakes up and finds themselves in another state of existance..

[It's a place beyond the dimensions of time and space. Look out for that signpost up ahead! You are now entering...the DUmmie Zone.]

This is such a sad thread. You don't even know Dean's goal...
Why do you think he is asking us to build the party on small donations? So he can wean it off corporate money.

[Or maybe he knows that cheap donations are all he can get.]

I spoke about election fraud with Dean in the Albany, NY airport 2 or 3 years ago as we walked through the airport (we were on the same plane). That is, I talked. He listened. I guess he's still listening. Time to start TALKING, Dr. Dean!

[Be thankful you got that much time. When nutcases try to talk to me at the airport, I only give them about 2 seconds of my time before walking on.]


Blogger RightWingRocker said...

Time to start TALKING, Dr. Dean!

He doesn't know how to talk, just scream AAAARRRRRGGGHHHH.


3:30 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

I fully support Sheri Leigh Myers.
In fact, she has convinced me not to send money to the DNC.

Well done! ;)


4:38 AM  

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