Friday, December 02, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 12-02-05 ("the truth about 9/11 is the ultimate time bomb . . .")

Have you ever noticed how the DUmmies NEVER express the least bit of outrage against the terrorists? In the world of DUmmieland the Bush administration (or "regime" in their lexicon) is so EVIL that it overrides any outrages that the terrorists have committed. Well, here is the latest (or at least the latest publicly admitted). The terrorists were innocent of taking down the World Trade Twin Towers on 9-11. The real culprit in their view is located in Washington, D.C. as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "the truth about 9/11 is the ultimate time bomb . . ." So join me in diving into the depths of DUmmie paranoia expressed so touchingly in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, holding leather mouth strap at the ready, is in the [brackets]:

the truth about 9/11 is the ultimate time bomb . . . waiting to explode . . . despite compelling evidence to the contrary, most Americans want to believe the "official" story of what happened . . . more than that, they NEED to believe it . . . because to not believe it lays open the issue of their own government either passively or actively facilitating the attacks . . . and for most Americans, that's the ultimate in cognitive dissonance -- something they just can't wrap their minds around, and will resist doing as long as humanly possible . . .

[The truth about your mental health is the ultimate time bomb...]

but in the end, truth will out . . .

[The truth will are definitely a LUNATIC.]

the evidence is there, plain as day . . . and when the masses finally start questioning, and finally start doing some investigating, they'll quickly find out that the official story is bs, and that on 9/11/01 something was thoroughly rotten in DC . . . and that's when all hell will break loose . . .

[You could have saved yourself time by merely typing "MIHOP" like several score fellow DUmmies. Now on to the remarks of your fellow loons...]

9/11 has become like "Area 51" It starts with whispered exchanges, gets denounced as "conspiracy lunacy," then finally starts hitting the mainstream. If you showed Americans evidence of aliens on earth tomorrow they'd say "oh yeah, I kinda figured that."

[And what planet are YOU from?]

The truth must come out and we cannot wait 40 years like with the Kennedy assassination. In 40 years the players will be dead and no one will care enough to take real action. I have been organizing on this issue for a year, but we only make small steps progressing toward the MSM publishing the truth as we activists have discovered it.

[You are hot on the trail! Lee Harvey Oswald flew those planes.]

DU sure likes to bury these stories, by moving ANYTHING with a hint of 911 in it out of general discussion. And I noticed you can't recommend it for the greatest page either! What the f*ck is up with all that? This is EXACTLY the reason I chose not to donate to DU. They are DLC run, let the DLC fund DU.

[Perhaps Skinner is a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

it's so much easier staying in our "child" role -- i've been reading too much Transactional Analysis tonite -- but it's very apropos. as long as "the state" takes the role of "parent" instead of "adult," the citizens will stay in the role of "child." we'll collude and do everything we can to maintain the predictability of roles. as soon as we step out and become "adult" and empower ourselves to expect real answers to the many intelligent questions our there -- the "parent" role of the state et al will collapse. there will be a big mass of ADULTS not playing the game. at that point there can only be 2 outcomes -- total parent control or adults take back the country. it will eventually be the latter. this is too big. too impossible to pull off forever.

[If they can ever manage to unscramble your brain, could you translate your incoherent ranting into something even slightly understandable?]

I post PNAC 101 in GD as a perspective piece to current events and as long as I ask posters to refrain from LIHOP/MIHOP debates, it doesn't get moved. In case you don't already know, PNAC 101 is a timeline of events that circumstantially points to WH/Pentagon complicity in 911.

[According to PNAC 101, evil neocons flew those planes.]

I thought so on the evening of 9/11/01. "Could they -- WOULD they -- actually do this??? Are they THAT evil?"

By 9/12/01, I was reasonably sure that they had done it.

[By 9/13/01 you were spending quality time in the Rubber Room.]

So, what IS the "truth about 9/11" in your opinion... it LIHOP, or MIHOP?


Thankfully, we get Phase Two of the Senate Intelligence Committee Report soon, and Jay Rockefeller is “in the know” regarding the PNAC‘s complicity in 911.

[Why don't you get Jay Rockefeller to publicly state what he "knows" about PNAC? I would love to see the Democrats lose the WV Senate seat.]

Common sense tells you building 7 did not collapse accidentally

[Common sense tells me that your mental health did not collapse accidentally. An OD must have been involved.]

The pentagon lawn in pristine perfection.. and so little damage considering a plane was to have burst into flames and all. The whole thing STINKS.

[Time to watch another rerun of "Capricorn One."]

The American people are beginning to allow themselves to know
that the BFEE lied about the Iraq war, social security, the Plame outing, torturing prisoners and secret renditions, and on and on, BUT they are still a long way from allowing themselves to believe the administration would lie about all hinges on 9-11.

[We bombed on the Downing Street Memo, the September Washington March, Plamegate, etc... Please God! At least give us 9-11.]

If you were complicit in letting 9/11 happen, 3000 innocent Americans died because you failed to heed the warning...what would you do to avoid justice? That person is still commander-in-chief and he still has the power to get nuclear war underway.

[Let your finger do the walking...on the nucular button...]


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