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DUmmie FUnnies 10-13-05 ("We Are As Hollow As The Soviets Just Before The Collapse Of Their Empire")

File this DUmmie THREAD under the category of "WISHFUL THINKING" as you can see by the title, "We Are As Hollow As The Soviets Just Before The Collapse Of Their Empire." Don't you just HOPE, DUmmies? Things really suck for the liberals so their only hope is an alternate reality fantasy where things here in the USA are just as bad as in the Evil Empire just before their collapse. If such a fantasy ever did come to pass, the DUmmies would break out their champaigne bottles to celebrate the end of "The Third American Empire" as Pied Piper Pitt once put it in a typical fit of of comedic hyperbole. As usual, the DUmmie WISHES for the collapse of America are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent is in the [brackets]:

We Are As Hollow As The Soviets Just Before The Collapse Of Their Empire.

[What's this "We" bit, Kemosabe? And now let us hear more from the hopeful Chicken Little known as DUmmie DistressedAmerican.]

We are not a superpower. We are the hollow shell that used to contain a superpower. If we do not act fast to restore the economy and balance of this country, we will not last much longer.


Our economy is destroyed. We are spending like we never have yet, we are borrowing billions and billions from states like China, Japan, and Germany to keep it up. We owe China alone roughly 400 billion dollars at this point (twice the cost of the war in Iraq to date). As soon as those countries decide to cut off the funds, we are toast.

[Perhaps we need to import economic advisers from North Korea to tell us how we went wrong.]

Frankly, it would be in their interest to see us go down. China is pulling itself together and will be a major economic powerhouse in this century. Do you really think that they will keep us on life support forever?

[Yeah. There's a real role model. China treats its peasants worse than dirt and regulates every couple to just ONE kid with manadatory abortions. At least it would be a paradise for the NARAL folks.]

Our leaders have become fat, bloated, corrupt pigs. They loot the public coffers endlessly to fill their own pockets.

[Why do you hate Louisiana and New Orleans public officials so much?]

Our entire economy is dependent on oil. The costs of which just keep going up. As the supply draws ever closer to used up, that trend will accelerate. It will crush what meager viability we now have.

[NEWSFLASH!!! The economy of China is ALSO dependent on oil.]

Despite ever growing and unprecedented deficits, the American public is still outraged by any suggestion of more taxes to pay for what we are spending. That goes for many right here on DU. I posted a thread a couple of months back suggesting a one dollar per gallon gas tax to help offset the deficit spending and I got flamed out from here until tomorrow. One person made the comment (yes I still remember it), "I know it is bad. But, I want to delay the pain as long as possible." That just about sums it up as far as Americans are concerned. Just put it off and let the kids deal with it.

[Please incorporate that one dollar per gallon gas tax into the Democrat Party platform.]

Americans do not think ahead to the future at all. We are shortsighted and self centered. We need to shake that or we are history to be written about.

[And yet somehow we became the STRONGEST nation in history. Strange how that happened.]

We are teetering on the brink and any little wind might blow us right off of the edge.

[One more tiny blow from Monica and it is all over.]

Sadly, the Bin Laden's of the world are more aware of this fact than our own population or our "leaders". His plan to break the back of yet another so called superpower is progressing nicely and all it took was 19 guys with box cutters. That is how close we are to collapsing under our own bloated egos and faltering economy. That is a sign of how fragile we really are.

[As the leader of the Osama Bin Laden Admiration Society, you are entitled to one autographed pic of your Beloved.]

Sadly, like the Soviets, we are also heavily propagandized to believe that (despite all of that) we are "Number 1". Most Soviets knew that their standard of living was falling. But, it seems most did not see the greater issue that the whole empire has been hollowed out by greed, corruption and foreign military ventures.

[We are so deluded. All this time we thought we were #1 and now we find out this belief was all due to brainwashing.]

We will most likely not realize it either until the big crash comes.

[aka DUmmie Celebration Day.]

Please do not be one of the deluded. Embrace the notion that we have to save this place and SOON or we are looking right down the barrel of a gun. Push your politicians to act fiscally responsible and start paying down this debt. Do not freak out at the mention of more taxes. They are NEEDED if we are going to survive. Demand an end to insane and offensively costly military actions around the globe. Remove the corrupt from office. They are not working to save us. They are destroying us.

[Yes. Push your Democrat politicians to call for tax increases. I URGE you to do this.]

Please do not let us collapse in a matter of years the way the Soviets did. Take action NOW!

[Thus spaketh DUmmie DistressedAmerican from the dark comfort of his parent's basement. And now let us hear the DUmmie Chorus chime in their approvals.]

exactly why I am looking for the nearest exit

[Good news! The exit leading to North Korea is WIDE OPEN.]

Just found your 7 years thread. Funny thing is that I opened it thinking it may be a reference to the coming end of this cycle of creation as envisioned by Mesoamerican cultures such as the Maya. The current cycle ends in December 2012 and it is prophesied to end in floods, hurricanes and earthquakes. They firmly believe the process is underway.

[HERETIC!!! Only Faux Hopi Indian Witch Doctors are to be believed in DUmmieland.]

As A Mayanist, I Am Heading To Mexico.

[And all this time I had you figured for a Mayonnaisist.]

In what time frame are you planning on going?

[Whenever his parents quit making mortgage payments on the basement.]

I really want to be someplace where there is socialized health care and education. New Zealand fits the bill but my wife is concerned about the distance. I really don't care much if we are on the other side of the globe.

[Yes. Please do go to the other side of the globe as long as there isn't a return trip.]

We're all human beings, and we all live on this planet, but for one reason or another there are people who will tell me that just because I was born in America by happenstance, I should stay here and fight to the death for it, and never visit my friends in good ol' commie Sweden. And how dare I mention I might want to live there!

[How dare we question your patriotism!]

This martial law shit is scaring the hell out of me. I don't want my family to end up in a camp. With the way Bush has been pushing the military as the answer to every problem, I don't think we are over reacting.

[Over reacting just because you fear ending up in a NON-EXISTENT re-education camp? NAW!]

I think that some folks still think 1950 when they think of Mexico. Not the case at all. They have a great infrastructure. The roads are great. Internet accress and cell phone service are just about everywhere. Great place to live!

[Juarez is a dream come true.]

We are looking in the Yucatan too. Cancun, Merida, Cozumel are all on the table. We have to stay in a commercialized area in order to be able to have a bar/restaurant.

[PSST! NEWSFLASH!!! Mexico STRICLY enforces its immigration laws. If you are NOT a Mexican citizen you CAN'T work in Mexico.]

The power blackouts in the US are possibly a symtom of worse to come.

[And the power blackouts in North Korea are PERMANENT.]

The Soviet Union is not the United States. The old USSR had a political/economic/social system that failed completely; free market democracy has not - if it did, you would not be thinking of going to Canada or Europe. I can't see states separating from the union anytime soon, like the USSR.


Our economic system is on life support. Our social system is declining rapidly with the growing gap between rich and poor. Did I mention that people were starving in our streets?

[Thank you for returning us back to unreality.]


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