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DUmmie FUnnies 08-03-05 (DUmmies Claim Election Fraud In Ohio...Again)

The DUmmies are complaining about an election stolen in Ohio. No, I’m not talking about the Presidential election results in Ohio of last November. I am referring to the congressional election last night of a Republican from a heavily Republican district. Therefore it is NO surprise that Republican Jean Schmidt won over Democrat (although he pretended he wasn’t) Paul Hackett. However, I knew for at least a week that I would be doing a DUmmie FUnnies edition the morning following the election about outraged DUmmies claiming vote fraud AGAIN in Ohio as you can see in this THREAD titled, “Another Republican upset 'win' at 52-48?” If the DUmmies would actually open their minds (a BIG assumption) they would notice that the only election fraud was that committed by their own candidate, Hackett, who fraudulently made it seem in his TV commercial that he was a Bush supporter in the way he used a Bush soundbite at the beginning of the commercial. In REAL LIFE, Hackett called Bush an SOB and the biggest threat to America while simultaneously trying to FOOL the voters of the 2nd Ohio congressional district that he supports the President. So if the DUmmies want to look for REAL vote fraud, there it is. Oh, and THANKS to Rush Limbaugh for completely EXPOSING this Hackett fraud yesterday by continually playing the audio of the FRAUDULENT commercial. It was a close election and I think Rush made the difference by revealing the TRUTH. As usual, the DUmmie rantings looking for vote fraud in all the wrong places are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if he should use a soundbite of Howard Dean in a commercial for a DUFU book to make it appear that he endorses it, is in the [brackets]:

Another Republican upset 'win' at 52-48?

[It would have been a 48-52 Republican loss except for the fact that the Diebold machines were pre-set.]

I have to call BULL.SHIT. I don't believe it after witnessing the unlimited amount of cheating, lying and dishonesty that has occured by many Republican leaders in every single level of governing. How and why would we put faith in those that cheat consistently? Such is the logic of fools.
Why would we assume this election was legitimate when noticing the consistent patterns in these Republican "upsets"? So it perhaps could be that Schmidt won, how can we feel confident in a legitimate win for her when the Republican owned companies conveniently handle the ballot data? In addition, the elephant in the living room is the reality that there is NO way to be fully sure of the outcome, due to those who have had the ballot data in their possession. How many 'questionable' Republican victories have consistently been this close so as to slip under the alarm signal? When are we going to face the fact that we are seeing a pattern? Are we going to sit back and ignore the pattern that is desperately trying to tell us something? A pattern that, I believe at the very least should be telling our leaders to quit being cowards, start speaking out and help us to take our elections back.

[The only pattern I see is the PREDICTABILITY of your election fraud gripe. Which reminds me. Why don’t you copy your rant and paste it in the Election ’06 thread next year when you will have exactly the SAME crybaby response in response to the election results?]

How was it an upset? Was there a single poll that showed Hackett leading at any point?


The smart money is on why Claremont had to be hand counted...and what happened. The race was neck and neck until the last county (Claremont)was to be counted, then things stop and the machines won't work. Legitimate problem? or convenient excuse? At the end of the hand recount, instead of being dead even, Hackett loses by 4%. There may be a reason for the machines having problems (they claim it was lack of air conditioning). There is an easier explanation for what happened. This is a Republican area but there is a heavy democratic part, where the auto plant workers live. When did their votes get counted? Pretty interesting stuff. You can never trust an election in Ohio after 2004. I don't think there were any recent non partisan polls. Nevertheless, since the last guy out for us lost by 70-30% or something like that, it would have been an upset if Hackett won. But, if they pilfered it, another Ohio special, then "upset" doesn't apply unless you're talking about how people will feel if that's found out. Too early to call. The Cincy Inquirer, a Republican paper, referred to the "apparent victory" of the incumbent. That's about the only appropriate terminology until we know what really happened in Claremont.

[Hmm… Wasn’t Karl Rove spotted exiting a Kinko’s in Claremont?]

Yes. Actually, he was leading for most of the night. It went back and forth a little, but he had a small lead for most of the time.....Until the "humidity" ruined the machines in the ugly crone's home county, that is

[The humidity messed up the pre-settings on the Diebold machines. Therefore a more traditional way of stuffing the ballot had to be used at the last minute.]

I dont understand,were votes ruined,cast aside,thrown out ,not counted ,disregarded..if so,how many and were they democratic votes,Deibold has a history of theft,cheating and win by all means..


I completely agree with you. And Paul Hackett should be very proud of the campaign he waged. The fact that it was THIS close in a very Republican district should alarm the RNC.

[It should alert the RNC to Democrat trickery such as when Hackett PRETENDED to be a big Bush supporter in his commercials while slamming Bush for being an SOB and the biggest threat in America. Jean Schmidt was, unfortunately, too polite to take him on about that. It took Rush Limbaugh to expose the Hackett fraud.]

I do agree with you in that I don't know how we can put our faith in the election system in general, since I think that voter irregularities are rampant in our system. And fixing elections, historically, is nothing new to America. So I understand your frustration with the voting system in its entirety.

[The best thing you can do is spare yourself the aggravation and sit out the ’06 election since the Diebold results are already pre-set.]

Democrats will NEVER win another election until we get rid of the Corrupt Republican Run Corporations that Count the Votes. It's time to stop whining, and get back to work, we need to see some "Perp Walks!"

[How about a Perp Walk by Teddy for leaving the scene of an accident that he caused?]

"none dare call it stolen" It was rigged, and our "fearless leaders" are just rolling over again.

[I am rolling over in laughter at your utterly predictable, yet laughable, reaction to this election.]

Please don't let your paranoid fantasies get in the way of the facts

[SHUT UP you LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! Paranoid fantasies by the DUmmies are the bread and butter of the DUmmie FUnnies.]

Dolstein, quit projecting your own paranoia. If you want to believe this election is legitimate, you keep believing in the tooth fairy and the Republicans are counting fairly as they count the ballots THEMSELVES. I will say this election will be considered legitimate when it is proven. And there is no way to prove it, which is the main problem, and which seems to be why Democrats conveniently keep getting hit with these 'upsets'.

[Yeah, Dolstein. Quit projecting your own paranoia about our own paranoia over the election being stolen.]

But Dolstien, when there is no Paper Trail How can their be ANY EVIDENCE? When you can't see the source code of the machines, because they are owned by PRIVATE CORPORATIONS, making the code proprietary, You can't SEE any evidence. What do you think the whole point of HAVING these machines in the First Place IS? SO THERE IS NO DISCERNIBLE EVIDENCE. You might call it the perfect crime. And that is the problem. Until it is addressed, there will never be another Free and Fair Election in this country. I do not care if you do not wish to believe it. I do not care if you choose to be blind to it. That is the reality.This country is NOT salvageable through the Electoral Process any longer. The Machines have taken that option away. If you truly believe that nonsense about "humidity", then you are truly in denial. Nothing personal against you, and nothing derogatory meant, by all means, but I'm sorry, that story is nonsense and so blatant as to be juvenile. They are openly committing fraud and rubbing our faces in it because they can.

[Thank you for allowing me to rub your face in it here in the DUmmie FUnnies.]

maybe Hackett lost . . . then again, maybe he didn't . . . the problem is that WE'LL NEVER KNOW! . . . and we'll have the same problem with every race in 2006 and 2008 . . .

[As I stated earlier; spare yourself the aggravation and just sit out those elections.]

Before the central tabulators went down, the Democrat was leading.
When they came back up, the Repuke was ahead. SOS.

Just like they did in 2000.

Just like they did in 2002.

Just like they did in 2004

Just like they did in Ohio last night.

And it will happen again in 2006.

Count on it.

It's who counts the votes.

[WE count the votes.

Just like we will in 2008.

Hee! Hee!]


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