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DUmmie FUnnies 08-02-05 ("Democrats must understand that American people are dumb and ignorant")

It has been common knowledge for quite some time that the Democrats have a completely condescending attitude towards the general public. Therefore we thank the DUmmies for actually spelling out this attitude in this THREAD titled, “Democrats must understand that American people are dumb and ignorant.” This is the condescending attitude that almost all professional Democrat politicians have. They think that the American public is just too STUPID to understand the “enlightened” socialistic programs that the Democrats propose and thus ignorantly vote for the Republicans as a result. As a result the Democrats HATE the electorate. This is why they try to stack the Supreme Court with far left liberals. It is the only way they can bypass the legislative process and rule by liberal judicial decree. As usual the condescending DUmmie rantings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, aspiring to be enlightened by Hillary, is in the [brackets]:

Democrats must understand that American people are dumb and ignorant


Not meant as a putdown, but stated as a fact. And when they talk to the "American people", they need to speak to them in much simpler laguage. A very small percentage really understands intellectual discussion of the issues. They want it put on a bumpersticker for them. It does no good for our candidates to come out with a 12-step program to get our economy going again. Democrats need to re-learn language. They need to learn to talk with the people like they are in the first grade. Don't confuse them or waste their time with "political" talk.

[Please don’t confuse them with the facts. Speak to them in Pidgin English and use simple hand puppets to explain things to them because they can’t understand complex thoughts.]

I used to didn't think so....But when the average to poor people continue to help put Republicans in office who don't even know that they exist....it really makes you stop and think...

[It makes you stop and think that we should just abolish the electoral process and appoint Democrat politicians for life.]

Yep, that's signature Rove. If you have trouble, please just refer to the same three talking points on these three cards and repeat over and over again. The smart will catch on to you, but your base won't.

[Rove is keeping us all in the dark. No way to find out what is really going on unless you are enlightened like the DUmmies.]

Americans are lazy. They buy what they're told to; listen to the music spoon fed them by morons in the radio biz; watch the movies the suits n ties tell them to watch and actually believe that talking heads on teevee are reliable sources of genuine truth, news and information. Americans don't READ. They don't apply logic, they don't discern; they have no critical thought process... they simply take the easy way out, and now, thanks to that apathy, we have the new hitler in the white house controlled by the New Americanazis in the republican party.

[We are simply TOO STUPID to appreciate the enlightened Democrats. PLEASE FORGIVE US!!!]

I've deal with the public on a daily basis. People really aren't dumb just completely ignorant of the big picture. They fail to see how what happens in the world affects them and future generations. To be intellectual takes too much energy. They just think that someone else will fix the problems of the world. Also, they are quite selfish in thinking that they don't need to worry about world hunger, environmental disaster, and general strife because they are fine, relatively speaking, where they are. It is quite pathetic really.

[“I’ve deal…” Speaking of ignorance, perhaps you need to enlighten yourself about some grammatical points.]

It's a waste of time to talk to the willfully ignorant. They don't want to know.

[Perhaps we could abolish the right to vote by “willfully ignorant” people. DUmmie committees could be set up to determine who is “enlightened” enough to vote. Perhaps that could be the next DUmmie Action Corps project. DUAC! DUAC!]

But *WHY* are they Bush supporters? They weren't born that way. It's not instinctual. So what is it that persuades them? We can be sure upfront that it's lies, whatever it is, but what is it? And what makes if persuasive?

[Blame it on Rush. He has turned us into mind-numbed robots who blindly need to be instructed on what to think by him.]

Dude where have you been sleeping. Listen to talk radio and hear what garbage is fed to these people. They vote the way they do because Thugs far smarter and evil than they are manipulate them.

[Help me! Am being manipulated by evil talk radio show hosts. HELP!]

Unfortunately, speaking English on a level above third grade to the "average american" seems to leave most English speaking people (51% anyway) in a daze. Then they call the speaker an elitist. America, the land of stupidmotherf*ckers.

[“America, the land of stupidmotherf*ckers.” May we use that as the motto of the next Democrat convention?]

Don't know when the dumbing down started. During the very immediate "Post-Sputnik" era of the late 1950's schools seemed to be toughening up. Some time in the Viet-Nam "Grade Inflation" era and the "Whole Child" era we entered into a dumbing down of the schools.

[Please direct your complaint to the NEA who supported the latter educational programs.]

How does one get in touch with Dr. Dean? I'd love to have a conversation with him on topics such as this. I wonder what Hillary thinks? If we don't deal with this fact then we, as Democratic Progressives, are going to be living with the DoDo, imho.

[Dr. Dean and Hillary agree with you. They also condescendingly believe that the American people are dumb and ignorant.]

I don't doubt that most union people know what's going on...but what percentage is that? BUT I sincerely doubt that the Walmart employees and other Nascar afficianados are as aware as your union brothers and sisters?

[Walmart employees and NASCAR fans are automatically unenlightened according to the DUmmie mantra.]

Part of the problem is the attention span of many Americans. Watch most music videos,movies,commercials,TV shows and its mostly "quick cuts".Just for the fun of it,count how many seconds between each shot.Most of the time its 2 seconds at best.

[You’ve just described the target audience of Gore TV.]

Or maybe the problem is that many Americans feel that Democrats look down their noses at them.


it's almost as if the education system was meant to manufacture retards. Seriously. Rote drill can (and should) bolt down arithmetic in one year or less. What are the schools doing repeating this process for a decade or more instead of algebra, calculus, and so on? History books superficially cover the American Revolution and a litany of presidents' names, and never actually cover e.g. the rest of the world, European history, Asian history, etc. Foreign language education is maybe a year or two in high school, if even that, when psychology has known for decades that foreign language education is far more successful in earlier childhood and when sustained for much longer. "Literature" consists of maybe "Shakespeare's Greatest Hits" and Uncle Tom's Cabin, then maybe a couple of "book reviews" of Stephen King and Tom Clancy -like affairs, if even that much.

[Again. Refer your complaints to the NEA.]

Typical DU elitism. Absolute bullshit. How about this: You're f*cking dumb and ignorant. Like that?

[Your Kewpie Doll is in the mail.]

Democrats must understand that blanket statements will get them killed.

[Especially after they are headlined in the DUmmie FUnnies. Hee! Hee!]

Most of our animals are dumb and ignorant and we still love them..

[Sniff! It makes us all warm and fuzzy to know you still wuv us despite the fact that we’re dumb and ignorant.]

We try to treat voters as informed and wise about the issues. Is that a mistake? I think it is. We need to simplify our language. We need to dumb it down. Call it whatever makes us feel better.

[Democrats need to talk to the Dumb and DUmber aka talking to themselves.]

Bumper sticker answers are all that most will listen to.

[Apparently they didn’t listen to the Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers.]

We are Fragmented, Infiltrated, and Confused ....What is missing is a Coalescing Force/System/Org that speaks/acts/plans for we Dems. Made up of Grass Roots and volunteers...the Org would do well to do what the Pubs did...recruit and train.....We Dems have not done our Homework. We are missing the concept, the plan, the thought, the implementation...of a bullet proof plan. A Bullet proof plan means its all good.....a no brainer. The Dems need to search their Hearts and come to terms with the Biggest Challenge for ManKind...How to get with a plan to save ourselves from the Lunacy called Conservatism...that means we gatta get past the what and focus on the HOW

[Okay, let us focus on the HOW. HOW can you make a dopey post like that which talks about “a Coalescing Force/System/Org that speaks/acts/plans” and yet call US dumb and ignorant?]

The HOW consists of forming a Plan to Coalese in a geometric way

[Uh…Thank you for that clarification. I think.]

Never, never, NEVER say anything that implies, directly or indirectly, that Americans are dumb and ignorant. Never. Just don't do it. Even talking "over our heads" will make people think you're pulling a scam.

[Psst! Don’t worry! Your little secret is SAFE with me. I’ll never let other folks know that you think that Americans are dumb and ignorant. Mums da word!]


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