Wednesday, May 25, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 05-25-05 (Skinner STONEWALLING Scamdy's "Pancreatic Cancer" Surgery)

"Andy does in fact have pancreatic cancer, and is a long way from being out of the woods." So was that a quote from Skinner today regarding Scamdy's operation at Johns Hopkins? NOPE. That was a May 18 quote from Pied Piper Pitt ABSOLUTELY asserting that Scamdy does indeed WITHOUT A DOUBT have pancreatic cancer. So when we FINALLY saw Skinner come out of his ostrich mode to report on Scamdy's surgery we AT LAST expected to hear the details in his DUmmie THREAD titled, "Johns Hopkins has verified that Andy Stephenson is in surgery right now." I looked high and low and even used the FIND function but, guess what? NOT A WORD about pancreatic cancer from Skinner. As it stands right now, Scamdy could have had any sort of surgery from gall bladder operation to emergency gerbil removal but NOT A WORD from Skinner about pancreatic cancer. In reality, Skinner would now be crowing about how his veracity has been REDEEMED by the fact that Scamdy had pancreatic cancer. However his SILENCE on this SPEAKS VOLUMES. Let us now open an incision into DUmmieland as we see Skinner's modified limited hangout in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching the STONEWALL unfold with fascination, is in the [brackets]:

Johns Hopkins has verified that Andy Stephenson is in surgery right now.

[Great Skinner! Now you can find out for sure if Scamdy had pancreatic cancer and prove all those fascistic Freepers wrong! Right? ...Uh, right?]

I just got off the telephone with the Johns Hopkins Hospital office of corporate communications. They confirmed to me that Andy Stephenson is "in surgery as we speak" at Johns Hopkins Hospital. They also confirmed that the surgery was originally scheduled for tomorrow, but it was changed to today.

[Can you also confirm for everybody how much $$$ Andy SCAMMED from you gullible DUmmies for a non-existent PANCREATIC CANCER surgery?]

Now that Johns Hopkins has verified directly to me that Andy is in fact a patient at their facility, we consider the issue of his alleged fraud to be resolved and closed from further discussion on Democratic Underground. We understand why some members may have had questions or concerns about this issue in the past when the facts were not known. There is a huge difference between the malicious trolls who outright lied (and were since banned), and legitimate DU members who had honest questions. The fact that I have verified that Andy is indeed in surgery does not give anyone license to ostracize or attack DU members who held a differing opinion in the past. We hope that now we can put this conflict behind us and move toward healing for this community.

[YUP! We can put it all to soon as Johns Hopkins verifies that Scamdy had PANCREATIC CANCER surgery. After all that was the sob story SCAMDY used to scam the DUmmies out of their money. Remember, he stated that he HAD to go to Johns Hopkins because of their Whipple Procedure for PANCREATIC CANCER. Otherwise, if it was some other surgery he could have had it done in the state of Washington without running the scam on you DUmmies.]

We wish Andy Stephenson good luck in his surgery. He has had a very tough time these last few months, and hopefully now he can begin the road to recovery. We are anxious to hear any updates that people have about his condition. If anyone does have any news, please feel free to post about it on Democratic Underground.

We wish you would just forget that the REASON for the Andy Scam was to raise $$$ for PANCREATIC CANCER surgery. Please toss that memory down the DUmmieland Memory Hole. Please feel free to post anything about it in DUmmieland except for any mention of you-know-what. It has been tossed down the memory hole so it never happened despite what you think Inner Party Member Pitt stated just last week.]


DU Admin

[Now that Big Brother Skinner has stated that the four fingers he is holding in his hand are really five, let us hear from the DUmmie Prols...]

Thanks for clearing it up

[Thanks for clearing it up and tossing PANCREATIC CANCER down the Memory Hole.]

Good luck Andy. Come back stronger than ever!

[...And scam us again!]

I'm glad that this is sufficiently 'cleared up' although still amazed at the mayhem over the last couple weeks.

[Pancreatic cancer is not mentioned! Pancreatic cancer has NEVER been mentioned!]

God bless Andy. And thank-you Skinner for verifying this and putting up with all of the crap that has gone on over the past few months.

[And thank-you Skinner for tossing PANCREATIC CANCER down the DUmmieland Memory Hole!]

I'm sending strength to Andy

[War is Peace!
Freedom is Slavery!
Ignorance is Strength!]

Skinner, with all due respect, I'd like to point out that the organizers of the fundraiser, myself being one of the most active, went out of our way throughout this process to provide the best answers we could to our fellow DUers who asked reasonable questions, yourself included. As this situation developed, we were able to lay hands on better information. That is the nature of medical crises.
And I'd also like to point out that we have been accused of everything from obfuscation to outright fraud. It has been a sad time in many ways.

[You mean obfuscations such as Skinner never even mentioning whether or not Scamdy had PANCREATIC CANCER surgery, DUmmie sfexpat2000? NAW! We would never accuse you of that. PANCREATIC CANCER has been tossed down the DUmmieland Memory Hole. It was NEVER mentioned, especially not by Pied Piper Pitt in his May 18 PDA Blog.]

Being part of helping Andy has renewed my faith in what people who come together can achieve. I am really proud to be a part of this DU community, and grateful for what it gives me every day. So, thank you Skinner!

[Thank you, Skinner for allowing us to be fleeced by Scamdy for a NON-EXISTENT pancreatic cancer operation.]

I think you guys handled this well. It's a shame about the trolls, but I suppose that's the nature of the medium.

[DAMN those trolls for quoting Pied Piper Pitt's May 18th PDA Blog! Don't they know its been tossed down the Memory Hole?]

It would be nice if people who have some 'pologizing to do would be big enough to do so.

[Yeah, it would be nice for Pied Piper Pitt to apologize for FALSELY claiming that Scamdy had pancreatic cancer.]

I appreciate the acknowledgement that one could ask questions and express frustration without having malicious intentions. Groupthink is for the birds. I know some of you are going to hate me for saying this, but there is a lingering question: was the operation in fact for pancreatic cancer? If this question is not explicitly resolved I think we can expect ongoing doubt from the hardcore naysayers. If something is provided that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was in fact a cancer surgery, then those hardcore naysayers would be proved to have harassed a cancer patient. If that is what they did I think they should be made to face that fact. All that said, I hope the poor guy gets well quickly. I'm glad he has good friends around to take care of him. I am going to take some time to appreciate my health today. It's something too many of us take for granted.

[LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! Don't you know that ALL MENTION of pancreatic cancer has been tossed down the DUmmieland Memory Hole! As a matter of fact, Mizmoon, your Fascistic Reply #65 on this thread has been tossed down the Memory Hole! What? You say your post has already been copied and pasted in the Reply section of the May 24th edition of the DUmmie FUnnies thread in Freeperland? DAMN IT TO HELL! For that infraction of the Ingsoc rules you will be taken away to Room 101 and reprogrammed by Inner Party Member Pitt! Scamdy's pancreatic cancer does NOT exist. Scamdy's pancreatic cancer has NEVER existed!]


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am surprised you have not taken this page down knowing that Andy died of pancreatic cancer.

10:46 AM  

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