Friday, May 06, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 05-06-05 ("If we impeach bush what does that mean?")

It is obvious DUmmies are deeply in need of better educations as you can see in this QUESTION, “If we impeach bush what does that mean?” Perhaps the DUmmie posing this question has been reading the DUmmie FUnnies over the past few months in which we make mockery over the DUmmie belief that if Bush is impeached then he will be replaced by John Kerry. However, it is amusing to watch DUmmies instructing DUmmies in how the impeachment process works. As usual the education challenged DUmmie postings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, checking the DUmmie answers in the Blue Book exam, is in the [brackets]:

If we impeach bush what does that mean?

[It means that once he is impeached, Bush will be immediately replaced by John Kerry and you DUmmies can wake up from living in your alternate reality.]

can we kick him out of office?

[All is possible in the DUmmie Alternate Reality.]

i know we need more dems in the house to start impeachment proceedings, but ... when we get them and they start--and he is impeached, does he have to leave office or is it just a slap on the wrist.

[Why don’t you ask Bill Clinton since he WAS impeached. And in the REAL reality.]

if he leaves, then does cheney take over till end of term?

[What’s the matter? Don’t you read the DUmmie posts? If Bush leaves then John Kerry replaces him.]

If we tried to impeach Bush....would the media cover it? How would we know?

[It depends in what reality Bush is impeached. If he is impeached in the DUmmie Reality then I don’t hold out too much hope that it will be covered outside of Dummieland.]

Ain't gonna happen. There would have to be a conviction following the impeachment; only then would he have to haul his sorry ass back to Crawford. And then Darth Cheney would be President. He'd then appoint his own VP, who would be some heinous scumbag like Frist. As much as I'd like to see the Chimperor kicked out of the White House, this would not actually improve anything much.

[Huh? Where did you get that whacky idea? The Constitution?]

A better scenario is to get the goods on #2 and #3 in line before bumping W..We need to plan ahead because a constitutional crisis would be preferable to a normal pattern of succession in this case..

[Great idea except by the time you get around to impeaching #1, it will be Jan. 20, 2009.]

Sorry, but that wouldn't work. If the vice president resigned or was removed (as in Spiro Agnew) the president would appoint a new vice president subject to Senate confirmation. If the speaker of the House (3rd in line) was removed, the House would simply elect a new speaker. So there will always be some Republican bozo waiting in the wings unless we take the House back in 2006.

[DAMN! Back to Square One.]

got to work backwards up chain of command Rove, Rice, Chaney, Bush. In that order. In jail, preferably Gitmo.

[Rove is only #4 in the constitutional line of succession? And here I always thought he was about #2.]

In the unlikely scenario that we win back the House in 2006. We would need a very cohesive majority there, something we haven't had in had 40 years, just to get him impeached in the House. Then there would be a trial in the Senate, and to be be found guilty and be removed from office, it would require a 2/3s vote, and that will not happen under any circumstance. So basically he will be in the WH until 2008.

[Maybe it is time to start the “I BEEEEELEEEEEVEEEE!” threads for the impeachment of Bush.]

how hard can it be? seems to me that the shit if falling down around this country left and right and left again. (freudian slip? left again? wishful thinking?) people are gonna vote the dems in.

[Try “wishful thinking.”]

He could simply resign...Stanger things have happened. As unlikely as this seems, the Republican Party may decide it's time to save what little face they have left and call for his resignation. Things are declining rapidly in thier camp and they know it. Shit like this could destory their party. At some point, self-preservation is going to kick in. Look at Voinovich and how he miraculously opposed a vote on Bolton. I'm not a big fan of Voinovich but I do know he's not stupid. He would never have pulled a stunt like this if he thought the Republican majority was as solid as they keep saying it is. There is dessention in the ranks, even though we don't see it, it's there. They're not going to go down for Bush, they're just not.

[I BEEEEEELEEEEEVE that Bush will resign!!!]


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