Monday, April 25, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 04-25-05 ("I Am Beginning to Believe Iraq was better with Saddam")

In the previous edition of the DUmmie Funnies, the DUmmies were crybabying about being portrayed as nothing but a bunch of wackos. However, the very title of this DUmmie THREAD “I Am Beginning to Believe Iraq was better with Saddam,” shows that they are indeed a bunch of Moonbat loons. Their OWN WORDS condemn them. What are they going to do now? Claim that I quoted the title out of context? This latest example of moonbattery on the part of the DUmmies is in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, viewing the activity in their padded cell, is in the [brackets]:

I Am Beginning to Believe Iraq was better with Saddam

[Full of happy HAPPY children peacefully flying their kites under the warm glow of the radiant sun. Saddam’s Iraq---A paradise on earth.]

Its just non-stop over there. His Imperial majesty * has no way out of this one.

[Since I have noticed a plethora of Jeff Gannon threads in DUmmieland today and nothing but this about Iraq, that must mean things in Iraq are much improved…but not for DUmmies.]

Saddam even had a plan..

[De Plan, Boss, de Plan!]

they had electric, water, security
woman had rights, stores were open at night..... What do they have now....

[Freedom but what does that compare to the ability to buy toilet paper at 3 AM?]

I know , I do too -- and I HATE feeling that way. At least there was order and some decent rights for women, and the streets were safe. Yeah, there was murder and torture, but the Iraqis have it now, and it's chaotic violence, with no "rules." I have no answer, and unfortunately our government doesn't either.

[Please inform me as to how I am quoting you out of context so as to present you as a total Leftwing Loon?]

You mean you folks were drinking the "Saddam-evil-person Kool-Aid?" Pleeeeeze!! Didn't you know anything about Iraq before 9/11 except what the Bush folks told you?

[In the Jungle, The Mighty Jungle,
A DUmmie Sleeps Tonight!
A-MoonieBat, A-MoonieBat!]

We could have helped w/o pulverizing the entire country. I refuse to believe that in the entire world there was not a group of exiles that wished to replace Saddam, we could have supported them, it was not about Saddam, it was about the oil, we have dismantled the country, that was not necessary, what we have done is cause complete failure of the framework of civil, political and governmental structure required to run the country.

[I almost refuse to believe that in the entire world there is a group of people that think Saddam would have allowed an opposition group operate within Iraq so as to permit the peaceful transfer of power…but then there are the DUmmies.]

What's the difference between Iraqi's being murdered and tortured by Saddam versus us?

[Only in the twisted asylum of DUmmieland could this comparison be made. Tonight your tranquilizer dart will have an extra strong dose of Lithium.]

I could not find the photo album of Iraq before the war, it had a lot of pictures of kids and people going about their normal lives..... Weddings .... Wish I still had the link...

[Does the album show Saddam’s spawn, Quazy, raping the bridesmaids and the bride right after the wedding?]

A client of mine is a woman from the Middle East and as a devout Muslim, she said kindly and plainly, "Even with all the terror before, people there were better off under Saddam. The Iraqi people, and people in the Middle East don't want the freedom that the U.S. government thinks everyone wants. They want someone to tell them what they should do. They want someone strong in charge. Saddam was horrible, but to many of them, preferable to the life they have now."

[“Please Saddam! Come back and oppress us again!”]

If you look at the Iraq before the war and the rights that Iraqi women had, and compare it to Iran or Saudi they were head and shoulders above those countries......

[“You have the right to remain silent while Quazy rapes you.”]

11,445,638 Iraqis for Saddam. Says it all.

[Ah yes. I forgot all about that fair and honest election where Saddam received 99.99% of the vote without using Diebold machines.]


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