Wednesday, March 30, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 03-30-05 ("Republican Fatigue")

Pity the poor DUmmies. They are suffering horribly from the syndrome known in medicine as “Republican Fatigue.” The symptoms of Republican Fatigue are consistent loss of elections, frustration, and extreme humiliation accompanied by despair. So let us stick a thermometer up one of the backwaters of DUmmieland and proceed with our prognosis of this DUmmie THREAD titled, appropriately enough, “Republican Fatigue.” As usual, the fatigued DUmmie moanings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, preparing to administer a morphine overdose to the despairing DUmmies, is in the [brackets]:

Republican Fatigue. Hatred, Fear, Immense Debt, American against American. I am sick and tired and suffer very much from Republican Fatigue I suspect I am not alone..

[No, you are not alone. Almost all of DUmmieland is suffering from this ailment for which there is NO CURE.]

Everyday I wake up & wonder what unbelievable shit will they get away with or try today & will anyone call them out on it? It's draining, isn't it?

[I’ve heard a vague rumor that they will try to MOCK the DUmmies with a blog. The horror. THE HORROR!!!]

I had Republican Fatigue before 2000. Mine goes all the way back to the days of Saint Ronnie.

[There you go again!]

Yes, 1980 was the year for me, too because that's when Saint Ronnie handed the party over to the religious hysterics for rhetoric (and the rich for real control). Funny, Nixon didn't turn me off to the pubbies, although I was very glad when he was gone. It took Reagan and his pandering to the absolute worst people that the intolerant fundie churches have produced to do that. I don't think we're alone. I think the 70% of Americans who don't go to evangelical, dead letter literalist, fundy churches are sick to death of these people and their antics, no matter how much they want their taxes cut.

[Let me guess. You are NOT a member of the First Church of the Dead Letter Literalist Fundies.]

I've been fatigued of Republicans since about 1968. But it's certainly gotten even worse since 2000. I'm fatigued of the Republican tilting media as well.

[Yes. It is a known fact that the Republicans control SeeBS News.]

I concur. I'm sick of them, they're ruining our country.

[Nasty, tricksey, Reeeepublicans!]

Fatigue or apathy or both? Yeah, I'm on the same page, but at the same time, I have this creeping feeling of apathy as well towards Democracy and the Democrats in congress. It just seems to me, that just when they appear to be getting a spine, they roll over. This is why the progressive movement it so important.

[The Socialist Workers Party welcomes you!]

I'm sick n tired all right. The rightwing just keeps on and on doing stupid and criminal things as if there's no end in sight. Will nothing stop them?

[Only Dennis Kucinich can stop the EVIL Republican Monolith.]

Neozombies will tire before I do! I'll just keep hacking away. Keep lining them up and I'll keep knocking them down. Just like a video game like "Resident Evil" or "Hunter the Reckoning". There is too much at stake to become fatigued. Become fatigued and you become one of them.

[Great marketing idea! It’s the new political video game: “Neozombie Attack!” Hey, if you don’t make money off that game, then I will when I include it in the CD-ROM insert section of the DUmmie FUnnies book---attn: Mary Matalin.]

Do you think those who voted Republican are also feeling the fatigue? I do. They voted for the Republicans and, guess what? No improvements. Nothing. The economy is mired. Jobs pay less. Healthcare is eroding: we're paying more for less. The fundies are sucking all of the air out of the room with their relentless assaults on the foundations of our government. Our state legislators are bogged down in petty battles while educational systems languish. More children are suffering from povery and neglect. Our environment is becoming more dangerous and less productive. And America's reputation internationally is that of a bully and a buffoon. There's enough fatigue for everyone.

[But the economy WILL recover when the hit video game, “Neozombie Attack!” hits the market. Of course, DUmmie CanOfWhoopAss, will be cut OUT of all royalty payments despite coming up with that idea. Hey, they don’t call me an EVIL heartless Republican for nothing!]

But where is the outrage? We're all tired of the lies, self/corporate interest, the unnecessary dying, rape of the environment, and on and on and on. What is it going to take to bring outrage? To bring truth? To get people to ACT? Are we boomers to comfy in our SUVs to spark real protest?

[And all this time I thought it was EVIL to own SUVs as per Arianna (Golddigger) Huffington.]


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