Tuesday, March 29, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 03-29-05 ("Hate Radio - cause of another American civil war (like Rwanda)?")

This edition of the DUmmie FUnnies touches on two topics dear to the hearts of DUmmieland: shutting down “Hate Radio” and the coming civil war that they so desperately yearn for. You can see just how bloody of a civil war the DUmmies want in the title of this THREAD, “Hate Radio - cause of another American civil war (like Rwanda)?” As usual, the DUmmie rantings trying to shut down freedom of speech are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent is in the [brackets]:

Hate Radio - cause of another American civil war (like Rwanda)? Will people like Hal Turner, Rush, Hannity, and the likes, cause violence against liberals? Would Americans kill other Americans again because of the hate spewed by these people? Some of these people have been on the air for over 15 years inciting hatred for Dems and liberals. Hate radio was given a lot of credit in the genocide that happened in Rwanda, and that hate has continued to cause loss of life in Darfur. Talk is dangerous. Thoughts?

[Yeah, I’ll give you my thoughts other than the thought that I wasn’t aware that Rush and Hannity were big hits in Rwanda. My thought is WHY did you list Hal Turner, who I never heard of before, at the beginning of your “hate radio” list with Rush and Hannity? Since I know DUmmies have an agenda of smearing conservative radio I deduced that this Turner guy was some racist on a small radio station and that you wanted to tar Rush and Hannity with that guy’s thoughts. After checking “Hal Turner” on Google I found out I was right except the radio station he is on is pathetically less than what I imagined. Hal Turner broadcasts via shortwave and webcasts which is why almost nobody has ever heard his nuttiness. The most publicity Turner has ever gotten is in your attempt to smear Rush and Hannity by pathetically trying to tie them in with the unknown Turner.]

Pigboy Limpballs Rush railed against Tom Daschle so much that Daschle actually had threats made against him and his family and he neede to get extra security. I've always thought the anthrax sent to his office came from a ditto head.

[So why don’t you subpoena all ditto heads?]

I also think that the echo-chamber the right-wing hate radio provides can definitely be a force for evil. People really believe everything they hear, for all the "librul media" crap they spew.

[And yet you believe all the DUmmieland wacko tinfoil hat theories about BFEE, PNAC, MIHOP, LIHOP, etc.. Try reading your own threads in DUmmieland for examples of hate.]

I have seen a few comments made in freeperland and maybe reading about what Hal Turner said, that liberals are not even human. Dehumanizing was one of the hate radio tactics in Rwanda, calling Tootsies (sp?) cockroaches. Also, didn't that happen in Germany when hitler didn't think the Jews were human? To seriously sick right-wing nutjobs, making liberals less than human will make them easier to kill.

[Nice try with that Hal Turner shtick again but we are on to this smear tactic already so you will have try something new. And speak of dehumanizing, you are referring to the TUTSIS as a candy with your misspelling. Have yourself a Tootsie Roll and learn to SPELL the names of groups that YOU are dehumanizing.]

two guys on TV were "joking" about taking a crow-bar to Hillary Clinton.

[Maybe they were talking about using the crowbar to separate Hillary from a certain former Attorney General…but what was the source for this story?]

I did not see it, it was quoted on the Daily Howler.

[Thank you for that info. And I just checked the Daily Howler website and here is their current headline: “GEISHA GIRL! Bumiller was afraid to question Bush pre-Iraq. But she isn’t afraid to give tongue baths.”]

I believe we're in a cold phase of a civil war now, the catalyst for the shooting is yet to come. The nation is becoming more polarized each day and discourse, which was already strained, has devolved into shouting matches. The local fundamentalists have spoken up on a local Freeper-type call in program and have officially labled us as evil. Several callers have stated that our "evil" must be confronted and fought. Now, that said, it's not too much of a cognitive leap to include "kill" into the equation. Arm yourselves, buy extra canned goods, network with trusted neighbors, and prepare before it's too late.

[THE END IS NEAR, Chicken Little.]

I hope so...I know that sounds weird, but I really hope they do lose it and just start trying to take us out. Maybe then the rest of the country will see how insane they are. They've alread lost A LOT of respect from a lot of people after this whole mess (yeah, its amazing but some people actually did have and for some reason even still do have respect for that terd). But yeah, I get a kick out of seeing these protesters - the Randall Terry's and the like - they are being exposed for the whacko nutjobs that they are. Ill be a martyr. Bring em on. Come get me motherf*rs. Im not afraid.

[A DUmmie feeling persecuted because he hasn’t yet been persecuted.]

I'm with ya. Come get me mother f*ckers!

[…Joined by another DUmmie wishing for persecution yet frustrated over the current lack of it .]

How many people's lives have been ruined by these fascists, lives ruined under the banner of 'helping' people.

[And we will continue to ruin your lives by not persecuting you. The shame. We have frustrated your martyr complex by simply IGNORING you.]

Limpballs has done damage for 17 years here in Tn.

[And he ravaged the countryside of Ky.]

I am absolutely positive that Limbaugh had a huge influence on my mother. She had just gone through a wicked divorce (equally her fault) & then suffered a major health crisis & started listening to that hateful, fat-ass windbag. In 15 years, she has gone from being a kind-hearted, generous, fun person to hang with to being a mean-spirited, hateful racist who's only fun in life seems to be provoking everyone she comes into contact with. O'Reilly has become her new master the past 5 years or so & her meanness has gotten worse. I hate these fuckers! I absolutely believe that given the right circumstances they can & will incite violence against liberals.

[Or worse, incite LAUGHTER at liberals. Oops! I mean, “libruls.”]

It's amazing just how persuasive they are using false facts. Maybe most people are too lazy to check facts, but the spin is tremendous and powerful and if someone takes them (the hate radio people) at their word, they almost become possessed.

[Good description of Err America except for the “persuasive” part.]

my extended family has been riddled with bitterness and ill feelings due to hate radio. Our family gatherings are fraught with hostility and anger. The hate-radio folks get outraged by anyone who disagrees with whatever drivel Limbaugh, O'Reilly, whoever has spouted. Nevermind what you've read or experienced. They worship the hate-talkers. They've turned sensible, caring people into people who mistrust and fear. I'm sorry for you. And for me. For all of us. These hate radio/TV hosts are a plague.

[Did you check the backs of the necks of your extended family for small green leaves? It sounds like their bodies were snatched by the hate-radio folks when they were turned into mind-numbed robots.]

Is it because anger creates an adrenaline rush? I know that sounds silly, but I know lots of people that have to have something to be "against" in their lives to keep them getting out of bed each day. Is adrenaline the answer?

[Yes. Listening to Rush causes my adrenaline rush aka a Rush Rush. It makes me leap out of bed every morning wanting to grab my AK-47 and waste a bunch of “libruls” before breakfast.]

I think adrenaline is part of it, honestly. It gives people a "high," and also encourages them to see the targets of hate radio as the cause of all their difficulties. I never understood the appeal of hate radio, even when it was first starting. It seemed dangerous to me then, and even more dangerous now. The scary thing about human nature is that it's so easy to inflame people, encourage hatred, and induce violence. And most don't have the objectivity to realize that they're being played.

[I tossed away my crack pipe after listening to hate radio. The crack high just can’t compare to the high of hate radio.]

That kind of indoctrination is indeed scary! On the other hand, I notice sometimes that the * admin goes in the completely other direction and tells us that "everything is OK, everything is working out, don't worry, be happy". We even joke about it here on DU. That kind of indoctrination is just as dangerous, putting us to sleep while they work on the "business of the day".

[Karl Rove NEVER sleeps while weaving the webs of your DEFEAT!]

It's all part of the grand strategy ... make us pissed off at the wrong people, while the actual bad guys wave at us from behind the curtain.

[Forget Bush. Your true opponent behind the secret curtain is none other than Mr. Rogers.]

Hate radio has coarsened discourse to the point of outright rancor. Too many hate-radio listeners rely only on hate-radio and cite what they hear as "news". It's not. It's propaganda without respect for facts. But it's successful. And that's what the purveyors care about -- the revenue. Nevermind that this discourse is ruining our country with division and obsession with lies. Hundreds of people are now employed to lie. Either on the radio or through Swiftboat Liars or the hired guns on Faux. There is no understanding of truth. As a result, we are becoming a nation with those who read and care about our country, and those who are led around by the power elite.

[Yes, yes. It is a shame how Hate Radio has coarsened discourse…. Sooooo do you believe in MIHOP or LIHOP? While you’re at it, tell us ALL about the BFEE.]

There is another question - WHY DID THE SWIFTBOAT LIARS GET AWAY WITH THEIR LIES? When Kerry did come out and say they were lying and even after the proof came out, people still believed those lies. Hate radio and talk shows - is that the answer?

[Lousy Swiftboad Liars. Kerry can easily prove them wrong by signing form 180. And I know he is going to do it. He promised on national TV and Kerry wouldn’t lie. Form 180 WILL be signed. Sometime. Someday. Whenever.]

tim mcveigh said he believed the country was doomed cuz of clinton and liberalism and political correctness....when he was in jail he met ted 'unibomber' kazcynski and their discussions were recounted in a book by a couple of buffalo ny journos....mcveigh realized his hate for the federal gov was mistaken...his ideas (all the militia movement/posse comitatus/survivalist/white supremists) were fed by hate radio backed up by the msn, mainly fox and cnn...several msn bigshots, including limbah-humbug, have denied they inspired the okl city bombing...mcveigh also felt gulf 'war' 1 was bs..the iraqis had no chance...mcveigh killed 2 iraqis who were too far away to shoot back, and he felt it was murder.....
the rightwing led the anti mcveigh chorus in case anyone noticed...his trial/execution happened fast, in part because tim felt he had been greiviously mistaken, and helped the bfee to get rid of him...at the end, mcveigh had become 'one of ours' or at least that's the impression i got from the book...the nazipoos of course felt they dodged a bullet with mcveigh, and emboldened, things like the swift boat vet scam are almost inevitable... SO remember this MANTRA! the okl city bombing was inspired by rush limbo and the US media! they can deny all they want, but being f*kking liars, no one (not even freepers) can believe them! and this time, osama and arabs etc can't be used to muddy the water!

[SIGH! So what’s your preference this morning? Prozac or Lithium?]

I think one of the only things that will prevent such a thing, is the fact that we're mixed together and not geographically separated as was the north and south in the civil war....no ghettos to separate libs' from Conservatives .... no skin color to give away your idenity..if it were not , I feel that we would be headed that way

[Better wear sunglasses in public because the deranged look in the eyes is a definite DUmmie tell.]

I look at my repub friends here in my very "red" area...and wonder if things went that far, would they take up arms against me? They would win cause I have no guns!


I'm afraid that things will get worse long before it gets better. Make plans to either fight or leave. I'm choosing to leave.

[Good! Go! Now!!!]

I've even noticed here on DU that when things get a little heated, the sh*t hits the fan, and we aren't having civil discourse with each other any more. The problem is heated and inflammatory language and what it triggers inside each of us.

[BINGO! And this DUmmie wins a Kewpie Doll for a very brief moment of focused self-perception.]

I know that so many of us are against guns. . .But this is one very good reason for us to be armed. I know that if any of these wingnuts try attacking me or mine, I will happily send them to an early meeting with their maker. There is no need for us to be like sheep led to the slaughter. They need to know that there is a very definite price to be paid for attacking "liberals." If the single brain cell that the whole lot of them have among themselves ever tells them to listen to the perverse advise of the pigboy and initiate any type of attack against us, I hope (for the sake of dear Liberty) we will be found ready to meet them. And yes, I DO hope that the "can less than a six-pack" crowd at Freeper central read this.
Don't Tread on ME!

[Okay, we won’t tread on you but can we LAUGH at you, DUmmie brensgrrl, for your hypocrisy about guns?]

If those wingnuts are looking for trouble, they will have come to the right place for finding it if they ever attack me or mine.

[Just give us the room number in your psycho ward and we’ll BE THERE!!!]

Followed by us kicking their f*cking asses.

[Hopefully you won’t get your tutu wrinkled in that endeavor.]

America is heading for a fall, and in a big way. I doubt there will be a civil war: one or two protests will be brought down in a hail of gunfire and blamed on the protestors turning violent; I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet, but I don't doubt that it will. Thank G-d Bush & Co have stuck their nose in the Schiavo case and some of these morons have gotten off their knees, put the pants back on the radio, and wiped their mouths; the merest glimmer of the notion that they've been licking the naughty bits of the GOP's commercial advertising spokes-"people" is starting to hit them. Maybe it'll slow our slide into hell down a bit. After all, German militarism was "appeased" only enough to give everyone else a chance to arm up and get ready to kick their ass, and look at China ramping up its industry. History repeats itself.

[Open your mouth wide so we can stick the leather strap in between your teeth. Oh, and don’t forget to wipe the rabid foam off your bib.]

Didn't anti-liberal hate radio start in the '30s?

[Yes. Fibber McGee was a notorious anti-liberal hate radio host.]

So what should we do - limit speech on radio (ala fcc)? What is hate anyway? I have a problem with all this really. When the right bitches about crap on tv and wanting to censor it, we say turn the channel. Why does not the same apply here? Is our faith in mankind such that we think others are weak and we are strong and that if 'they' listen to it 'they' will become violent (whereas we will not if we listen to things because we are better?). I dunno, the whole thing seems a little odd on some levels.


Lynch mob!! Yeah, let's drag them freepers out onto the street and burn them at the stake!! There do seem to be a lot of idiot red-neck that believe the lies they tell and are likely to act on false information - at least from what I've seen when I hang at the local red-neck bar.



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