Tuesday, March 22, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 03-22-05 ("Why I Love Radio Havana Cuba")

It is quite touching when the DUmmies have found their ideal news source as you can see in this THREAD titled, “Why I Love Radio Havana Cuba.” Yes, they have found a news source that they believe to be fair and balanced. Of course, the Cubans themselves don’t have this luxury of listening in to American radio because such broadcasts are routinely JAMMED by the Cuban government. No such problem with listening to Cuba. I often listen to Radio Reloj Havana propaganda broadcast via my AM radio in the early morning. Guess what? No blocking of the signal by the EVIL Bush Regime. And unlike the DUmmie I listen to it for laughs, not as a legitimate source for information. As usual the Radio Havana DUmmie propagandizing is in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, not surprised that Commie radio waves permeate DUmmie brains, is in the [brackets]:

Why I Love Radio Havana Cuba… So, I'm listening to Radio Havana Cuba on my shortwave radio this evening and one of their top news stories was the fact that the U.S. media is downplaying/under-reporting the protests this weekend in conjunction with the 2nd anniversary of the Iraq war. And I couldn't help but think it's a shame that I have to go to foreign news media outlets to get really good coverage of what's going on in my own country! What's wrong with that picture?

[What’s wrong with that picture? How about the fact that you are treating Radio Havana as something other than a Commie propaganda broadcast. But of course, in Dummieland that would be a PLUS.]

Propaganda comes in many forms my friend. The picture is that you are listening to government sponsered radio funded by a commmunist dictator.


No one has a monopoly on truth, not even capitalists.

[Not even See-BS.]

I don't believe for a second that the US media is reporting honestly. I would believe Radio Havana over any US MSM media outlet.

[Except for maybe Radio DUmmie which is the USA sister station of Radio Havana.]

Well, they are reporting the truth in this case...It's definitely not propaganda. Have you seen the threads on DU with pictures and/or descriptions of the protests? Not much was seen or talked about on television "news" in the past few days.

[Teeny demonstrations just do not rate much coverage plus there has been a "slightly” more important news story going on the past few days.]

As corporate media becomes Corporatist media with an agenda of promoting fascism, these alternatives become increasingly important. Getting a shortwave radio in preparation for the time when even the net access gets restricted might be prudent.

[When the Fascist Crackdown comes one must be prepared to listen to Radio Havana in the basement over the shortwave radio.]

Flacking for Radio Havana. And Fidel Castro. A Communist dictator...can the tailor-made freeper cliches get any more obvious? Please...

[Ha! Ha! Ha! Yes, those Freeper clichés are so funny. Imagine calling Castro a communist dictator when in reality he is merely a progressive agrarian reformer. Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh, those silly Freepers!]

And the Castro regime is nothing more or less than an example of watery fascism, plain and simple.


In Cuba the people are so poor that they don't have an economy except for tourists. The restaurants are empty..there is no work. And a policeman on each corner. For a while there female doctors were working as prostitutes because there was no other way to make money.

[LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! Maybe some of us like the idea of boffing an MD. Oh, does there happen to be an MDILF website?]

Things are pretty good in Cuba for most.

[Especially for guys into the MDILF thing.]

If you believe all the Cubans that live in Miami. And the hundreds that keep washing a shore each month, you would envision Cuba to be a complete hellhole.

[Aren’t the balseros really Haliburtonish tools of the corporate oligarchy?]

The only foreign media I would not believe would probably be from North Korea. Everybody else including Cuba has a less than biased world view. No. I would rather get the Cuban view than the corporate view anyday!

[But I bet you would believe North Korea media over Fox News.]


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