Friday, March 18, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 03-18-05 ("Rioting -- the last desperate act of powerlessness")

Things aren’t going well for the Leftists. They lose the White House and Congress. They are unable to keep legislation proposed by the EVIL Republicans from passing. And soon they will be unable to prevent judges from being confirmed with just a (GASP!) majority vote as laid out in the Constitution. So what is their solution? Will they work harder to win elections so they can have support for their legislative agenda? No. Like a bunch of spoiled babies who can’t get their way, the DUmmies want to smash and break things to express their anger as you can see in this THREAD titled, “Rioting -- the last desperate act of powerlessness.” Yeah. You do that, DUmmies. Riot and LOSE even more as the public votes AGAINST you in ever larger numbers. As usual, the crybabying by the DUmmie babies soiling their diapers is in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, babysitting the screeching DUmmies only long enough to jot down their senseless rantings, is in the [brackets]:

Rioting -- the last desperate act of powerlessness.

Through the years, I and many others wondered why Blacks took to the streets rioting, looting, destroying THEIR community, THEIR property, THEIR neighbor's possessions.

These events seem to follow blatantly catastrophic and dehumanizing events -- whether it be the senseless killing of an innocent or an outrageous verdict handed down by an insensitive and biased jury.

I think rioting is the last desperate act of powerlessness. All of that energy has to be released, and if it burns down the very bed you sleep in, so be it.

These events also seem to happen in cycles. I feel another one coming on. But this time, it won't be limited to African Americans.

The Republicans are sowing the seeds for our spring, summer, fall and winter of discontent.

[Let’s see. You lose elections because the public is turned off by the DUmmiecrats so you threaten to lash out and express your anger over this by rioting. Oh, and then you blame the Republicans for the fact that you can’t act in a civil manner. Nice act if you can pull it off…which you can’t.]

Talk like this makes us look silly. The GOP constantly makes hay will fringe talk like this. Rioting is for deadenders. I lived through the 60s and the riots did nothing productive.

[Unfortunately because your reply makes way too much sense, your DUmmie posting privileges are hereby revoked you LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

You know, when someone comes at me saying what I have to say makes "us" look silly and that wer'e on the fringe -- my brain shuts down.

[NEWSFLASH!!! Your brain already shut down long, long ago.]

If you see any punks throwing rocks on Saturday, make sure to distance yourself from them. Our enemies will use them against us.

[Methinks most DUmmies will enthusiastically join in on the rioting. I hope all store owners in the vicinity of the DUmmie Demonstrations on Saturday have their windows thoroughly shuttered.]

We're ALREADY marginalized. The media has subtly demonized us to the point that any critique of Bushco and the current economy results in us being labled as some sort of wild-eyed neo-Marxists.

[Actually you’ve self-marginalized yourselves. It didn’t need any outside help.[

Riots? I could see it. Look at the recent multiple killings in Georgia and Wisconsin. People are simply pissed and our society is sick for it. There's only so much anger, frustration, hopelessness, and despair one can realistically live with and function. Downsizing, peak oil, unemployment, the Iraq war, bankruptcy reform, millions walking around without medical coverage; how much more can people take?

[You are just one DUFU edition away from running rampant in the streets.]

I believe in diversity. My ass is white and they can kiss it, too…. They can kiss my lily-white, over-50, unemployed, and mad as f*ckin' hell ass.

[Can I aim a tranquilizer dart at your lily-white, over-50, unemployed, and mad as f*ckin’ hell ass?]

Rioting is peaceful demonstration that has gone ignored one time too many.

[May I laminate that intellectual thought and place it in my wallet?]

Do you seriously think they got as much POWER, as they did this time, because they ran a better campaign? The evidence IS CLEAR and rampant. They STOLE the election. Do you honestly believe they would go through the trouble to STEAL an election, in a SUPERPOWER, only to use the STOLEN power to CLEAN UP THE SYSTEM? To make it fair. To potentially GIVE BACK the power and control? If we stood a chance of an honest election, Kerry would be sleeping in the WH.

[ALL your Diebolds belong to US!]

Rioting is for people who feel hopeless and are tired of the same old bullshit they get fed on a daily basis. Democrats like you that try to hide the uglier side of society agree 100% with the RW religious freaks that want to censor anything bad. Reality is tough shit sometimes, rioting is a part of that reality and won't be leaving anytime soon. If reality sucks so bad for you then join in with the blind Republicans.

[Apparently DUmmie Rex will be among those smashing store windows this weekend.]

Riots are the end result from a trigger after an extended period of outrage fatigue.

[Another one for laminating and placing in the wallet.]

That's why I've been scoping out the rich part of town. Come the time I know where I'm going , forget about burning down my part of town, I want the sons o bitches responbsible for this mess to feel it.

[DUmmie catmandu57 admitting that he/she/it is planning on engaging in pyro-terrorism. Thank you for your public pre-confession. It will be helpful evidence in convicting you at your upcoming trial.]

I used to think that the "over-reaction" of the French and Russian revolutions were horrible. But in light of the nightmare we live today, I've completely understood their reasoning and support it.. That is how JUSTICE will prevail. Buy eliminating the snakes of opression and injustice and those that would support it once and for all. And to for those on the side of truth and justice to be forever vigilant.

[A budding Chekist in our midst. Or is he a Jacobin? Take your pick.]

Rioting is nothing more than mob rule. Whether the mob has a noble purpose or not is irrelevant IN TERMS OF THE MOB.


Pissed off people + gun ownership + a flashpoint = revolution.

[And all this time I thought the DUmmies were opposed to gun ownership. Silly me.]

I don't know if some DUers could peel themselves away from their computers long enough to actually riot.

[Most just prefer to be revolting in Cyberspace.]

what self respecting DUer would pass an opportunity to bash America?

[Yes, we mustn’t let that grand opportunity pass us by.]

I don't fell like participating in this system any more. Most of us are only one or two generations out of poverty and we still have living relatives that can teach us how to get by with very little expenditure. I just don't want to support anyone with my money any more but me, I'm voting with my wallet.

[Not One Damn Dime Day. Or, in your case, Not One Pinched Penny Day.]


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